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  1. What it says on the tin. I've played very little Wintermute, I'm very largely a Survival Mode player, but I thought with the release of Episode 4 I'd give story mode a shot...... Anyway, an oddity - I start off the day inside Carter, I've already got the Forester Talker notes and supplies, so I head to the Lake Cabin and chat to the guy and leave the stuff outside the door. On returning to Carter, the gate to the compound is 'locked' - is this right? I put locked in inverted commas because I don't get the usual graphic that appears with a locked door for which you need the key - I just g
  2. Couple of minor things I've only just noticed - but which I don't recall being the case previously, so thought I'd check here.... Sleeping outdoors next to a stove (e.g. the ruined hut by the prepper cache in PV, right next to the rope climb to TW) I note that the fire in the stove has enough fuel to run for, say, 3 hours 52 minutes. So I decide to sleep for 3 hours and then check whether the temperature has dropped/check whether I need to add more fuel to avoid freezing. But when I wake the stove still has fuel for 1 hour 52 minutes - so it seems that I'm only sleeping for 2 hours? It's
  3. Late response to this but the cabins behind Quonset Gas Station in CH regularly spawn a moose - and there are no tree rubbings anywhere near.
  4. Why bother with a snow shelter or the cave? If you've got a bear sleeping bag, just sleep in the car. Pleasant Valley for me too by the way.
  5. Like all of the above it depends..... But for me, because I am still a relatively newish player, I'm not yet that familiar with all of the maps. In fact there are some regions I've yet to visit at all such as Hushed River Valley and Bleak Inlet (essentially, when I started off playing I kept on dying - so I kept on starting new runs on the same maps until I could survive in them). So I think it boils down to 4 different approaches; 1. Looting a map I know - carry as little as possible, so I have the capacity to carry my loot back to base. On larger maps, I may carry a pot and a bedrol
  6. I'd noticed this myself (crampons 5% wet) but without any performance drop or degrading (they are still 100%) I didn't worry about it that much. But as noted up the thread, they only dry out if they are equipped. I just got caught in a blizzard on my way back to the Climber's Hut and needed to light a fire to dry my clothing out when I got there. Lit fire, dropped clothing and crampons, cooked up a bunch of food ready for tomorrow's excursion - clothing at 20% - 30% wetness dried out in no time. Crampons stayed 5% wet after 3 hours in front of a roaring fire - until I put them on, then they
  7. I think that's a really good idea - and one I believe would work and be a good alternative to the way it works currently. As I've said, the issue is not so much any shortage of cloth in the game overall - and certainly once a player gets themselves past the first 5 - 7 days isn't going to be an issue. But the "disappearing cloth" can be a real problem at the beginning in some situations, even on easier difficulties...... I've got a recent Voyageur start in TWM where I had a lucky spawn so I was able to reach the summit on the first day. And found an expedition parka, fisherman's sweat
  8. Which is what I said..... But perhaps I need to express it another way for the hard of thinking; Chance that something you do will not succeed = dice roll = maybe your attempt fails. Example - clothing repair, you fail and the sewing kit degrades and the cloth disappears. Example - you try to light a fire, you fail and you've spent a match and whatever wood/stick/book you were using disappears. Of course, in the game, only the cloth disappears - not the wood/stick etc. I'm not suggesting there shouldn't be a chance of failure, nor that a failed attempt shouldn't degrade
  9. Whilst you're doubtless right when taking the game as a whole, I've certainly encountered situations on certain maps where cloth can be at a premium. I know the game is not supposed to be a simulation, but anyone who has ever tried to turn their hand to sewing, however inexpertly, knows that a bad repair is simply that; the repair may not hold, it may rip again sooner than if you'd done a better job etc. but you don't lose the entire cloth and certainly not 3, 4, 5 pieces of cloth in a row. It's similar to the business with fires. As I've said before, I can accept that a change in wind dire
  10. Absolutely - I wouldn't normally use a knife. It was just an accident that I tried to use the knife - but it struck me as odd that I couldn't.
  11. Ash Canyon - Foreman's Retreat... 1) There's an aurora. It's really bright. Trying to harvest curtains, I get a message saying "Requires light to break down with tool". But I can do it by hand alone. That can't be right? 2) There are stumps of maple saplings between Foreman's Retreat and Miner's Folly. Definitely not me that chopped them down. Never seen this before. Is it intended?
  12. You may well be right. I'll admit that when I posted, I hadn't properly tested and I thought I'd discovered something - and assumed it wouldn't consume fuel. Now that I've tested more, I think it does use a tiny amount of fuel - certainly worth doing if you need to save fuel and have the time.
  13. I don't think they can cross log bridges, no. Playing a pilgrim game one time I scared the Spruce Falls bear so it bolted down to the double log bridge beside the waterfall - it fell between the two logs into the watefall below, but ran off uninjured.
  14. OK this is kind of embarrassing as it's more of a "Something I should have realised earlier" - though it's possible that others may have overlooked it too, so maybe worthwhile..... Did you know that; Climbing ropes which are already deployed in a climbing spot can be un-deployed and carried off for use elsewhere? I always assumed they were fixed in place and the only ropes a player could deploy themselves were those found in various buildings and storage cupboards across the map. Useful, in particular, in somewhere like Timberwolf Mountain because once you have completed looting the hi
  15. I've been looking for a wall large enough for "Donald Trump - off you fu*k" but not found one yet.