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  1. @Turamarth indeed. I submitted a ticket to support and attached the screenshots and my saved files. They answered me with a modified saved file, I copied into my saved games folder and as soon as I entered the game the badge was unlocked.
  2. That's impressive. I'm so delighted to see every new map is even better than the previous. Hushed River Valley was amazingly complex and Bleak Inlet smartly took advantage of the aurora mechanic in such and amazing manner. I'm looking forward to see what awaits in Ash Canyon. I wish we got more complex aurora mechanics added or something along those lines. Hinterland is really doing an amazing job in map design.
  3. I stumbled upon a thread in the Steam forums. It seems this problem has lately been happening to more people. Sorry for double post, but this is a game breaking issue. Link below. https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/4/3003299213535826721/
  4. Today I loaded my survival game and everything seemed to work pretty fine until I tried to travel from Bleak Inlet to Ravine. Loading screen froze and I was forced to close the game using the task manager. I then rebooted the game and when I tried to load the game the loading screen froze again. Now it seems I can't load my survival game. This is the first time I experience this kind of problems. Is it only me? I verifyed game cache and updated my NVIDIA graphics drivers, nothing seemed to work. I would reinstall the game, but even knowing the game uses Steam cloud I'm just too afraid to
  5. That's actually such a smart, fantastic idea. It totally makes sense imo, and it would be easy to implement. Painkillers would have a clear purpose and carrying them would make sense again. Like we all consume painkillers to sleep well irl when our muscles/joints hurt. And if no sleeping while afflicted with pain seems too extreme, it could also be increment the rest time because of poor rest. Heck, even a new dissease called 'poorly rested' could me implemented. There's much potential in the concept.
  6. If you're an experienced player, I would encourage you to settle down in Bleak Inlet. It is such a gorgeus zone and it has challenges up for a experienced player, so why not? Most of the other locations are obvious! To be honest I wish there were no campaign mode and the whole team was totally invested in upgrading survival mode and adding new areas. We've come such a long way since release, and there's still SO much potential for this game and its amazing survival mechanics. That's just my opinion though.
  7. Thank you! I followed your advice and I've just submitted a ticket.
  8. This event is such a delight. It used the game mechanics to add a completly new gameplay with so little new. I've always thought TLD would be an amazing horror experience if some creepyness was added, damn I was right. The atmosphere was simply brilliant and terrifying. I would gladly see this implemented as a permanent challenge. This game was already good, but everytime we hear from you it becomes even better in some unexpected aspect. Really well done, Hinterland.
  9. So I collected the 6 diary pages required to get both the badge and the feat. The badge did trigger after collecting the page, but the feat is still locked. Does anyone know why?
  10. That picture got me all hyped up. I swear if we ever get to explore such a building, with creepy and macabre atmosphere, I'll be glad to wait a whole year. Cheers from Spain, Hinterland team.
  11. Well I don't know if it means what I think it means since I'm not a native English speaker. I try to express myself as clear as possible to give an insight of my ideas though. And I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can't agree with anything you just said. You're just relying upon a warning sign to counterargument everything, even if it's not directly related to it, such as painkillers' lack of uses. Even if all my ideas were implemented, you'd still be able to do the exact same thing you describe: avoiding or accepting the risk. It's a matter of adding interest and depth to the game feature. All in a
  12. So up to this point, everyone who has commented is either defending it just because there is a warning indicator, and that alone apparently makes the mechanic totally fine; or confessing they've turned off the sprain system. Personally, I like to play in default settings for each difficulty, since I believe it's the way the game is meant to be played. But that doesn't mean I can't think a particular feature doesn't work well. @GothSkunk regarding your answer, 1. the reason why painkillers and rose hip are so abundant is because they were intended to treat sprains. I've never had any
  13. @Vince 49 following on what you just said, one of my main focuses everytime I start a new game is finding and placing a rope in the ravine. I do it as soon as possible since in the earlier stages of a game you have little weight to carry and 5 kg isn't as much as later on.
  14. Hunting Lodge - Broken Railroad (anywhere inside the house), Mountaineer's Hut - Timberwolf Mountain, Paradise Meadows Farm - Mountain Town (inside the barn), Destroyed Lookout - Mystery Lake (near the destroyed tower), Fishing Camp - Coastal Highway (under the workbench). Those are the main spots I usually find climbing ropes at. Most of the times I don't expect to find a rope anywhere near the ravine, I just bring it from somewhere else.
  15. Thank you for your answers guys! Regarding to @ManicManiac post. What you say is mostly right, and I can agree in your points. You reason quite well all the mental process to face off the current sprain system, and that's totally fine. Yes, those are ways to avoid sprains, and yes, it may come down to those two factors you explain. But even if the dissease is avoidable, that doesn't mean more depth wouldn't fit well. The things I propose here are not about a major change in how the sprain system is pretended to be or how it was envisioned, but a way to make the player more pro-active on p