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  1. I actually dropped one one-shot with a rifle. One, out of the several encounters I've had with them. A lucky shot, I'm guessing. Everything else was just pack damage. The experience with the bow is interesting. Maybe I'll go in once I'm armed old-school again... P.S.: Respect for the The Thing avatar.
  2. Me too. I soiled my armour I was so scared.
  3. Is it possible to completely clear all of the predators in a given area with no chance of respawning? Ferinstance, if I went into Bleak Inlet loaded for bear (so to speak), could I, at least in theory, kill all the damn timber wolves and then be able to wander around with no fear of what has so far been the most irritating death I've experienced in the game?
  4. Ah I see, that makes sense. Yes, I have it through GOG.
  5. Is there always a prepper cache in each game? And aren't there a bunch of potential locations?
  6. I was disappointed to find, having time this year to partake of For Days of Night, that it is not supported on the native Linux build. So my question is: if I install the SteamOS version, can I get into 4DoN next year?
  7. I awoke in the rangers cabin in ML after the 1.62 update to see my the floors swept clean of the furs, bows, rifle, water etc that I had so carefully organized after I ran out of container space. I liked the new decor details, but was a tad distraught at the loss until I noticed the red tin box sitting beside the door. Thank you very much, Hinterland. My question, are they a permanent fixture, or are they just there for the update, and I should worry about them disappearing at some point?
  8. Okay, so I'm running the 1.56 Hotfix 49966 Galaxy build in Linux. 4DON should be well under way, but the TLD splash screen looks like it always does. Somebody please help, because I missed this last year and was really looking forward to it this year. EDIT: Aha, perhaps this explains it: That blows.
  9. Firing up TLD today looks like any other day; there's no mention of Four Days of Night anywhere. Please assist, thanks.
  10. Yup, that's what I figgered. Thanks for the ideas everybody.
  11. ...when I run out of whetstones? Just curious.
  12. Aha, so the practical upshot is that nobody has a clue yet ūüėÉ