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  1. Mpat120

    Rifle upgrade

    Well thought out suggestion on an upgrade that would not be easy mode as it would require skill rather than point and shoot. Instead of sights or moar guns I would prefer to see shooting sticks or improvised bipods to null out the sway effect while prone, reason being it would be more inline with self reliance and using what you already have rather than finding manmade/manfactured parts.
  2. I can only speak to the one I use but it requires a rope and pulley aid to draw and cock at 185lb (84ish KG) draw weight and it only reduces the felt weight by 50% or so. The rope and pulley also helps to center the string and make sure there is even tension on both sides so the bolt flies correctly. Again the X-bow I use, exit off the string for the bolt is 370 Feet per Second (113ish M/s) with a quite rapid drop off due to the physics of the bolt (shorter-thicker than a arrow). Game wise they would have to invent a bolt to fire, an arrow for a regular bow cant take the stress of being fired from a X-bow because physics, or it would have to be a found item.
  3. I think they are permanent in spawn areas, I have a 50 day run going right now that the scrapes have never gone away but only saw Bullwinkle actually there twice.
  4. Crossbows are quite powerful at Short to Mid range, although cumbersome to reload. The one I hunt pigs with is rated at 110 Foot Pounds of energy, enough to take a Cape Buffalo (or just about anything else) at 40 yards (just dont miss, second shots dont happen in that time frame). The largest downfall of crossbows arent the limbs, its the strings, if not taken care of properly or not of the right materials the strings can break causing all manner of damage to the limbs and the user. Crossbows are not silent, not even close, mine sounds like a .22 short being fired and game "jumping the string" is commonplace at extended ranges (jumping the string is when they hear the string release and move before the bolt arrives).
  5. @cekivi I have to agree on the spam, the thread in the welcome section is a copy and paste of the deleted thread, this makes 3 on the same topic.
  6. Its the production room for the hidden camera and drone that is following you around. Nothing really happened to the world, you are just the main character in a new version of "The Truman Show".
  7. If you think his sniveling is bad now just wait till he stubs his toe or gets a hang nail, he will never stop. All you will hear is "Oh the pain!" "I need my Mommy!" on a never ending loop!
  8. All vehicles should start up and start driving themselves during the Aurora, and they should want to be fed, but they can only beep "feed me" in Morse Code.
  9. Right after the Event? Bad, lots of bad. Lack of services, in cities in particular, will cause basically barbarism in short order. Those out in "the sticks" or raised there before the age of the cell phone will fare better, they are used to electric, water ect not working and many can/do hunt and farm. Those of us that remember old skill sets no longer in common use, Blacksmiths, people that can run steam/water/wind powered equipment would be very useful. Life would move on, society would rebuild after a period of time. (speaking as a person that grew up in the "sticks" and was raised by family that lived through the Great Depression)
  10. Yes, the run was started on 1.16 Unsure, I have only been to CH and DP so far. I have noted several bugs since the patch, many are already in the bug report section, so im just adding screen shots to those I can verify and adding warnings here.
  11. Also missing...the small isolated hut just over the hill.
  12. At least they aren't the old Dark Brown US Menu #4, The most hated MRE in history....