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  1. a final test on they 63 so it still works, and i uploaded the file to a filehoster link is below the video.
  2. Here i explain the Moose and Bear respawn on Interloper. Interloper Moose respawn endage and interloper until day 50. this respawns are proofed i meet on this days the bear on his place. after this i continue my table until day 100 but this is not proofed now, only with the ash canyon bear i kill him on day 51 so there is no 50 day respawn at this day. Day 0-23 12 Days 12 Hours 24 12 Days
  3. the warmup zones are maybe not in the caves? got me some warmer zones out of the cave in the middle of the canyons
  4. for now you have to change the items before you climb and this then all the time on a rope. so carry weight is the same a 2nd shoe slot and a repair function would allow you to wear them all the time then for the sprain risk. crampos are not really needed it is a little bit comfort
  5. at the moment we have to wear the crampons on the head would it not be better to creat a 2nd shoe place slot just for shoe addons like the crampons or maybe futured snowshoes? i mean you put the crampons over the shoes. oh forget you can not repair crampons.
  6. Just a expample Astrid starts with cocking lvl3 10% speed bonus if under 35kg faster stamina regeneration -10% need of calories and water 10% to avoid sprain ankle risk +10% faster cooking skill Will starts with fireskill lvl3, fishing lvl3 +10% condition, +10% speed bonus when over 35kg +10% condition revover by sleeping +10% stay longer awake Jeremiah starts with fireskill lvl3, harvesting lvl 3 +10% faster Weapon leveling -50% get spoted by the wildlife if not crouch +20% to leveling the fireskill something like this would be
  7. Even Dark

    Corpse Despawn

    but it is a good feather spot
  8. Even Dark

    1 L pot

    i would say 2L pots to carry around is to heavy and to much, 2 cans is to less and it tooks 6 mins longer then a pot. so i wish me 1L pots, weight 0.5kg. you can cook like the 2L pot but not 1kg of meat, the is just space for 0.5 kg of meat. this would be nice for playing challenges.
  9. maybe a wish for fans like me so i found not one watchface from TLD so i created me one i share this bin off course so the download link is in the 2nd video
  10. never got me such a find on loper. maybe the new update or the new region have some more secrets
  11. 9h13 finally and i am so stupid i sleep 10 hours instead of 12 because i was in interloper mode . next year next try then.
  12. Plane crash side in pleasent valley. there is a invisible wall now? so you can not enter the aircraft cabin. i saw the stim and a energy drink but.....
  13. i like to see a created challenge like ATDS. But on this Map there is allways exact the same loot on it. And the weather runs allways in a 4 hour cycle. the cycle beginns when you start as example: sunshine 4h, fog 4h, wind 4h, blizzard 4h, fog 4h...... and so on. at the end of the cycle then the weather restarts from the beginning in the same cycle. wildlife spawn can still be random. to get a good time you need to explore the map and then chose a route to get a good time. This could be then a funny speed challenge for everyone under the same conditions without weather rng or l
  14. i dont know there is no challenge with the cold. you get really quick a + degree gear so bearskin bedroll is a waste the normal one is enough. you can sleep the first hours inside. the "allways" cabain fever starts later. once you have the gear ready and you can full repair all stuff, you can sleep outside where you want. start location for me a long run i start in TWM a short and fast without using glyphs run i start in HRV you can leave HRV in this 15 minutes before he spawns. in HRV he comes allways close to you because of the map so easy to skip that with the start location