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  1. I've seen two wolves on that lake. But after half a day one was gone and then I just killed the remaining. Afaik, you can harvest down to 0.1 meat and have the same de-spawn rate compared to untouched.
  2. Unless you got a hacksaw and you open all the cargo boxes TWM is pretty difficult. Usually players leave it as soon as possible for Pleasant Valley. There is a plane crash near by with lots of clothing to get going on that front.
  3. Does that still work for everybody? I used to do it and a few months back noticed that the deer (at least in CH) knew where a wolf patrol area was and I was quite unable to scare them in that specific direction. They were fleeing away from me and the wolf 95% of the time. (One workaround I used successfully was to turn it upside down. I lured the wolf towards the deer with some smelly meat... )
  4. Good evening @s7mar7in, I am far from a "radial menu" expert but your observation does not surprise me. It is my understanding that the menu completely decouples you from the game while it is open. Which brings up another thing I don't like about the radial. If you are running (e.g. for your life) the radial menu stops you dead in your tracks. Again, it's preferences and I like to keep moving (i.e. not interrupting my movement in-game) and observing the scene (i.e. no menu popping up in the middle of my field of view) so I am naturally leaning towards the keys. Thank you for
  5. @ManicManiac In my opinion this is worth an improvement (this is not a fix since it is not broken) and I get that you disagree. Different players, different preferences. I am speaking from a programming perspective as this is really not a waste of resources since probably very little is required. (I guess a few isolated lines of code and of course some testing...) Ok, then you probably misunderstood my rhetoric question. I get your interpretation that radial is advanced and lean and number keys are for an inexperienced character. My point was a different one: Imagine a noob char
  6. Then why is the character always fumbling when he needs a stone but never when he needs a flare gun? ūüėČ Again, from a programming perspective it is very easy to help players that like the number keys better. And I don't see a game-play reason...
  7. When I said I hardly use the radial I meant "I only use it for snares" lol
  8. Thanks, that is a valid point. I never use the radial that much as I think I started before it was added and it always feels console-y to me. However, when I need to switch weapons it usually is in a tricky situation where I do not want to lose my aim. So using the mouse for the radial makes me uneasy as it moves the point of aim and blocks the view...
  9. Hi, one thing that annoys me regularly is the pace of tool selection via number keys if you have several options for one number slot (e.g. matches, flare and lamp or stone, flare gun and bow). For e.g. I have a bow in hand and want to switch to stone I need to tab "2" twice to skip the flare gun. BUT not too fast. I need to tap it, wait until the flare gun is out and then tap it again. Would be really nice if a double tap would skip one item in the cycle list. Cheers
  10. Also seems to work the other way around: Killed a wolf with an arrow once that was standing really close to the Dam fence and was growling at me (head seemed to be on my side of the fence). Never worked when it had a distance to the fence.