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  1. Sleeping without a bedroll should be possible, but it should require you to make a shelter, or at the very least a nest of sorts to keep your body off the ground. If you do not get your body off the ground with a ground cloth or a nest of tree branches or something, you will lose an absurd amount of heat from your body into the ground. Wind chill can get pretty nasty, but cold earth will drain you of heat absurdly fast as well, even if the air temperature is fine. For example, you can die of hypothermia in water that is 70 degrees F. And you will lose heat even faster if you touch stone, though you aren't immersed in said stone.
  2. Well, I've returned after a month of so away, and have been very pleasantly surprised by the changes to rifles and tools! Devs, thank you very much! I can hit things now, without trying to remember how the sight picture was broken! The changes also make it clear that I will need to be more careful about monitoring the condition of my equipment. Rifle bullets seem a little rarer, which is good. The rifle and metal tools can now more limited in their lifespan by the requirement of special maintenance kits, unlike before where you could cut up metal shelves and fir limbs to fix your tools, which was weird. The biggest thing irritating me now is something that I hope is easily addressed. IMHO, our point of view seems too close to the ground. I feel like I'm seeing the world through a belt-buckle camera. If this was done in order to allow players to better be able to see under objects in buildings (beds, shelves, etc.), then maybe it might be possible to allow for three positions? Standing, crouched, prone? I do not think this is my imagination. It's possible that the effect is exaggerated due to the thickness and size of some of the grasses, but I just feel terribly short.
  3. I've just about finished exploring the static sections of Mystery Lake, and started looking for the prepper shelter and considering spending a couple days cleaning out the dam on my way to the Quonset garage and coastal house that I like to settle in. I am very satisfied with the new sight picture of the rifle, as well as the decay rate on all tools. The implementation of the rifle cleaning kit and the sharpening stone are excellently done. Metal is metal, but it takes about an hour's work to drop the hatchet around 3-4% and the knife around 2%. This is realistic. The blades of metal tools do wear quickly from a good edge. I haven't experimented with the effects of using lower quality tools, but I hope that the lower the quality, the more time it takes to do actions. Bravo, Dev team - these changes were definitely moving in a great direction!
  4. Metal tools should last a very long time. However, they should not last a very long time in peak condition. Let me clarify. A hatchet or a good hunting knife will last years with no maintenance provided that you don't do something inappropriate with them. However, they will lose their edge quickly. IMHO, time is the most important resource in TLD. Metal tools should last a very long time, but they would need maintenance regularly or they will become less efficient. That dull hatchet will take 30 minutes to break up a limb, not 20. The dull hunting knife will take three hours to process the deer, not an hour and a half. The duller the tool gets, the faster it grows duller, until it's much less efficient than it would be if well maintained. But that's just the start. Dull bladed tools are more dangerous to the user than sharp tools. You make more mistakes with dull tools. You use more force. You are more likely to destroy the tool and harm yourself. Let's go back to that hatchet. A dull hatchet has to be wielded with more force. That's more calories. You stay out in the cold longer. That's more calories. As you use a dull hatchet, it gets duller, faster, until it's basically not far from being a hammer, at which point the blade stops getting worse because you don't have the strength to make it duller. BUT that's not the end. All those heavy blows to make the dull hatchet cut will eventually loosen the head of the hatchet. You might lose the wedge holding the hatchet head in place. You might even crack the handle. The metal head would be salvageable, but you'd have to replace the handle. Which would take more calories and time at the work table. And even that's not all of it! If you are using the hatchet when your body condition is below 100%, you might injure yourself with the hatchet. Realistically, you could injure yourself with a hatchet when both the hatchet and you are in perfect condition, but injury is FAR more likely with poorly maintained tools. For gameplay purposes I'd say that chance of self injury with near 100% body condition and near 100% tool condition should be near-zero. That's realism that I'd LOVE to see make it's way into the game. I just started a new game and have found rifle repair kits and sharpening stones. I hope that means the devs have started incorporating realistic maintenance of tools.
