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  1. Yup, that's what I figgered. Thanks for the ideas everybody.
  2. ...when I run out of whetstones? Just curious.
  3. Aha, so the practical upshot is that nobody has a clue yet 😃
  4. Does this new location which, if I am reading this correctly, should appear in Pleasant Valley, show up in the sandbox? If so, where is it? I've just done an admittedly quick re-scout of PV, and haven't seen anything like it.
  5. Linux user here, but thanks. I have access to a few ocr progs I've used before, but I've suddenly realised that I don't like in-game journaling quite that much =) Maybe I'll suggest making the journal easier to transfer to the outside world to Hinterland.
  6. I like to keep a personal log in TLD even more than I do IRL, but it looks like I just reached the end its capacity. The typing field simply stopped taking anything else. Is there a way save the old entries externally so I can clear it and continue? Anybody know where/how those notes are stored? Thanks.
  7. What the advantage to the quality tools? Just a better chance of a successful repair?
  8. If you have the GOG version, you can write a quick bash script: #!/bin/bash ***path to TLD***/tld.x86_64 -force-glcore42 -force-clamped Call it whatever, set it executable, and yer good.
  9. Anybody know of a map or flowchart or something that lists where each of the maps connects with another, and if so, would you please point me to it? Thanks.
  10. Just noticed this view at the overlook before the cave entrance that leads back to the trapper's cabin in Mystery Lake. It it just for show, or is there actually some way to get to it? I've never seen a semi anywhere else in the game.