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  1. Welcome to the forums, although I'm a little new to these forums. 😲 Sometimes when you're browsing forums that say, "Search for things you don't know and then create a new topic," I understand how important this is. Watch out for hungry wolves! I wish you the best of luck in surviving this dark winter.
  2. It's nice, but don't you think it's too residential for a map? Besides, most players think the airport and the port will be in "Perseverance Mills". But if it's a really big map, maybe it's a observatory instead of an airport and a smaller boat area or submarine station instead of a port. Which means the area has a rich scientist. Finally, he's got a lot of input. Such a place should be accessible by passing through rare and hard-to-reach places and contain great spoils. It's a good map anyway, but it's got a lot of input. I don't think most maps in the game have that many entries.
  3. Side stories that support the main story! That would be nice. (I don't think that's exactly what you said, but that's how I compared it☺️)
  4. I think we ran around like "workas." That was so annoying. "For me" @Sherri
  5. Dismembering an animal causes you to carry the same amount of meat more heavily. (At least it was when I did it) I shot a bear, and when I smashed it up and brought it home, I saw it weighed 10 kilos. That's ridiculous.
  6. Nice plan and yes I know that traps in the right location are very functional. But I think you did it for directions. Right?
  7. Bağırsaktan "kokoreç" yapabiliriz. Sanırım hayvanın yenilebilir organları ve eti parça parça bağırsağa konularak yapıldı. PS Asla yemedim ve yemeyeceğim
  8. I've never seen a bear hunt except for man. Mostly deer carcasses at the entrance to the main caves🤔. Strange...
  9. I've never done anything like this. Should I? Besides, why would I waste a lot of intestines so the spray paint cans should be here for this?
  10. Tıp ilaçtır. Kullandığımız rahatsızlığı iyileştirir. What, I'm going to take two separate pills for my arm and leg? (While they're both hurting)
  11. Do you have any idea where this road is going?