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  1. I ithink (and it was told elsewhere on forums) that it is impossible to have any animal companion, due the effects of Aurora on animals. Even if by miracle there are dogs (or cats or whatever) that survived the island's harsh wildlife and weather, most probably trying to approach would lead to unpredictable attacks or fleeing. (using google translator)
  2. i think she rubbed the pills directly on the foot ^^
  3. Honestly, in all my Interloper runs, i had little need of a fire during the first 5 days. My problem with Interloper is that the chances of a starting run going well succeed are 1 in 5 (from my observations). I must say that i start in random location every time. Even one having enough knowledge of the regions, simply there is no viable way to survive on every single start, and it is a bad game design on my opinion. Chances should be EXTREMELY hard, but never non-existent. Anyways, after 30 or 40 days i am tempted to start a fresh new game, because it becomes a regular gameplay, bu
  4. I'm not a fan of goating for avoid rope climbing, and goating in general. i see it as a design bypass, so i only use it when i'm really stuck. But i respect all you that uses and studies goating as a game style. Back on topic, if the problem is carry some gear down during climbing, i'd prefer the idea what @GreschBandicoot suggests, and use the rope to do it. I think it could be part of a climbing update, maybe (i suggested it elsewhere on forums).
  5. it's a good addition, but i don't think that the number should be shown as the screenshot suggests on mouse over, but instead, during the interaction screen (when u click the object to choose pick/use/ignore) and the item is floating and rotating.
  6. there is also a brown version as shown on story mode. either one or another would be nice.
  7. i was new on TLD ~130 days stalker, i just crafted my first bearskin bedroll and was entering Bleak Inlet the first time. it was night and a blizzard was coming, and i was near one of those hunter's blinds, and i thought: "i can sleep right here, my new bedroll is all powerful now. the wind is pointed towards the other side. what can go wrong?" at the same moment i clicked sleep button, i saw at the last second the wind changing and the temperature meter dropping ^^ bedroll my a**
  8. I'm trying to scatter smaller "bases" all around. It is better to have fast access to some items and i don't need to carry my home on the back everytime. Beside that, i'm currently enjoying the "outdoors" shelters, as i can perceive the weather and wildlife around. One of the most satisfying places to stay has been the Old Spence Homestead in Forlorn Muskeg (im loving that map these days). Minimal space, nice storages, animal-proof area, forge, workbench, etc. For curing the pelts and guts i use the close cave near the broken radio tower. There is always a couple of dogs on the way, b
  9. When i was a child, we had a small grinder at home. It was a very old portable hand-cranked grinder, that weights only ~2kg, but depends on a solid table to attach. Maybe having one so small that depends on a game workbench to use could balance things a bit.
  10. Still about the low variety issue, a thing that bothers me is the copy-paste pattern on loot in the cabins and trailers. You enter 4 or 5 cabins on CH (for example) and have exactly the same flare under the couch, spray can laid down on kitchen shelf, empty plastic container, newspaper on table etc, on every cabins. Looks like a lazy design.
  11. Maybe i've used wrong words, sorry When i say broken, i mean the insta-heal mechanics seems doesn't fit to the "not sci-fi, not magic" atmosphere of TLD (just to not saying the "realist" word), and it makes the game a lot easier. I think it would fit better in titles more full of action, like shooters as @odizzido mentioned above. About the other crippling wounds (beside broken ribs), i'm sure if it would be implemented, it would be a very well planned feature, and not just dropped ingame. Maybe it should be a very rare to happen, in given circumstances. @Stinky socksok,
  12. I think that realism is not the issue, but simple logic. Ok, it's a game, but this argument can't sustain a broken mechanic (yes, i think the insta-heal a broken mechanic, in comparison to other better elaborated mechanics, aligned to the game's proposal). Because of that, a lot of immersion is lost. Yes, a crippling injury like that (can't use rope climbing) would break a lot of fun, but hey, it already exists (not leg, but ribs). Just plan your trips carefully. Isn't that what they say?
  13. I think that it's because the your fire making skill affects the final duration of fires. I realized this by watching the water boil while keeping an eye on the fire time. There is a little increase in time (few minutes) in fire time, in comparison to the water/tea/whatever time, and i've not seen that in low skilled characters.
  14. As i said elsewhere on forum, the insta-healing feature is broken. All you need is to have the proper treatments on inventory and spend some seconds to be fresh new again (except for condition loss, that is magically restored sleeping). I think that there should be a difference between applying first aid and actual healing. Currently, someone could be shredded by wolves today, have the wrists and ankles wounded, several bleedings on head and belly, and yet being fresh new on next day, only using bandages, painkillers, moss and tea. Are u kidding me? I wonder if would work adding