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I was thinking about a bathtub or shower stall since there was a restroom with a toilet.  I do not immediately recall the interior but I don't think I recall seeing any floor lamps or overhead lights. Was there a desk lamp in the office? Wall sockets? Certainly no old-fashioned radio. I don't think there was a mailbox.

In survival mode, it would have been nice to be able to access the basement which would have contained the furnace and more storage.  A work bench would have been a bit too good and valuable. 


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19 hours ago, hozz1235 said:

I haven't had time to confirm or deny all your items, and I guess my question was much more open-ended than I had intended! 😃

I'll give you a hint of the thing I noticed and prompted this thread:  It's located on walls.

My first thought was to say the "Pancakes" painting - but that one is there in the kitchen near the stove.  My next guess is the coat rack with the brown and white scarf hanging from it.  I know there's one of those in the church, but don't think there is one in the town hall.

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17 hours ago, piddy3825 said:

Face Palm....  Duh...  

Surprising how many buildings don't have light switches yet do have lights!  wassup with that?

Nope, It's missing some Gaggle's Nest or Amozon's Echo here and there 😉  

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