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  1. Speaking of Long Dark dreams, I had another one last night. I was in Coastal Highway, walking alongside Hadrian and chatting about various in-game features, where we've been ETC. I believe we were near the Quonset area when we heard a wolf bark so we run to the nearest car to take shelter. We're both in the back seat and I see the wolf pass by the car on my side, soon his head phases through the door and nothing happens. When we think it's clear, I open the door and the same wolf pops out of nowhere jumping into the car barking his head off. We're both shouting and because we didn't have a knife or any other means of defense, we had to use our hands. I take the wolf by the scruff and shove him out of the car nearly shutting his head in the car door. .. Woke up after that and seriously couldn't go back to sleep.
  2. I haven't used rock caches myself either. I don't see why when there are containers already placed in the game world that I can use to store my stuff and keep my journal on where certain stuff is. It's an interesting idea for sure but I don't see the point in using them
  3. So pretty much the worst start in The Long Dark in the history of forever. This was my second time at The Hunted challenge as I died within the first 5 minutes in my first challenge (I got attacked by a wolf while I had low condition because I made the mistake of forgetting to load my distress pistol. (I was in a hurry, hush ) Wolf comes running - Click! Well it was nice knowing you lol) In this one, got through the intro mauling part and the damn bear ruined every single item of clothing I had and left me with nothing but a single pair of cotton thermal underwear.. At very low condition. I had a wool shirt, jeans, wool socks and trail boots. Better than nothing and running around ass naked but good Lord. Well I might as well go all in and take my underwear off and call it a party because it's not a party if someone doesn't take their underwear off at some point right? LOL!!
  4. Hi puppy!! :3 I'd love to give you loving cheek strokes but you'd rip my face apart
  5. First off, if this doesn't belong here then my bad, I couldn't find another appropriate place to put this topic When The Long Dark came out on the Nintendo Switch the other day, I was ecstatic as now I could play at work when I was on a lunch break. I instantly went to the Nintendo shop to download it. Got it downloaded last night and as a PC player that's used to using a keyboard and mouse, the controls really took some getting used to but that's all on me. Game looks as crisp and smooth on my switch as it does on my PC and I love it. I have yet to try it on my TV in the living room so I have a bigger screen to play on but someone is always watching something so I have to wait for my chance lol. Also no bugs, glitches or any other issues as far as I could tell Thank you Hinterland and well done!
  6. Oh man that trailer gave me goosebumps and sent shivers down my spine. Well done Hinterland!! ❤️
  7. Huh. I didn't know you could save statistics. You learn something new everyday
  8. That looks beautiful! I would love to go on a nature walk someday but unfortunately it's basically all farmland around here, not too many nature trails and if there are any, they are too far away Been wanting to get out and go fishing as well as I haven't fished in over 7 years but with me being super busy with work basically all the time and now this whole pandemic, It's gotten a bit difficult.
  9. Too many to list here lol but to name a few besides The Long Dark: Stardew Valley The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Undertale Subnautica Minecraft The Sims 3 Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Team Fortress 2 (I'm also a moderator on a server in TF2) Spyro Reignited Trilogy Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  10. Oh man that's epic! I think that's when The Long Dark is the most fun is when you're close to death and you take that one step that saves your life or you are miserably lost in a blizzard, frostbite and hypothermia starts to set in and you stumble upon a lucky interior shelter. I have many close to death moments but I think my most memorable is when I was in Pleasant Valley, I wanted to go to the crash site because I had heard that it was a loot rich area. I started at the farmstead and it was a beautiful clear day. I ended up going to Three Strikes Farmstead and I don't like to look at maps until absolutely necessary because otherwise it just takes the challenge out of the game. So I'm wandering and I have no idea where I am and it starts snowing and Pleasant Valley is like "Lost are we? Here, this should help" and throws an instant blizzard at me. I'm on the river somewhere and I take shelter under a rock outcropping and pass time at 1 hour increments to see if the blizzard would go away. Nope, wind changed direction and I had to move. By now I had Hypothermia risk and Frostbite risk. I'm walking in some random direction thinking this is it, if I don't find shelter then I'm dead meat period. Hypothermia risk was near 50 percent chance at this point and I just happen to get back to the farmstead where I started! I can't remember what my condition was but man, what luck!
  11. Nice shot! And a sweet bonus for being near a place where you can cook all that meat and don't have to haul it far
  12. Nah, they're just wolves so keep squeezing that trigger my friend
  13. Hey buddy, I love the pics! But here's a little tip for you, if you run Windows then you can press F12 for better quality pics and you won't have to use your phone :3 As for playing on a higher level, I know the feeling well. I mainly play Pilgrim just for exploration and getting great screenshots without worrying about getting attacked by predators lol but lately I have played on Voyageur and have tried The Hunted Challenge because Pilgrim was getting so boring and there was really no challenge at all.
  14. For myself, I always choose the bearskin bedroll as the expedition parka(when I can find it) is much lighter and is less restrictive on movement. The warmth bonus of the bearskin coat is really nice but moving quickly and having more of a sprint bar is nicer