  5. They wanted to add sway to the rifle back when the bow came out with its unique aiming system. It came in v0.264, but they got so much negative feedback when they did I wonder if they will ever touch rifle aiming again. RECAP: when looking down the sights and panning the rifle quickly, sights would misalign as one would expect in real life. But sensitivity was a bit off and small corrections would cause major misalignments for some users. Community was outraged. Hotfix v0.271 came and the rifle sights are now frozen to rock steady all the time. :roll: Wait, they made it more realistic and then re-broke it back to the same way it was broken before instead of actually fixing it? *groan* Can someone near the studios teach the team what a sight picture should look like?
  6. If you are aiming at the wolf's head and shoulders at close range , you are actually hitting it's chest, which is still a reasonable kill chance. Now that I've played with it, I've discovered that if I make my aim point half-way up the front post, I hit what I want to hit at ranges that I'm willing to shoot at (short). I've never even seen where the white interaction dot is when I'm aiming the rifle. I'm always concentrating on the sight picture. That said, despite figuring out how the rifle is broken, it's still annoying. 100% rifle means 100% rifle. If the team wants it to be inaccurate, don't let us repair it to 100%. Or give the sights obvious damage. Bend/break the front post. Whatever.
  7. Yes. Because this game has an element of realism that really draws you in. And then you stumble across the rifle's horribly broken aiming mechanism, and it kicks your immersion in the jimmies and laughs.
  8. After some testing using an incorrect sight picture as demonstrated by others, I have verified that the rifle is definitely completely broken at any range, even at 100% repair. By intentionally aiming high, I can hit targets. This is extremely frustrating when I see that the rifle is supposed to be at 100% repair. Again, I ask that some time be devoted to fixing the problem.
  9. Eh, my system is fine. This isn't the only game I play. It is the only game I play with a aiming-point failure that is so noticeable. Here is the sight picture I use. At this range, against the mirror, it misses.
  10. Well, if that broken sight picture actually generates hits for you, it would certainly explain why the rifle is broken for me. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  11. Fine...and nobody claims the opposite...but that's a Game and that's 'processed' by your Computer! I can assure you (as a Hunter and by our 'Bundeswehr' trained 'Sniper' you would call it) that the 'Point of Aim' on my Computer is nearly perfect! You should surely test the game on another System...I'm absolutely sure it has nothing to do with any experience in matter how often you tell everybody how good your Aiming in RL is. Try it on another System and surely you'll see that everything's ok with the Rifle in TLD. When it (and your Char...) is in good condition it's hard to miss anything with it. If your system works as well as you say, and mine is completely and utterly FUBAR, then there is a failure. Which is something that should be fixed. Which is what I am asking for.
  12. I have tried both back sight centering and front sight centering, shooting at center mass, from the side, with 90%+ repaired rifles. Range is always 20 meters or less. Three out of four shots fail to cause bleeding. Maybe one in twenty shots is an instant kill.
  13. Imagine an iron sight picture generated by an ex-Army soldier that regularly qualified expert, from 20 meters or less. That's what I'm using. And I'm missing at least 3 out of 4 shots. There are no hints that will help me, because the problem is that the rifle is behaving wrong. I know this sounds arrogant, but I know how to shoot a rifle.
  14. The point I'm trying to make here is that as an experienced rifle user, who knows how to use iron sights, the rifle in the game is maddening because a repaired rifle should be functional, in a way that an experienced rifle user will be effective with it. This game is going to hopefully attract a lot of people who know what they are doing with rifles. The dev team needs to fix this critical failure. Whether it's hardware, or software. Calibrate the mouse on the screen before the player is allowed in-game if it's a positioning issue for some hardware. Either a 100% repaired rifle needs to work properly, or it should be impossible to have a 100% rifle. If other mechanics and tools need to be added to keep the rifle from being too powerful, that's fine too. As it is, it's impossible for me to enjoy the game with the rifle broken so badly.