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  1. Screenshots don't do it justice but this was just beautiful ❤️
  2. Me: Okay I need to be careful, there could be bears in this area. The Long Dark: Bears you say? You sound like you need some more bears in your life *inserts bear right outside the truck I'm sitting in* Me: Now wait just one minute here!! The Long Dark: this is the last bear post from me, I promise .. maybe 😂
  3. I can suggest making a backup of your save files then uninstall and re-install the game to see if that fixes the issue, otherwise if you haven't already, send a report to hinterland here Hope this resolves your issue
  4. Oh sure start a new custom save set on Stalker level. Turn the bears on "very high" she said, it will be fun and challenging I said. Yeah sure girl, keep telling yourself that it will be fun. I went into this save full of vigor and felt like nothing could take me down but a few bear attacks later and one particular encounter that practically made me jump out of my own skin, I've become pretty timid and almost on edge when it comes to bears. Almost makes me want to stop playing for awhile so I can build myself back up and not be so jumpy lol The bear looks far away but this is about a
  5. If you think about it, heaven isn't that far away. Thinking about a very dear friend today that I lost to a cancerous brain tumor 8 years ago this December. Have gotten better but still have my moments as well.
  6. What's this? Actual nice weather in Pleasant Valley? Yeah, It was nice until I ran into the bear that patrols by the arch which luckily he just growled at me. Still made me jump back in my chair. 😂🤣 I swear if I was a cat then you would have to peel me off the ceiling with my tail being a bottle brush Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go get a defibrillator 😂
  7. Oh I did lol unfortunately it was just out of defense because I don't need the meat or hide as I have like 2 thousand pieces of meat in Mystery Lake(figuratively) LOL 😂
  8. Again with a bear? Really game? I get it, you really like bears and you want to show me them every single time I come over but come on now, I'm tired and I want to sleep without worrying that somehow the bear will attack me even though I'm in a train car 😂
  9. Let's play a game sound fun? It's called "Where's the bear? it was here just a bit ago" .. you know he's around somewhere but at the same time, he could be anywhere in your general area. It's like when you see a spider but when you come back to get rid of it, it's gone. The fear is still there but this time, it's a thing that can actually kill you. Yes I'm terrified of spiders too
  10. I've seen this before too. You go to open the door to the office and it goes backwards and sinks into the wall, leaving only the doorknob visible. I thought it was pretty funny 😂
  11. No meat but was wearing love spell at the time lol 😂
  12. Oh my Lord. I must attract bears because I knew he was in the area but as soon as I get into the hunting blind, of course he comes so near that I can't get out or else it will piss him off. .. Is it my perfume or something? 😂
  13. Oh definitely, I have another bearskin that's close to being done back in Mystery Lake at the Trapper's Homestead as well. That's also the best thing about the bear being so close to the house. Only downside is that it comes with the risk of Intestinal Parasites which doesn't stop me of course because it's near a thousand calories and it's all in the name of harvesting and cooking skill
  14. Got another funny story but actually have a screenshot that tells it I'm headed to Pleasant Valley and while I don't like traveling at night, I decided to go for it because it's clear and I can see what's coming. Everything is great, I get to the barn that's down the road from the farmstead, scavenge it and head towards the house, now I know that there's a bear that likes to patrol the area so I'm prepared, well, I come over the hill that's in front of the barn and surprise! Bear. Scared the absolute Christ out of me and I never turned and ran so fast in my life 😂 Almost made it to the
  15. I don't have a screenshot this time but I do have a funny story. So apparently bears are much stronger in Stalker(who knew? ) The other day, I had started a new custom run with everything set to Stalker but made a few changes because I was tired of my pilgrim run and there being no challenge whatsoever. .. In my pilgrim run, I had one shot killed a bear by the trappers homestead and well, in this run I had already killed a Moose and ran into the bear by Trappers again and I'm like "Well I can do this again no problem" Getting cocky with the rifle has been my issue for awhile and you woul