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  1. I have many for sure but I think my worst one was when I was in Coastal Highway near the Quonset in my current save. I heard bear crows and I wanted to get a hide so I could get the bearskin bedroll. After looking around I couldn't see any bear but I heard footsteps, my focus was so intense that my vision and hearing were heightened. I came up over a snow drift and there was a wolf on the other side, I flew back into my chair with my heart leaping into my throat
  2. Ahh yes the phantom bear. Happened to me in the same zone at the unnamed pond location. Was hunting deer from the blind, looked over to my left and nothing was there, not even a few seconds later a bear had appeared. Scared the hell out of me and I decided to book it back to the trappers cabin. Same thing happened in Coastal Highway, I came out of a house near the Quonset and a bear literally popped in about 5 feet from me I know that both locations are where bears usually are but man, didn't expect them to pop out of nowhere.
  3. To be honest and weather aside, I do like Pleasant Valley due to the fact that the farmstead can be a treasure trove and some of the best items can be found up on Signal Hill. In one of my saves, I have found an Expedition Parka plus a rifle with some ammunition just hanging around on the floor. Other than that, Pleasant Valley is a massive zone of unpleasantness lol
  4. To me it absolutely is and when paired with the moose-hide satchel, that's 22 pounds of extra carrying capacity.
  5. Awesome! Even though I'm more of a survival mode player myself, I can't wait for episode 3 of story mode. The Timberwolf looks awesome too, was hoping for a new predator to be added.
  6. I threw a rock at a wolf once out of pure curiosity to see what would happen. Of course I miss, the rock hits the snow and the wolf is like "huh? What was that? *pads over to mystery rock but sees me trying to hide behind a tree* You!! How dare you throw shit at me!!! .. He didn't live for very long after that. hehe I love trolling wolves, especially when they deserve it LOL.
  7. Depends on where I'm at, I'm more of a nomadic player and I like to keep moving. But if I have to pick my favorite places to have a base camp, they'd be: 1. Camp Office - Mystery Lake. The camp office is a centralized location and you don't really have to go far for supplies, food and non-predatory animals (mostly deer) are plentiful around the lake and general vicinity. 2. Grey Mother's house - Milton/Mountain Town/Milton (Thanks Hadrian lol) Grey Mother's is a treasure trove of supplies, food, plus the whole town is also a treasure trove of stuff. 3. The Quonset - Coastal Highway. Like the camp office, the quonset is a centralized location(if you can get past the swarm of wolves that are usually in the area lol) 4. Hunter's Lodge - Broken Railroad. I like to call this location "My Castle" because look at the place, three whole floors of stuff lol! Hunting is also a viable option as you have plenty of wolves and sometimes a moose will be there as well. Plus you can climb down the rope and pick off the bear that wanders the area for extra meat. 5. The Farmstead - Pleasant Valley. Like the hunter's lodge and grey mother's house, it is also a treasure trove and like the camp office and the quonset, it is also a centralized location with a short-ish walk to Signal Hill which can possibly have some of the best items in the game(I have found the expedition parka and rifle with a couple boxes of ammo and rifle cartridges just hanging out on the floor)
  8. Loving the update so far, thank you Hinterland!
  9. Happy Easter Hinterland, hope you had a blessed holiday! ☺️
  10. Dude that is awesome! I will definitely be doing this next time I'm in a dire situation where I have nothing but low condition food. Cheers! 😏
  11. That's awesome to hear! Can't wait to see all the new stuff implemented
  12. I like to use my lantern if I'm collecting coal or sticks but otherwise if it's not pitch black then I'll traverse the caves without a lantern