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  1. Great to hear that you have been here in Finland, in Helsinki. Where are you from? And yes, we can be funny guys, although it is usually thought that Finns are too serious 😎
  2. However, I do not recommend this to everyone.
  3. I am already 40 years old, and those is not really the only tattoos I have. None of the pictures I have not regretted it, and I have a permanent job as a chef. Thanks for caring..
  4. Do others have TLD-themed ink on their skin? I took two today, am I already too weird ???
  5. Thank you very much, nice to be here 😬
  6. Have you ever wondered what more than a thousand collected sticks look like ..?
  7. Täällä olisi yksi uusi tulokas.
  8. Thank you I've played the game for about 3 years now, from now until I registered here.
  9. Greetings from Finland. I am computer games and IT-obsessed "amateur monkey", hiker and fisherman, and of course a big fan of The Long Dark!