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  1. It's a two-fer. 1. This is very simple. Add the ability to make more than 1 cup of coffee or tea when utilizing the cooking pot. It's 4x the capacity of a can, I think we could reasonably expect it to make more. 2. Excessive consumption of coffee gives you the "jitters". Aim is affected (much like freezing/shivering, maybe not quite as dramatic), and you lose your ability to craft effectively (time penalty or refusal to craft). Have a great day everybody!
  2. I could see that happening, but I did not get close to the deer to harvest. I stated that I had just started down the hill after missing a deer with a rifle. Yes, this was during Winter's embrace. I was about 3 days into the run. I had found better condition wool mittens, so I had harvested the ones I had on and then forgot to put on the new ones. It's a silly mistake. I've had frostbite before on other runs, and it's never come this suddenly without being outside for a much longer period of time.
  3. Since I cannot edit after a period of time, I just want to add that I was not referring to hypothermia risk, but to frostbite risk. I am unsure as to whether it needs to give you the risk first before it sets in or if you can just get it regardless.
  4. Thank you for your response. I did not remember to calculate that. The reading would have been -18C (-1F). Still a bit much to get frostbite in 7 minutes unless they've changed it to where holding a rifle would add to that.
  5. I found some new wool mittens, so I tore up the ones I was wearing to make needed bandages with. I forgot to put on the wool mittens. I step outside the Trapper's Cabin. It's not particularly cold -1C (31F) with no wind. I see the deer have arrived. I aim the rifle, shoot, and miss. I notice there's a dead deer in the barn. I decide to walk over there and harvest. I start down the path no more than 10m from the door, I have been outside no more than 7-8 minutes, and I get Frostbite. No frostbite risk at all, just frostbite with about 5% health gone. I had been indoors for the better part of the day due to blizzard conditions, my health was at 100% and my warmth was very high. I've been playing a while, and I've never seen frostbite hit that hard and that fast before, could it possibly be a glitch? Has anyone else had this type of experience?
  6. I like most of your challenge's ideas except the Survivor's Guilt/depression aspect. This would be the same as introducing a "morale" meter into the survival needs of the player which, if I'm not mistaken, may have already been decided against. The closest they have to it is the cabin fever risk, which is mitigated fairly easily. However, you don't mention any side-effects of the medicine(s) described, which would be important for balance in this particular case, especially for the proposed hallucinogenic mushroom cooked item(I'm assuming a tea).
  7. Agreed. CH and then DP seem like logical next steps. PV is absolutely great, though. It can be as tough as everyone says it is, but boy can it be good times when the weather holds.
  8. This question can't be answered correctly, as it's a matter of preference. Some people like the console better, others like PC better, some play on PC with a console controller. If you're asking my personal opinion, I like PC because of the ability to modify my mouse sensitivity and I feel it's easier to pan the camera with it. I'm not sure on this one, but I think the PC offers higher graphics and detail ability as well (I do not own it on console).
  9. wilsonaka


    Hey. Your Stamina (the running bar) does recharge slow. If you sprinted with a lot of gear, you'd be winded too. You can unlock a feat to increase the recovery rate(although you will have to start a new sandbox to use it). When doing strenuous exercise(rope climbing, sprinting, etc) your fatigue (eyeball) will decrease at a much faster rate. Once you're below 50% you will get a weight penalty that continues to tick until it reaches a certain point (I think 50% of carry capacity). You will become encumbered faster and with less weight. May I suggest drinking some coffee before you go sprinting? You do use less fatigue that way. Sprinting is useful in some situations, but primarily walking will and should be your mode of transportation. I know, it's slow. Sometimes, VERY rarely, if I need to get somewhere quick and I am already high fatigue, I'll use a stim just to get there (Stamina does not run out while the effects are active). Energy drinks are wonderful if you have sequential rope climbs, but you will be quite fatigued afterward. Some clothes do carry a penalty on your stamina bar. You can see what it is by noticing the red filled area on the bar. That is stamina that you cannot use because of the restrictive movement penalty on the clothing. You can also see which clothes are affecting it the most by looking at the clothes in your inventory and the symbol with the person moving will tell you how much that particular clothing adds to the penalty. Also, you did not mention if you had any status afflictions(aside from encumbered). Some afflictions like Broken Ribs will definitely make a huge difference in your Stamina and weight carrying ability. Hypothermia will make you fatigued quickly. I think infections do as well. I hope this helps!
  10. The only "endgame" I would agree with for sandbox would be to die of old age. That is the only eventuality that none can escape. If you meet this, I think you should at least get a screen thanking you for playing That being said, these are some pretty good ideas, and I enjoyed reading this thread. I'd not be opposed to a sort of mystery to be unlocked to be "saved" from GBI, but I also think it should have big requirements for it to happen, and obviously make it optional or able to be failed - people in real life sometimes don't get "clues" even when they're staring at them.
  11. Alright. It works for you there. I tried an organic start... I tried about 12 times before I gave up on the rifle skill. Perhaps there's a variable that we're not thinking of? Like picking up the book before it's used? Also, The many times it worked for me on other skills was by cancelling right before the 1 hour of research was complete.
  12. I was curious, so I tried the cancel-button bug for research on a new sandbox. I leveled up my Rifle firearm(I found guns guns guns!) to 2 normally, and then tried the bug with the Frontier shooting guide. It didn't work. The book disappeared, and my research level did not change (book reappears when entering the building or quitting/reloading after sleep). Ice fishing worked at level 1. Archery worked at level 1. My curiosity was sated. I just thought I'd chime in with my experience.
  13. I was new to the game, playing Pilgrim, and I fell off the Lake Overlook while trying to goat for the first time. I survived the fall with about 4% health left and sprained everything. That is when I knew it was time to play a harder difficulty.
  14. I tried to find a shortcut from the Abandoned Lookout in Coastal Highway to the Ravine. Death was immediate, and the game didn't even show my fall to death("dead zone"?) because I think it wanted to save my embarrassment for later.
  15. Here I am fighting to survive and barely making it and y'all are making wall decorations. 🤣🤣🤣