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  1. The wind blows out my 11 hour fire after 90 minutes (or whatever). OK, fair enough - but how has it still managed to consume the remaining 9 and 1/2 hours of fuel that I put on it?
  2. That makes sense because I think (only think, mind - this isn't definite) I've noticed the same as you but in reverse - i.e. no moose the first 5 or 6 times I've been to a location and then it pops up the next time. Also - and I am sure of this - in my current game the two possible spawn areas in Mountain Town have only one tree with scrapings in each location. Whereas, in the two more recent games where the moose spawned there were far more trees with scrapings. So I wonder if the number of scrapings signifies anything?
  3. Apologies if this has been covered - I'm a relatively new player and I have looked but found nothing. I am after obtaining a moose hide satchel - for obvious reasons, given the benefits. But first I need to kill a moose..... I've not been able to locate one in either of the two possible locations that I know about in Mountain Town. Which then has got me wondering about the spawn mechanics for less common animals such as the bear and the moose. Is it the case that the 'dice roll' for moose is done just once at the beginning of a new game? And if so, is this done just for the start map or for all maps in the game? Or is it that there is a dice roll every time you visit a possible spawn location? Another possibility would be that there is a dice roll at the start of the game for a particular map, but there is then another dice roll if you leave that map and then return to it. Does anyone know how it works? Will leaving Mountain Town and coming back a week or two later increase the chances of a moose spawning? Or is it that if there's no moose now, there never will be one in my current game? Thanks for any help....
  4. What I have found - at least 50% of the time - is that if I lose the trail the wolf ends up dying exactly where I shot it. Even when the last place I saw the trail was a good distance away......
  5. Just to add (can't seem to edit for some reason) - I think what Dr. S. says is slightly off. Time might rewind to just before dawn, but not your inventory - so if you have looted/harvested stuff in the period leading up to your failed save it is still there in the save that does load. Which could be used as an exploit if you had a mind to....
  6. Getting same on Steam/PC with Xbox 360 controller.
  7. It may seem obvious but...... If you find yourself stranded somewhere (as I am at present - stranded in Milton basin for 120 hours with broken ribs after getting moose stomped) with reduced condition and find yourself faced with the problem of keeping warm - note the position of fir and cedar limbs on your outward foraging run, but only chop and transport it on your return journey. Saves you lugging a load of wood around unnecessarily - duh!!
  8. F**k me, I've just killed another - day 23, 15 wolves down.
  9. The following day - I've left Milton House. The wolf from last night is about - winged it with the revolver but when trying to track it, it jumped me (at least I hope it's the same wolf). Lost it. Head to Paradise Meadows Farm - surprise, surprise, there's a wolf. After clearing at least 5 from the farm and immediate surrounds over the past five days. I've clipped this wolf with the revolver, but again lost it when tracking. But my journal is now showing 13 dead wolves, so I've killed one of the two I've encountered today... ETA - following morning the log is now showing 14, so I just need to find the carcasses. But I don't need to harvest them - and I read somewhere that leaving something on the carcass and not harvesting 100% delays the re-spawn - so maybe I'll just leave them to rot.
  10. @StrayCat @Serenity @Hawk - and anyone else, I'd like to revisit this....and sorry for the length of post. As I've said elsewhere, I'm relatively new to the game and I'm not that great at it yet. So I'm playing with my own custom settings aimed at giving myself a chance - but also a challenge for the level of skill I am at right now. Until this thread I had been playing with "Time to wildlife re-spawn" set to "low". In my latest game I have set it to "high". On the other hand, "Wolf spawn chance" has remained constant throughout - at "medium". And I am now encountering more wolves than in any of my previous games. In the current game, starting in Mountain Town, I am 19 days in and I have killed 12. And just so there is some context; I have been up to the plane crash only once (1 killed up there) and taken only one run up to St Christopher's Church and Spruce Falls Bridge to loot - no wolf encounters. The same with Orca Gas Station and Milton Park - one run to loot, no wolves encountered. I have killed at least four in the vicinity of Milton House. Four or five days ago, I loaded up with my deer and wolf hides and guts and took a run down to Paradise Meadows Farm to do some clothes crafting at the workbench (I'd already done one early run down there just to loot). Not all the hides were fully cured, but I reckoned I'd base myself down there whilst the curing finished and I'd be all set to craft when it had. Encountered one wolf on the way down and killed it. Was too loaded up to harvest it, so carried on to the farm with the plan of dumping the hides I was carrying and then heading back out to harvest that wolf. Immediately saw there was another wolf hanging around in the farm fields when I did. Killed that wolf and harvested both. The next day, headed out to set some rabbit snares and thought I would scout out the landscape from the bluff overlooking the fields - saw a pack of three wolves stalking deer through the farm fields!! Wow - never seen more than two in the same place in any of my previous games. And this was the day after killing two wolves in the area. I have now killed that pack of three. Headed back to the Milton house the next day to load up on supplies and got mugged on my doorstep by another wolf - that one got away. This doesn't feel 'right' to me? Certainly I have encountered more wolves in this game than in any other. I am not going out of my way to hunt and kill them - my approach is to seek opportunity to remove them from an area I want to operate/base myself in, to at least try to give myself some breathing space. But I'm not actively seeking them out. So 19 days in and I've killed 12 - there is now another one around the Milton house that I have not killed yet. By contrast, I had an 81 day run a few weeks ago (36 days in Mountain Town, 27 days in Mystery Lake, 12 in Coastal Highway) where wildlife re-spawn was definitely on 'low' and I killed a total of 26 wolves - so survived 4 times as long but with (in effect) half as many wolves when, in theory, it should have been many more. So any idea of what is happening? I am assuming that the "chance" in "Wolf spawn chance" means precisely that - it is a chance, it is variable. So in any given game, whether you select "low", "medium" or "high" it is still a variable (or put another way, the same settings, on the same map will still result in a different number of wolves in different games). But that is the baseline, starting number of wolves? Once you have rid yourself of them, if you have set "Time to wildlife re-spawn" as high, there ought to be a noticeable delay before wolves return to the area? But that's not what is happening in my game.....
  11. @Stone - whilst I am sure you're right about Interloper being awesome, at current progress we're some way off from the same being true of me. More seriously, are you saying that only works (mechanically) with Interloper - or is it that the lack of firearms and the need to craft bow and arrows in Interloper makes that strategy viable/necessary?
  12. @ManicManiac - yeah that's definitely what seems to be happening. I can pick up 3 charcoal from a fireplace or stove inside a house when looting and the stove in the Milton house always gives me 3 - even when the previous fire I set was a two hour one. But if I camp outdoors and set a 10 hour fire or longer, I only ever get one. 😮
  13. Hmm - that is wierd. I will sometimes do a long fire* if I am up at the plane crash or down In Milton basin - because I know I cannot get back home until the following day. So I'll throw as much wood on the fire as the game will allow - but I have never got more than one charcoal afterward and I am religious about picking it up. * I am probably doing it all wrong, but what I try to do is light a fire and get it just over the two hour mark, shove a couple of pots of water on, cook something and then go to sleep knowing that at just over two hours, the water won't boil away and will be ready in the morning....
  14. @ManicManiac Not sure I quite follow - I understand the long fire = more cooking/more boiled water potential, but isn't it the case that you only end up with just the one charcoal regardless of how much fuel you've put on the fire? (unless it's one of those big stove in the house fires where you get three - but you get three with those with only a short fire).
  15. I am scoobied here. What do you do if you don't light fires? There's bugger all to eat otherwise, after a bit - only those bull-rush type things (Cat-Tail Plant, is it?).