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  1. Its the production room for the hidden camera and drone that is following you around. Nothing really happened to the world, you are just the main character in a new version of "The Truman Show".
  2. Jeremiah is just laughing every time he sends you somewhere, he is not really hurt, he is just using you for a pack mule so he can get other things done. Astrid is just leading you around so you will help her friends, eventually she is gona set you up to be the fall guy or drop a rock on you in your sleep to keep you quiet.
  3. People that ask too many questions end up frozen corpses............
  4. Hmm....I kill bears with the rifle all the time......rarely with more than 2 shots.
  5. I could go with a Spear and Slingshot. I really dont see everyone running from a disaster and leaving many guns or very much ammo behind for you to find other than the rare prepper cash. Reloading ammo is a precise business, without proper equipment it may not fire at all or it may blow up in your face. I can however see crafting a musket or blunderbuss type weapon as they dont require such tight tolerances.