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  1. So after one shot killing a bear yesterday in which I had to pause for a second to make sure that really happened because I didn't know that was possible, I ran into this big guy the next morning at the trappers homestead. Shot him in the face and he lived and to my surprise, he ran away to the hill behind him. I catch up and see him chilling behind a tree so I perch myself on a rock, crouch and when he appeared I was like "Well hai :3" Boom, right in his chest and dropped him. It was unnecessary as I just got myself a bear yesterday but then I realized hey it's more cooking and harvestin
  2. ?? .. I didn't realize you were talking to me. My bad. Never cared for moose scent though deer and bunny are pretty nice *turns around* oh good lord that was bad
  3. This is awesome and the moose should thank you, it now has a headlight albeit temporarily And that title, oh to be in High School again listening to that song
  4. Apparently the Timberwolves love to float around here. Hang on I'll go get my wooden cross and holy water .. The power of Christ compels you!! ✝️💦
  5. When it comes to harvesting your kill, would you rather quarter or harvest everything one by one? I normally quarter bigger animals because it takes way too long to harvest things one by one. .. Today I got myself a moose by the river near the dam in Mystery Lake and for 94.1 pounds of meat would've taken almost 4 hours and I didn't have that kind of time as it was getting dark and I didn't trust the weather not to turn bad so I quartered it thinking I would just have 94.1 pounds of meat but now I have 128 pounds. How is that? The harvest screen said it was only 94.1 pounds but it now see
  6. I pulled the knife out because I thought I would get a new knife in my inventory lol.(I didn't .. Sad panda) But I also pulled it because as Will tells Methuselah "He deserved to die, but it's not for me to pass judgment on that" And admittedly, I would do the same if I was in that situation.
  7. If they do add more animals, I'd like to see another predator such as a Bobcat or Lynx. Maybe owls that can be just for aesthetics. .. Dogs and cats as companions is a nice idea but it would ruin the immersion plus it's another mouth you have to feed other than your own.
  8. Thank you all so much for your very helpful advice and tips. Finally made it one day, got the achievement and currently in Pleasant Valley community hall where I found a lucky can opener and a couple of cans of food. I had found some cattails along the way there. Thanks again!
  9. Pleasant Valley are you having an identity crisis? I can't remember the last time I've stepped foot in this zone and the weather be this nice and accommodating. (I'll probably get a blizzard in the next 5 minutes of gameplay )
  10. If this topic has already been shared then I will delete this, I didn't see any similar topics in the search. I need help on interloper. Last time I played that level, I had died twice, both times in 5 minutes or less from freezing to death. I know we are not part of mother nature's plan but damn, woman! Cut me just a little slack won't ya? I'm not a complete noob to the level as I do know that you have to craft your own tools and the rifle is not present but any tips on surviving longer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
  11. I like to carry all the things lol. But for the most part, I like to be under the weight limit but if I'm over and it doesn't slow me down yet then I don't mind being over-encumbered.. Until I have to climb that is
  12. Unfortunately there is no hotkey for passing time. The fastest way is through the radial menu
  13. Awesome, thank you so much! Literally just got an email yesterday from support saying that the keybinding issue would be fixed soon. Thank you Hinterland! ❤️
  14. In my opinion I'd rather have the rifle because habit, it does more damage and I've only used the revolver on rabbits, It's much faster than stones and you don't have to worry about them getting up and running away. One plus about the revolver is that it is much lighter than the rifle(3.3 lbs) so if you're a pack rat like I am and have to have all the things then you won't be as encumbered if you were carrying the rifle