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  1. Signal fire was bottom right for me. Good to know that it can still move.
  2. Speaking as someone from Newfoundland, we also eat a LOT of poutine!
  3. I've died from spirit bears twice recently. Once at said blind, and once by the cabins in BI. For that one, I briefly saw his head pop up from the ice. Then got attacked out of nowhere, a little later.
  4. cullam

    No Ammo

    It's possible (and I would certainly consider this a bug) that ammo comes from the baseline loot settings, so checking 'yes' to the guns doesn't actually make their ammo and cleaning kits spawn. Keep investigating, and once you've gathered enough data to back up that claim (literally no bullets or cartridges not found already loaded) , I'd submit it as a bug.
  5. That definitely sounds likely to be a bug. Submit it, and if it is, then at least they'll know about it!
  6. So has anyone managed to figure out if this exists yet?
  7. cullam

    Aurora wolves

    So, I've played quite a lot of the Long Dark, but less than usual, this past year. I've recently lost a few survivors (playing on stalker) to Aurora wolves. I'm not sure if it was bad luck, or me not being well practiced at wrestling with a revolver, a change to the struggle system, or Aurora wolves being much tougher. Usually, with a well equipped survivor, while a wolf encountere is costly, I could fairly reliably walk away from them (assuming I had lots of condition in the first place). Am I just out of practice, or are Aurora wolves much more dangerous to tussle with?
  8. cullam

