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  1. Alright. Sorry I can't help. I've never done story mode. It was just my first thought.
  2. The only thing I can think of is you might have had on a piece of frozen clothing. Other than that, I think it's got to be a bug.
  3. No jump because, well, this: Why you can't jump Animals: It's an isolated island. The only ones I would recommend adding are sea life, particularly winter varieties. Spade or shovel would be useful in building and maintaining shelters, but it's needless in the game since it's not required to construct a snow shelter. More traps mean easier play. You're going to need to work for your food, not have it come to you. You're not a homesteader, you're a survivor, and you don't have the skills to be a trapper. Astrid is a doctor, Will is a day-drinking pilot. I have always been a propone
  4. Weight absolutely does affect fatigue and movement speed. The less you have, the less you use. If you notice, you glide around quite nicely if you strip off all your clothing and drop all your gear, and your fatigue doesn't go down much even when sprinting. I do this often if I kill a bear or moose away from a safe place and can safely harvest the meat and drop it. I shuttle it to a safe location. If you're encumbered, or start to lose weight-carry capacity (below 50% fatigue) it will continue to exhaust you at a steadily increasing rate. If you're encumbered and sprint(over 5kg[11lb] enc
  5. You can harvest certain items like clothing, or get scrap metal from others. You can eat the 0% food, if you have cooking 5. Other than that, you can put them in a container, and some of the items that cannot be harvested or used will be deleted in that container.
  6. I believe it only applies to sprinting and normal travel, and even still, it's a 50% reduction in calorie burn. I'm not sure what the actual percentage of slowed fatigue decay is, but I think it's apparent that it is not that large of a benefit. I think it more important to get the 10% bonus than to lower your fatigue decay, since you can always drink more coffee.
  7. It counts down, with 216 being the amount of hours you need of rest. They will heal at 0/216. The hours of treatment only apply if you are actually "resting". This means passing time or sleeping. The hours will not change during your waking hours. Please also ensure that you apply ALL medical treatments (2 bandage, 2 painkillers) so at the end of the countdown to 0/216 the affliction will heal.
  8. I am quite particular in my challenges, both personally and professionally XD. You could try to give yourself a set of rules that are not set in-game. If you don't like Interloper, Stalker is always a fun challenge to forego manufactured weapons, or to not allow yourself certain luxuries like coffee or teas, or make it so you're a pescatarian and can only eat fish meat or plants and canned vegetables(obviously no pork and beans). I personally don't allow wool anything on a particular save I am still working on. It's been a rough start, but you can always change your mind if you find it too di
  9. Slowing your pace would make sense, since you're not actually "wanting" to go anywhere if you're that dehydrated. It would not only be a chore, but it would definitely have some regret attached to it, having to walk further than one's desire.
  10. Totally true. This is how I lose all my survivors. XD XD I am joking, please, either believe rumors or test them yourself.
  11. I just think maybe it was a logical move by the devs because a standing snow shelter near a fire would, you know, melt. Vehicles.
  12. The cave by the 3 cabins on Mystery Lake. That's my favorite home-base. Yes, it's easy. that's why I like it so much.
  13. I can agree with everyone here. I haven't seen many areas(if any) that would be ideal for a jet aircraft take-off/landing. Bush pilots wouldn't have much of a problem, and they're not always the itty-bitty birds either. There are plenty of 2-prop amphibious cargo planes where I live. I suppose it's a wait-and-see.