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  1. Thank you for the responses I'm loving that picture too ManicManiac Unfortunately that's the first deer that I go after because it's so close to the camp office and never have to worry about predators coming for a bite But as it turns out, it's been quite a bit since I've loaded up my save file due to being busy at work and I thought I was in Mystery Lake but I was still in Pleasant Valley by the crashed plane after coming back from Timberwolf Mountain, so Cinder Hills coal mine it is
  2. Sure can. From what I hear, Moose can be in one area that they spawned for a bit but then disappear for awhile before returning again. It does get annoying but if the moose is not in the area that I'm hoping it is then I will go to another location in the region or to another region entirely. In my current save I have now, I'm almost at 100 days and I have not seen a single Moose but plenty of scratched trees.
  3. I've also had this happen with deer. I shot one the other day with an arrow in Mystery Lake by the camp office and ended up on the other side of the lake by the cabins where i shot him again and ended up chasing him all the way to the deadfall area where he finally dropped. I started this in the morning and by the time he dropped, it was getting dark. I get that it's adrenaline but it shouldn't take all day for an animal to drop especially after shooting them twice with an arrow which creates a bigger wound than a bullet does.
  4. Well thanks, you got that song stuck in my head now! 😧
  5. It's never happened in any of my games but I have seen instances where a bears head would phase through the wall and be like "What's up bro.. I see you're cooking fish, I like fish too. 😂
  6. I'm going to Desolation Point next in my current save and while I have been there many times, what is the fastest way from Mystery Lake, going through Pleasant Valley to Cinder Hills coal mine or going through the ravine? I really hate going across that trestle bridge but if it saves me time then I'm for it I'm not in a hurry or anything, I was just curious which way is quicker (random picture for effect)
  7. Played a few hours of it and I didn't get the badges but I still loved it as it was a new challenge and it brought me to find the Mukluks after not finding them since I first found them 4 years ago in one of my first runs(yeah really )
  8. Yeah! There's a door and dammit I want to see where it leads!
  9. I fully agree.. I do love the new intro and the music but I feel the original was way better and it actually fit better.
  10. I don't believe there is a way to change it at the moment but now that you mention it, that is a good idea. You could try contacting Hinterland through email and suggesting it to them that way
  11. You're definitely not wrong lol. I'll be sure to be on the lookout next time I go to Desolation Point as that's the next place I'm going in my current save.
  12. O__o Good lord man, I'd be leaving a trail of smoke behind me. Not that it matters because the bear is faster lol but man, I hope you had some sort of defense
  13. Have never fallen but have jumped willingly before. In one of my early runs, I had done everything I wanted to do and I wanted more of a challenge as I was on Pilgrim at the time. Had a nice meal of venison and soda for the last time, took a few steps back, took a running charge and basically swan dived off the bridge