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  1. They always die. 😉 (Of course, depending on the shot you make)
  2. 3. Walking outside at night 4. Walking around without equipment.
  3. Why did you go there unarmed? It's full of threats. You got away with it.
  4. Or they could be already done playing the game and playing the game that we don't know about.
  5. Emptying a loaded rifle just because you want it, and doing it with death all over the place, will draw the conclusion. That's why we always keep the rifle loaded so we can delay the inevitable a little longer.
  6. I never go on a bear hunt without enough bullets or arrows, so I use lethal force. Besides, you need meat and leather, right?
  7. Why would I strip off? I run easier because it's going to be less weighty, but why would I run away when a bear attacks and keeps shooting at it in cold blood? If he reaches out to me, he gets his due, but if he doesn't, he's easy prey☺️
  8. It's a very interesting and immersive essay. ☺️ I congratulate you on really doing this job, 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  9. Good job, but let's get chapter four first☺️ He didn't show up, I'm going crazy😠
  10. I bought the game last fall for a little more than $2 on steam discounts. 15 hours online, but since I prefer to play offline, I'll never know the full value. 😢
  11. It's hard for me to find deer dead. So are the wolves. But when I can't kill big animals in one shot or in front of me, I guess. I'll see where he's going when he's avoiding me, and if I see him nearby, I'll hit him one more time and finish the job. If not, I'll go back to my base and get through the night (My hunts usually fall on the evening). I'll spend the night looking for the bear early and considering where he might go, and I'll narrow it down. I think the wolves died close to where they were shot, but it may not be true. You've got one shot for the deer, you hit it, you can't hit