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  1. If it's just a permanent FOG, that impairs only visibility, i'm okay with that. after all, we have it already on varied depths. But i don't know if a "toxic fog" would have some place in TLD.
  2. I compare it to putting invisible barriers in every ledges and cliffs (in some games). I'ts an overprotection. You could only know the range of the damage after the first fall. Let the danger teach us through the pain.
  3. If you mean that feature used in battle royale games, in which the available area constantly shrinks, i say no, thanks =D
  4. The fact the survivor being not able to craft some quality tools (not-so-improvised) bothers me a lot. If a commercial pilot / a doctor has the skills to produce fine leatherworking pieces without training, why not be able to do the same with metals, spending maybe 10 times the amount of resources and time to produce a really good knife, for example? I mean, in late game, when there is no need for improvising anything.
  5. Yes. We have coffee for a little bit, but it's not a great deal. A little offtopic, but one thing that bothers me a bit is that tiredness and sleeping necessity are the same thing, and should be separated, although yet linked somehow. I mean, if i sleep for 12h consecutive, and then i go walk/run/climb all day, i should not get sleepy. i should get exhausted, and could be (totally or partially) repaired passing time, or doing other minor activities (reading?) while sit quiet. I don't know how it could be implemented ingame. As i said, is just one thing that bothers me a bit. (us
  6. I partially agree. If the game system forces the player to use an unaccurate map, while the player could be able to make a sketch more useful himself (and i did it in paper sometimes), i don't see any problem in adding some outside information. But of course, using these informations too much could be equivalent to cheating. Furthermore, as i see, Mackenzie is an averaged experienced pilot, so i wonder if he shouldn't be able to make a better map. That's it.
  7. Following this approach, would be nice a workbench similar to that in Sheltered, where u have a board over the workbench displaying the available tools, and u can add more other tools as you find/craft them, until complete a set (excluding the electrical ones, of course).
  8. I tried it once and, as far as i noticed, there is no reset. I hit the first shot (rifle, in this case), but the bear was so close, then i reached the house's door. Some seconds later, i tried to get out and watch the situation. The bear was a little farther, but still could detect me, so i hit the second shot, tried to ready the third but he charged, so i had to get inside again. Some seconds later, i went out and the beast was over a blood pool on the ground. So, i think that repeatedly enter/exit buildings has no effect on spawn reset. Actually i guess it accelerates the bleeding effec
  9. It's a risky maneuver. Although i like the idea of having more options available, if it's not carefully balanced with the overall array of mechanics and resource gathering methods, it could be the coup de grace on the fishing activity, as OP mentioned about late game fishing only for fuel.
  10. I always choose hatchet for the struggle. I keep it between 70% to 90% durability, and i always use wolfskin and deerskin clothings as outer layers for torso and legs. Mysteriously, the damn wolves seems always bite my face, since most of damage goes on rabbit hat and the ear wrap thing. Anyways, in the end is one less wolf to deal with ^^
  11. wait wait is there a risk to self cut/rip during wolf struggles? wtf
  12. I've made a suggestion about Climbing to have a skill progression, but i meant to do it using rope climbing. Add free climbing to it, and we would have a even more complex and interesting system. I like it
  13. But they take damage from wolf struggles. I suffered 2 wolf attacks, while using the Crampons on the exterior slot, that together dropped the Crampons durability to 84%. And i was constantly monitoring it's use, so there is no other way to have taken that tamage. I still didn't try to go at milling station to repair it.
  14. Someone there already tried to ignore the stalking wolves and just go ahead? I did it some times and it is even funny. At some moment, when i noticed it barking on me, i started a 2 seconds sprint, only to keep a safe distance, then i simply followed my way, ignoring the wolf, and i noticed that the distance between us rarely changed. So, i walked up all the way from the gas station garage in Costal Highway to the upper mine, with a doggy on my heels. This was the first time i noticed that behaviour. the second try ended in a struggle, because i was pushing it to the limits, to see h