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  1. It worked. I had to re-configure my settings but it fixed the issue. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Awesome! And do I have to uninstall the game first before I do this?
  3. Thank you and yes, I have already submitted an inquiry and just waiting for a reply back. Thank you for your reply, I went into my game and clicked "reset to default" and unfortunately, that method did not work.
  4. Sounds good. I do have a current save but was done with it since I had done everything and was looking to start a new game. If I disable cloud saving then do I delete everything in the "Hinterland" folder? After deleting, will the app automatically make a new folder with the things needed? Also, which cfg file do I delete? Is it the regular file or the one in "TheLongDarkNoSync" folder?
  5. I'm actually running Windows 10 And yes i tried to resetting the key bindings to their original settings and that also didn't work. Thank you both for the responses, i really appreciate the help I can get.
  6. I'm having issues with the time capsule. I followed all the instructions and when I got to the game, I had no keyboard or mouse control and had to ALT-F4 to exit. Reverted back to the current version and even re-installed the game and I still have no control. How can I fix this?
  7. You should write a book pertaining to this genre because with glitching and the game crashing aside, that was epic.
  8. The time capsule is great, it helps me re-live the alpha days of the game but when I converted my game to an earlier version, the character won't move, the mouse won't work either and I can't even use the escape key to exit and have to use ALT-F4 .. How can I fix this? It also does this when I revert back to the current version of the game Thank you
  9. Oh cabin fever, a cruel and heartless mistress. I think it's a great feature to have in the game but it really needs to be re-worked
  10. Mystery Lake has always been my favorite region because of it's numerous safe houses and the fact that I know the region like the palm of my hand. Pleasant Valley comes in at a close second because you can find some of the best items in the game at Signal Hill radio tower and The Farmstead. Also Pleasant Valley has that certain charm that keeps me coming back. As for transition points, The Ravine has to be my favorite since you can find the distress pistol and has a cave with an improvised bedroll in case you forget yours(like me on several occasions ) Only complaint I have about it is that I hate crossing that damn train bridge due to the fact that my hands sweat every single time I cross it lol.
  11. I have many for sure but I think my worst one was when I was in Coastal Highway near the Quonset in my current save. I heard bear crows and I wanted to get a hide so I could get the bearskin bedroll. After looking around I couldn't see any bear but I heard footsteps, my focus was so intense that my vision and hearing were heightened. I came up over a snow drift and there was a wolf on the other side, I flew back into my chair with my heart leaping into my throat
  12. Ahh yes the phantom bear. Happened to me in the same zone at the unnamed pond location. Was hunting deer from the blind, looked over to my left and nothing was there, not even a few seconds later a bear had appeared. Scared the hell out of me and I decided to book it back to the trappers cabin. Same thing happened in Coastal Highway, I came out of a house near the Quonset and a bear literally popped in about 5 feet from me I know that both locations are where bears usually are but man, didn't expect them to pop out of nowhere.
  13. To be honest and weather aside, I do like Pleasant Valley due to the fact that the farmstead can be a treasure trove and some of the best items can be found up on Signal Hill. In one of my saves, I have found an Expedition Parka plus a rifle with some ammunition just hanging around on the floor. Other than that, Pleasant Valley is a massive zone of unpleasantness lol
  14. To me it absolutely is and when paired with the moose-hide satchel, that's 22 pounds of extra carrying capacity.
  15. Awesome! Even though I'm more of a survival mode player myself, I can't wait for episode 3 of story mode. The Timberwolf looks awesome too, was hoping for a new predator to be added.