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  1. Probably today. I'm pretty awful at the game and I keep on dying. My previous 'best runs' have all ended when I have let my guard down and then died in entirely avoidable ways (freezing to death next to a fire outdoors because the fire blew out I forgot to sleep in 3 hour increments). This run is the first where I've survived long enough to craft arrowheads and make hunting with the bow a viable option. So killed my first deer with the bow today and when I got back to PVF the bear was hanging about so I tried for him too. OK, I did it the easy way and popped him from inside the porch, but I still had to hit him - and prior to today I couldn't hit a bus side on.
  2. Wierdly, after a year of no bugs of any kind, I now have another bit of wierdness the morning. Just after the fallen tree bridge on the climb up to the crash site in PV, I came across this strange plant. Never seen it before but - and here's the thing - it is only a 2 d image and as I circle around it, it also rotates in perspective to me...... ETA - further up the climb there are loads of these bushes - all 2D.
  3. What it says on the tin....... This is day 155 of my current run and I've been based in and around the Pleasant Valley Farmhouse for 5 days or so - everything normal. This morning, after sleeping the night in the car, I entered the farmhouse at the point it looked like it would be light enough and it was close to pitch black. Outside light conditions fine - full daylight and full sunshine - and no issues in the porch area. But inside there was only a little light from the windows - I can't see cupboards, shelves and containers. Advancing time does nothing. Leaving the farmhouse and re-entering does nothing. Quitting to the main menu and reloading does nothing. And quitting the game entirely and starting again does nothing. Though eventually, after pressing the button to get the sun/daylight icon up so it appeared in the screenshot, daylight suddenly switched to normal? Any ideas? Not a biggy, perhaps - unless it keeps recurring - in which case it is an issue because I don't want to either lose 3-4 hours each morning or have to use up valuable lantern oil....
  4. Sorry - my British sarcasm obviously didn't translate. 🤣 What I was trying to convey was that @peteloud appeared to be operating on (what I consider to be) the entirely false assumption that inevitably "Mod = cheat". In my experience, by far and away the majority of game modding attempts to make games 'more realistic' or, with things like some of the Total War games for example, attempts to port the mechanics to a different historical (or fantasy) conflict. Where modders tinker with difficulty settings, this is almost always with the goal of making a game harder rather than easier. And you only need to stop to think about it for a minute to see the truth of what I'm saying. Modders, as a rule, are game obsessives and need to spend vast amounts of time both playing a game and experimenting with its code before they can release a mod - whilst those who complain about a game being too difficult are, again as a rule, very unlikely to invest the amount time required to produce a mod with difficulty settings to their own liking - they'll simply give up on the game instead. Cheat codes/hacks/money trainers etc are a different thing entirely - they are cheats, not mods. (Just in case there is any doubt, the above is a comment in general terms on game modding. It is not a comment on Hinterland's policy in respect of modding TLD and should not be read as such)
  5. Because every mod in every game ever, has always effectively been a "cheat". Aye, right.
  6. Great - but it could be better..... Can you change it to a picture of my boss if I send you a photo and then make it so a timber wolf comes up out of the shadows and jumps him? 😉
  7. Yeah - I've noticed that after initially assuming that a quarter left outside would, overall, deteriorate at the same rate as a steak cut ready for cooking. But they do go off quicker. Whether that was intentional on the part of Hinterland, who knows? But it does make sense, probably - i.e. a huge quarter of meat would retain heat longer at its core, so parasites and microbes would be active for longer.....
  8. Hmmm -would the two lockers at the foot of the stairs in that open at the sides shed of the Hibernia Processing Plant count as 'outside' - i.e. the same as a car boot?
  9. That makes sense - but it's a level of organisation I can only aspire to. My approach is: if I can't readily count it, I'm OK - if I can, I better get some more. 🤣
  10. Of course - you cannot leave a bear wandering around outside. I was hunting the bear using the cars as cover/bolt holes - but once it bolted up the hill I don't see I really had a choice but to follow it. The only reason I'm at the gas station is it's a staging post en route to Desolation Point so that I can go to forge some arrow heads. I've scavenged 4, but my guess that isn't enough to make the bow and arrow a viable means of either hunting game or self-defense. I can't see that I will stick around here by choice once I've got enough arrow heads for hunting - though the possibility of using the cars as a quick bolt hole for moose and bear hunting may mean I have to rethink that (also the advantage of not having to lug the meat very far.) I'm a bit mystified by the use of the car trunk to store the quarters and meat? It doesn't preserve it any better (outside is outside) and unless dropped specifically as a decoy, it doesn't attract wolves? So what am I missing?
  11. Yeah - raining bears for me too. Out gathering sticks just before dusk yesterday and a second one appeared - about 7 days after I killed my first. I popped him twice with the rifle and he ran off up the hill. Tracked him down further in the hill and found him collapsed and bleeding out. Decided to put him out of his misery with the revolver - and the fucker jumped up and started dancing round me in circles before running off again. I nearly shit myself. 🤣🤣
  12. Yes - I'm aware of the benefits of the moose hide satchel and already have one (it's my number one 'must have' once I've got myself established). Guess I will now have the satchel and a cloak - which is a first for me. Just really had no idea the moose could spawn in the vicinity of the gas station - and it took me even more by surprise as there are no scratch markings.