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  1. Shame I did not realize to turn off stuff from the screen, but sometimes you just press screen shot button and move on.
  2. Pretty much the same here. I started new games in Broken railroad because you could find syrup and maybe chips (pretty easy to find anyway) too on every run. Without cabin fever the Winter's embrace badge was way too easy to get after you found some proper clothing which was also very easy.
  3. I been thinking why not make them available again on the next Halloween or some other time? Like you need to wait a year if you can't play at that time. 4 days, so same deal but could get ready for that, possibly.
  4. Well those are all stimulants - Legal ones. I don't think we need separate gategories for those.
  5. Löytyy. Pelin omistanut vuodesta 2016. Kaikki steam-saavutukset hallussa (viimeinen irtosi juuri tänään.), kuten myös kaikki pelin sisäiset mitkä voi saada. Harmi kun neljä 4DON haastetta puuttuu, siis niitä mitä voi pelata vain aikarajoitetusti.
  6. But there is one already: "Straight To The Heart: Use or consume 250 Coffee, Energy Drinks or Emergency Stims - The effects of Coffee, Energy Drinks, and Emergency Stims last 25% longer"
  7. I have been thinking about bow or hand drill and also your character should have level 5 fire starting skill before you can use it, so you need to start fires with matches and strikers before that. Gunbowder could be used with drill to make it easier to light a fire and even then percent could be like 90 % succesfull. You also shouldn't be able to start a fire in wet conditions while snowing or if it's too windy with drill.
  8. Yeah, found the polaroid but did not find the spot at all, it's on the map also. Tried hard and long but didn't find it so I guess it's just bugged.
  9. I have been all around and under the tower but no luck. Tried using coal multiple times under and near the tower on every side but nothing. So I think it's bugged. Even checked my steam game files for errors but those are fine.
  10. Hello, I'm kinda new here. Bought the game at early stage on december 2016 and have been playing a little sometimes but now I'm going for the achievements. I'm only missing two from the Steam list (500 days aka The Will to Live and Skilled Survivor). Playtime seems to be 343 hours, so not so much after all. My real life survival skills are based on the Finnish army (Conscript 2002). I was a border jaeger (rajajääkäri) with guerrilla/ranger (sissi) training so I know some basic stuff about basic survival skills, just like many other Finnish guys and some volunteer gals. Winter is a normal thing up here, like in Canada, so in a way this game feels like home in a way. I guess I'm mostly here to whine about technical stuff and bugs or try to find some good tips and help when needed.
  11. I can't find the spot for Forlorn Muskeg Hat Creek Radio Tower Vista Location. I have gone all around the tower but can't find the vista spot anywhere. Anyone else having the same problem? The other two towers and all the other vista locations have worked so far just fine. This is my 8th vista location now.
  12. Anyone else having the same problem now after newest updates (1.8 and 1.81) that the game saves 6 times longer than it used to? Game freezes every time while saving. It used to be like ½ a sec and now it can take 3 secs and game gets totally jammed. Would not mind but in a long run it starts to be really annoying, like we all know, game saves a lot. Saving used to be totally smooth before.
  13. Anyone else having the same problem now after the newest update that the game saves 6 times longer than it used to? Game freezes every time while saving. It used to be like ½ a sec and now it can take 3 secs and game gets totally jammed.