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  1. Could also possibly be that little gatehouse building northwest of Hibernia in DP. Can't remember if the one in DP has a door, though... You guys might be onto something because the one in BR definitely has a door. I think it's the one in DP, though, because of the flag. I don't really remember the flag on top of the one in BR?
  2. That is not a direct route, and takes the longest, and I believe involves the most rope climbs, and also passes through a bear cave. Like I said... pros & cons.
  3. What level was your revolver skill when you one-shotted the moose? I'm pretty surprised you got away with that one! Also I think you're selling the technical backpack short. If nothing else, I find it useful for being able to pick up more sticks/coal/stones/etc while I'm roaming around, and it also helps to make weight on rope climbs (especially if you're descending a rope at <50% stamina). Moreover, if you combine the Moose Satchel + Well Fed buff + Technical Backpack, then your character can carry 66 lbs (30 kg) at full exhaustion without being encumbered. So you can still wal
  4. I suspect you're referring to the route that involves the waterfall and the "wet" cave, and while that is a fairly direct route that passes through some good shelters, it also passes through several tight wolf zones. So I wouldn't call that the most "secure" way up to the Mining Camp. There are pros and cons to each of the different ways up to the Mining Camp. I would argue that the triple rope climb is the most direct / quickest -- and also the least wolfy -- but you'll need to be prepared for those rope climbs, probably relying on some combination of coffees / energy drinks / an e-stim.
  5. This thread has some bad information in it. If you wear the crampons in the inner accessory slot, then you don't get the sure Footing buff from them.
  6. I can't believe how unlucky you're getting with snares. I grinded the "Snare 100 rabbits" feat not long ago (it was the last feat I had never unlocked), and I did it in between the two islands on CH. There are at least two rabbit spawns nearby (I think you're up at TWM near the Hut, and that's also a pretty good spot). I was keeping 2-3 snares at both locations, spread out a bit, and checking them every 12-24 hours or so, and I would often snare 3-4 rabbits in a day. I did this on an old Pilgrim save, which may have influenced my snare spawn rate favorably(?) One thing that may be hu
  7. Note that if you are using the new Darkwalker feat and you use a stim at night, your stamina will only drop by 50% (instead of automatically straight to 0%) when the stim expires. I assume this also works with Energy Drinks, but I didn't test one to confirm. Potentially useful if you're playing Endless Night or something. Note also that feat progression during Wintermute definitely counts, and I believe even your gameplay during Challenge modes(?) counts, but definitely not Custom yet. Hinterland should really fix the Custom/feat progression thing, IMO. It doesn't make a lot of sen
  8. Yeah, we've got a thread about it over on the Steam forum, too: https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/0/2986411348896643520/ It appears to be an issue with the Unity update. At least in my experience, if you make a separate pile for each type of item (e.g., one pile for sticks, a different pile for cedar, a different pile for reclaimed wood, etc.) this seemed to help with the issue somewhat.
  9. I don't know about you guys, but almost all of my sprains are on the Mystery Lake map. Like 75% of them. The new sprain system has kinda ruined this map for me; it has become one of my least favorite regions in the game.
  10. Using torches as self defense against wolves (drop lit torch, switch to stone, aim, wolf runs away)
  11. Yeah, mending is probably the worst part of the "All L5 Skills" grind achievement. I remember sitting outside in a car (so that I wouldn't get cabin fever, but would also stay relatively warm) and mending for like a week straight in-game. A lot of times if it's a clear night and there's moonlight, you can mend at night outside. I also remember raiding Milton for all the cloth and curtains. XD
  12. I know this is an old post and it looks like you finally got credit, but I will mention in case anyone else comes into this thread with a similar question: I also had trouble with the Bleak Inlet Cannery; I mapped it like five times and didn't get credit. What finally worked for me was to climb on top of the large "main gate" and survey from up there. I immediately got credit from this perch.
  13. I also wondered this. My preferred route has always been DP > CH > PV > ML > FM > BR for this challenge. I ran it last night in 1h 5m, but somehow the game only credited me with 4/10 pages (maybe I forgot to pick up one, but two??) plus I was somewhat disappointed with that time, so I decided to fire it up one last time tonight. I did not use the sprint/pass time trick, which could possibly improve the time even further, but I did have great luck with the wind on this run. I'm definitely satisfied with this run, and I think it's funny that a person could theoretically earn the "
  14. Omg wow. Ok I think you win. That is just... wow. Congratulations on that run!