    Bleak Inlet

    I'm very curious to find out if the map in the forestry look out is of what I think it is. And if it's accurate..
  9. Thanks. Now, if only I could find the damnable thing! I've got a couple of rifles now, and stacks of rounds for both. But after clearing out Mystery Lake, most of Coastal Highway, and part of Milton, no joy yet!
  10. Playing on Stalker, gathering some basic gear to venture into Timberwolf Deathland for the first time (not the mountain). Is it kind of essential that I find a revolver before I go? I've got a reasonable survival kit on me, but no form of ranged weapon.
  11. If I correctly recall, they aren't safe. At the very least, you can't quickly make one to protect against a wolf, as they take something like an hour to build, and activity doesn't protect you from getting jumped. What DOES work is trying to start a fire. You don't even necessarily need to succeed! If the wolf comes at you while you're trying to light it, you'll scare it away. The only real risk is if the attempt fails before they get close enough to get scared, and then it reaches you just as you get dumped back into the world view.
  12. With the morning sun, I head out towards the available rope (having dumped weight in the tunnel, down to 22kg). I make my way through the 3-way cave, around the hills, and up the rope to the deer clearing. Nothing much in that cave, but I stop by the containers. Lots of cured leather, some other random items, but nothing that will quench my thirst. That's fine. The bear's path is guarded by a wolf, so I make slow going along it. I eventually get to the rope, having been freezing for at least an hour. At the top, I'm nearly spent, as two climbs in one day is very hard on a poor survivor. I make my way through the tunnel by lantern light, and try to do what repairs I can, on the other side. I'll have to get a good night's sleep before climbing the final rope. In the morning, I head out. A quick check of the final cave to grab whatever goodies rest there, and then it's up the last rope. I stop half way up to catch my breath, but there will be no camp out for an hour: without a fire, it would cost me dearly. As soon as my sprint has returned, it's back up the final leg! At the top, I duck over to the cave, but most of what I find is for those who would brave a fire. So I head on over the the crash site. With my victory at hand, I am struck by a horrifying lack of foresight: Without the ability to light a fire, being at the summit for long enough to loot all the containers is a very dangerous prospect indeed! I'm already freezing, and I've now got to stick around for long enough to take all the essentials, and THEN make my way back to a warmer place! This might have been a fool's errand... However, after looting a few containers, I've got a pair of expedition parkas, and I find myself at a FL temperature of 1 degree! I take a 1 hour nap to refill my gauge, and I'm looking to be in good standing! Upon looting everything, and leaving far more than I usually would, as a late game survivor's kit, I'm ready to go. I've got a rifle, a bunch more bullets, wool longjohns to spare, wool mittens, and every piece of drink or thirst quenching food that was present. I leave behind animal skins, and many redundant sets of tools. I'm over 45 kilos in weight, and although a well fed bonus has kicked in, taking the ropes down would be a bad option. A mountain goat's journey it is! But since the last time I've done this, the law of the code has shifted. The usual strategies I would take end up costing me far more dearly than I'm used to! And sprains now cost more resources to deal with! By the time I reach a piece of ground that was designed for human feet, I have many sprains and injuries, and my overall health is below 20%. In this shape, I'll not risk wolves and weather. I make my way for the tunnel, as fast as I can, in my limping state. In there, I light my lamp, and head to the other side. My current weight will be difficult, so I dump many items that I won't need yet, on top of the ones I discarded on my way up. Making my way back, I pass the time until I'm tired enough to really make up my terrible condition. I eat and drink, and pass out for the night. Given that I'm still over my weight allotment (but no longer is a massive, can't run kind of way), I decide that I should avoid ropes. I take the long way around to the cabin, having to dodge multiple wolves, and a bear along the way. It's a huge relief when I arrive. Once I rest up and dump all the thing that I won't need yet, I can head back up to the tunnel, and grab the rest of my supplies. After that, I'll need to o check if the other crates were smuggling liquids, and take whatever there is. But at this point, I think it would be fair to say that as long as I can keep it repaired, I'll have basically all the clothing that I'll ever need. And without long term survival being an issue, I'm basically just collecting bullets and the means of hydration. Once I've cleared the tunnel, and those extra crates, I'll be able to leave. The game of carefully planning my routes, sleeping places, and water, will continue.
  13. And mystery lake (at least the map) is blatantly off by 90 degrees.
  14. FM to ML pretty much has to be zero gap, as the implication is that you're walking directly into the other one, when you cross over. The size of a lot of the mines is a big question mark. And of course, I might not have sized things correctly. I was doing a certain amount of gut feel - "Does this map feel about x% the size of this other map, when walking across them?"
  15. I make up my mind, and head toward TWM. I'm likely to get all the clothes I'll need at the summit, after all, and I've now easily got enough water to get me up there. I'm sure I'll find a bunch more pop and canned food on the way, and at the top! Nothing much at the draft dodger's cabin, but I follow the new path, up to the plane crash. Aside from some thirst quenching airline food and pop, I find another fisherman's sweater, wind shell, brown and plaid wool sweaters, and sweet baby jesus, COMBAT PANTS! In some poor soul's luggage. Between Skeeter's Ridge and the bunker, I've also got a hacksaw, a knife, a hatchet, and even a revolver! So given that I don't have to think about my long term survival a hundred days out, I've got basically all the tools I'll ever need. In general, I'm trying to take looping paths that won't retread the same areas on returning. But the bunker is an exception, as there's no way around that area! So it's a great place to leave supplies that I won't need until later. I dump my quality tools, some sewing kits, some extra clothing, 3 litres of water, and some food that won't go bad. I also take the time to repair some of the clothing that could use it, finally slake my thirst, and go to bed. In the morning, I head up the rope and Woah! I just flew up that thing! Am I too used to climbing tired, or did they modify the climbing mechanics since I last played? On may way to the cabin, I hear a suspicious sound, so I take a wide path. Sure enough, we have another moose! I'd love to get me a moose hide satchel for this run, but I have no rifle or bow. I don't think a revolver or flare gun is going to do the trick... At the Cabin, I pick up some nick nacks, then start prepping for the trip. I've been wearing my two fisherman's sweaters, as well as insulated boots, and my mackinaw jacket over a ski jacket. But for this amount of climbing, I think it's time to switch to a mobile layout. Light sweaters, wind shell over a wool vest, and trail boots. I head out to the wing. A wolf chases my almost the whole way, and I'm now assuming that I'm going to need to spend some bullets, but he breaks off, just as a finally turn to face him. The crates have canned peaches, pop, lantern fuel, and medicine. On the one hand, I could just haul all this back to the cabin. I decide to press on, and make a detour to the lower tunnel cave. I can rest there, and leave all these goodies, not too far from home. Pushing on to the top cave, when I can't warm up at a fire seems dangerous, so I overnight in the tunnel. Tomorrow, I should find out if this was all worth it!