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  1. I only take a drink when my game is paused. I try not to drink anything when I'm at my computer(not really because I do it all the time ) because I'm a klutz and nervous about spilling on my keyboard. Also only when paused because there was one incident where I took a drink while walking, this wolf scared me and I choked on my soda causing it to come out of my nose, almost spilling it everywhere. I survived by the way.. Had just enough time to set my drink down, ignore the burning hell in my nose from my soda and take the wolf down lol
  2. This is 100% me not going to lie. I will also lean in my chair to look behind a rock formation to see if a wolf or bear is on the other side 😅
  3. lol right? or "if he pushes that button, yoda will owe me 20 bucks"
  4. "look down the barrel to see if it's loaded" 🤔 Reminds me of Star Wars with Luke Skywalker and the lightsaber.
  5. I love Gordon Lightfoot! I'll definitely have to give this song a listen.
  6. You're definitely not wrong, I was the same way with the peanut butter, it still makes me cringe to this day but I've become more desensitized to most of the in-game quirks and if it makes you feel better, I nearly cried when I killed my first rabbit.
  7. I too have noticed this and that's a great idea. Any screenshot of the game is nice but anywhere you look on or off steam it's old images. I did a Long Dark image search on Google the other day and most of the images I could tell were from the very early alpha days of the game (c. 2014-2015)
  8. Have never been myself but planning on going there next as soon I get my moose-hide satchel :3
  9. That's awesome! Glad you made it ❤️ To be honest though, I don't think I can play that challenge after last time. It's definitely challenging but this past attempt, I had made it to the field just down the way from the Pleasant Valley Farmstead, It's snowing pretty heavily and it's near night time. I turn around and see the bear coming after me. I don't know why but that truly terrified me, my heart was pounding and by the time the bear had finished me off, I was shaking and couldn't calm down. If I hadn't talked to my closest friend that night, I would've had nightmares about it. Maybe someday when my anxiety is more controlled, I will attempt this again
  10. Was in Broken Railroad doing some misc stuff in the hunters blind when I hear a "huff" noise *looks up* Oh.. Hello there bear how's it going? My conundrum: I want to save my ammunition because I'm down to 2 bullets left and I don't want to shoot anything unless it's a direct threat.. But if I step outside the bear will attack me. Long story short, I just ended up shooting him in the face because I was tired of waiting for him to walk his fat ass away from the blind so I can get away. Plus I realized I could potentially find more ammunition at the hunting lodge.
  11. They just come back to bite you in the ass. It's been a couple years since I've done this but back in my early days of playing the game if I was in a rush then I'd leave some stuff that was important/needed behind. An item that I notoriously left behind was the bedroll. The last time I did this was sometime in 2018, I was in the lobby of the upper Carter Hydro Dam and was headed to Pleasant Valley. I even checked to make sure I had everything(somehow the bedroll didn't register in my airhead brain lol) And I got going. I walked all the way to Pleasant Valley Farmstead and was doing some inventory management when I seen my bedroll missing. Son of a.. Whatever. There's beds here. Now recently I've gotten much better with not rushing and always double checking my inventory before I go anywhere, whether it's a short trip or a long trek. In my current run, I am in Mystery Lake, I've already been to Bleak Inlet and Forlorn Muskeg. I was in the train car by the logging camp and my fatigue meter was almost at empty and I didn't want to listen to the survivor complain about how tired she is or how heavy the pack is lol so I stayed the night. Woke up in the morning to some nice weather and I decided to get going before the game decides to slap me in the face with something. I head out and I'm not sure where I went to but when I checked my inventory, the bedroll wasn't there. -__-;; Now thankfully I wasn't in another region but still. What are some of your moments you have forgotten things and didn't realize until later?
  12. Oh I'm not saying they are guaranteed to be found there, they just have a higher spawn chance than any other container IMO
  13. They are exceedingly rare for sure. My first time I ever found them was one of my first runs 4 years ago when the game was still in early access on Steam and I have never found them again until just recently. Here's a few places that the mukluks have a good chance of spawning: 1. Safe in Carter Hydro Dam. 2. Safe in Trappers Homestead 3. Safe under the crawlspace at the Old Spence Homestead in Forlorn Muskeg 4. Safe in Hibernia Processing Plant in Desolation Point. 5. Safe in the credit union in Mountain Town. I either have had absurd luck in finding them because I have found them in a couple of playthroughs in a row. Or they gave the mukluks a higher spawn chance than before
  14. Well this is new. I've never seen a dead wolf with it's eyes closed before or any animal for that matter, the eyes have always been open after you kill them. .. This is my second wolf I've seen do this after shooting them, first one was near the maintenance shed in Broken Railroad, I figured it might be a glitch and I tested it out again on this wolf on the frozen lake on the way to the hunting lodge and yep, eyes closed. Don't get me wrong, I think it's cool but it kind of took me by surprise. Aww he wants kisses ❤️ Come here big puppy give Autumn a kiss 😘 *leans in and wolf suddenly wakes up, killing me in the process* EMT: We have a wolf attack victim here, deceased EMT 2: What happened? EMT: She wanted to give the wolf kisses. EMT 2: Well she's an idiot. EMT: I know. You want her Mukluks?