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  1. We should name this one "Tank".
  2. Are ya new? ❤️ I just thought everyone knew there were random objects laying around at times. I once barely found a rifle cartridge under a bed if i had not had my torch lit in the middle of the day! It wasn't even visible, I just happened to see the text.
  3. If I'm playing on a mode that allows a revolver I choose to carry that and ignore the rifle. I might pick up the rifle just to clean it and load it and mount it but that's about it. I like the bow much better. Revolver is somewhat redundant but I like to shoot da bunnies.
  4. You can still use 0% antiseptic. I never make the wound dressings until after I've been attacked because OMB weighs less together(3) than 1 dressing. You have a lot of time before infection hits.
  5. Here I was thinking about doing an Endless night challenge myself when I found this thread. I'll be sure to turn off CF for the time being.
  6. I would wait until I'm 80 years old if it meant what came out was quality instead of quantity.
  7. You can open the door to Hibernia(upstairs) from below the stairwell, near the lockers outside. I don't see it as very useful.
  8. I was just pondering ideas for TLD and thought I'd search to see if anyone thought the same. I think some selective, very remote springs where fresh water would be available would be a good idea. I'm not on-board with big ones where you can gain warmth, but just where fresh water would be available.
  9. Like @gorramzombiessaid. First Aid. I honestly don't see any other possibility.
  10. Here's the thing: There are a finite amount of spawned rabbits in a grove, so say there's 2, you can only get 2 from stunning with rocks until they respawn. Traps, on the other-hand are not dependent on the actual rabbits in the area. You can place 12 traps and get 5 rabbits overnight, so long as the traps are located in the rabbit grove.
  11. I just want you to know that orange is also my favorite color.

    Cheers, mate.

  12. It's "The Orange Birb". I think that answers your question. 😁
  13. Don't thank me, thank the meta on Wiki. Although, the calculation isn't that hard.
  14. Very efficient. They weigh .05kg (.11lb) and pack 150 calories. They're right there with condensed milk, ketchup chips, granola bars, and sardines, all coming in at 3000cal/kg or 1364 cal/lb