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  1. Just Finished the new episode and got all the achievements/did all the missions. Played it a bit slowly and went almost around the whole map. I must say it was kinda ironic to have over 100 bullets, all the guns, bows and arrows and still act like "a dog". I know it was because of the gameplay but felt kinda stupid. Otherwise the episode was ok, altought I was buzzled for a while in the end because I could not find the last route in the dark - died so many times because of that. But yeah, this game has a lot more to offer with the challenge modes and the biggest thing is still the survival
  2. Saving system like that is bad because if your game is spoiled by a bug than your game is over = You are dead if you get stuck to some glitch, fall through the map, etc. If you just quit you can save the game. Think about some 500 days game ruined by some random bug...
  3. This time it was Dark Walker turn to die! Spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you don't want them! My route was not very good because I didn't know at a start that I need to get back to Ash Canyon. My trip was like this and I pre-planned it. X - marks a page grabbing X Hushed River Valley X Mountain Town Forlorn Muskeg X Broker Railroad Forlorn Muskeg X Bleak Inlet X Forlorn Muskeg X Mystery Lake Winding River X Pleasant Valley X Timberwolf Mountain Pleasant Valley Coastal Highway Crumbling Highway X Desolation Point Crumbling H
  4. Yeah, the challenge is not hard if you do some pre-planning. Plan your route well and gather stuff when the Dark Walker is still slow, meaning when you have 1-5 pages. Rest of the game is pretty easy if you keep your distance and use paint cans wisely. I made it at my second run (first run ended with a moose mauling me when my flare gun was not loading properly, I think it was a bit bugged in the game...) and I still had like 5 paint cans left in the end and I even used them a lot. You have lots of time to gather what you need at start and you get good stuff from the loot by the green fires.
  5. Quote: "When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money." Author: Native American Alanis Obomsawin Submitted By: Moilanen Relevant Link:
  6. Yeah, I checked the steam files and they are fine. I might have fixed the problem by killing couple of Sandbox characters from the old saves and killing new sandbox games also. Don't quite know yet what is the logic of this, but last two deaths worked normally. Just needed to make lots of suicides and see if this starts working normally again. But I'm pretty sure the problem started after darkwalker or after the new patch for it.
  7. OK, so it happens on every sandbox game. Screenshots: 4 1. This is what I can get open after death randomly clicking everywhere. 2. This is what I can get open after death randomly clicking everywhere. Part 2. 3. ESC button when it works on the screen 4. Total blackscreen and need to kill the game.
  8. Tried again and same issue. Only this time I had to kill the game, could not do anything in black screen after I managed to click something I didn't see after death. So this is a really nasty bug now. Oh, and before this new type of new bug I could use esc key but it says nothing will be saved on the journal, so basically nothing is saved when I die...
  9. It seems that if I die now in a sandbox game (interloper, wolf got me) the game leaves me only with a black screen after characters death, so you can't choose anything with your mouse and also the game achievements/info are not listen in the "scoreboard" section. This problem has occured only after Darkwalker event started. Anyone else having the same issue?
  10. Decided to try 10/10. Route: DP - CH/CH - PV - TM - PV - WR/ML - RAVINE - BI - FM - BR - FM - MT - HRV. Maximized time on HRV removing fog, after I got all the pages and died from the toxic fog. I was surprised how long it takes to die from the fog, and I also used one emergency stim in the end, but that didn't help a lot, only some silly seconds. Personally I'm not interested to try maximal surival time challenge because it will get really boring if you just wait on every area before the fog comes in. I had to wait like over 40 minutes after I got all the pages to maximize survival time in
  11. Other known glitches and issues by Gun Tech. "Glitches Lures can expire and then be 100% again, making the DarkWalker seemingly teleport. It can teleport to close to the exit. You can then sleep 2h to expire the glitched Lure, place a Lure a bit away from the exit, and bypass it. Fog timer can temporarily turn to 0 when you click a door, but it will be restored when outdoors again. This is not detrimental. Sometimes, the Fog % is not displayed on the map. This can be detrimental if you have to go back through the current region. If it's your first run, your po
  12. I think you have the white arrow marking your location on then map on this mode usually always, but if you save the game and leave, you lose the marker and it's never coming back, sometimes I also lose the toxic fog counter also. Makes this a lot harder if you don't know the maps in and out and because of the restricted vision, basically sometimes it gets kinda hard to leave the area before you run out of time because of the toxic fog and you got a bit lost on some areas. Anyone else having the same issues?
  13. Had to do 2 runs, because I didn't realise the first note doesn't count in the beginning and I had a bad route from Broken railroad to Desolation Point. Died inside the cave between Crumbling Highway and DP. Then I understood how the THING actually moves and it came thought the wall straight at me. Well that was fine, got 4 notes on my first run and would have probably died anyway with 5 notes with me at DP if I would have got there. Second run was a bit hard but exciting. Didn't search for coffee and had no stims at any point, but found 3 energy drinks and 2 helped a lot with ropes on Moun
  14. Shame I did not realize to turn off stuff from the screen, but sometimes you just press screen shot button and move on.
  15. Pretty much the same here. I started new games in Broken railroad because you could find syrup and maybe chips (pretty easy to find anyway) too on every run. Without cabin fever the Winter's embrace badge was way too easy to get after you found some proper clothing which was also very easy.
  16. I been thinking why not make them available again on the next Halloween or some other time? Like you need to wait a year if you can't play at that time. 4 days, so same deal but could get ready for that, possibly.
  17. Well those are all stimulants - Legal ones. I don't think we need separate gategories for those.
  18. Löytyy. Pelin omistanut vuodesta 2016. Kaikki steam-saavutukset hallussa (viimeinen irtosi juuri tänään.), kuten myös kaikki pelin sisäiset mitkä voi saada. Harmi kun neljä 4DON haastetta puuttuu, siis niitä mitä voi pelata vain aikarajoitetusti.
  19. But there is one already: "Straight To The Heart: Use or consume 250 Coffee, Energy Drinks or Emergency Stims - The effects of Coffee, Energy Drinks, and Emergency Stims last 25% longer"
  20. I have been thinking about bow or hand drill and also your character should have level 5 fire starting skill before you can use it, so you need to start fires with matches and strikers before that. Gunbowder could be used with drill to make it easier to light a fire and even then percent could be like 90 % succesfull. You also shouldn't be able to start a fire in wet conditions while snowing or if it's too windy with drill.
  21. Yeah, found the polaroid but did not find the spot at all, it's on the map also. Tried hard and long but didn't find it so I guess it's just bugged.
  22. I have been all around and under the tower but no luck. Tried using coal multiple times under and near the tower on every side but nothing. So I think it's bugged. Even checked my steam game files for errors but those are fine.
  23. Hello, I'm kinda new here. Bought the game at early stage on december 2016 and have been playing a little sometimes but now I'm going for the achievements. I'm only missing two from the Steam list (500 days aka The Will to Live and Skilled Survivor). Playtime seems to be 343 hours, so not so much after all. My real life survival skills are based on the Finnish army (Conscript 2002). I was a border jaeger (rajajääkäri) with guerrilla/ranger (sissi) training so I know some basic stuff about basic survival skills, just like many other Finnish guys and some volunteer gals. Winter is a norma