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  1. How do you get good enough clothes that early on? Like I said, it's temperature exposure that's killing me.
  2. See my problem isn't the Darkwalker. It's freezing to death while travelling because I'm not getting any clothing as I loot in passing at the start.
  3. So how would it affect YOU if there was a difficulty option for challenges? You could do Darkwalker on Interloper for your "advanced player" mindset, plebs like me could do it on Pilgrim. I don't see the argument here. You find it easy, so a difficulty option would make it challenging. I find it hard so I could turn it down to get used to things. Neither infringes negatively on the experience for literally anyone else.
  4. So why not just add a difficulty setting for challenges instead? Then if you want to do Archivist on Interloper, you can. Seems like a pretty simple fix to both arguments. Try it now. Based on my experience it is a hell of a lot more punishing than it used to be.
  5. I know the maps just fine. But you can't make it anywhere when you die from exposure because you have no time to properly search for clothes. And now it's even more ridiculous with having to actually banish it. I just think the challenge got its difficulty raised too much. It was fine the way it is, but people complained it was too easy and now its just silly. I understand what you're saying, but why add content the vast majority of players can't enjoy? They could've just added difficulty settings for challenges so the hardcore could do it on Loper for bragging rights and the casua
  6. I really think you should start out with better clothing, and maybe each campfire should have a guaranteed cup of coffee. It's gotten quite old dying of exposure early on in a run because you have so little time to search for clothing. I feel like the challenge is a bit too, err, challenging. Less skill, more luck, and really aimed at min-maxers and not 90% of the people who play the game...
  7. ... That was before they changed it. Before they changed the clothing you spawn with and what spawns at campfires. Now I can't collect two pages without dying of hypothermia. Or did you just glaze over that part of my explanation? And the in-game description says you need to banish the Darkwalker. Not just escape, you need to banish it, which I've heard is done in Ash Canyon. I can't confirm the requirements since the changes made it so I can't get anywhere close to 6 pages.
  8. Worse clothes, less loot at campfires, and now you need all the pages, and then get to Ash Canyon to banish it? Come on. I get this is a roguelite survival game. But the challenge was brutal enough before these changes. But I guess my punishment for not playing in October is me not getting the Feat ever. I feel like the developers cater too much to the hardcore gamers. Case and point the Darkwalker challenge. Make it even less accessible for a gal who doesn't have 9 hours every day to dedicate to the game. And yeah, I'm salty. I'm salty because I had one day to finish the ch
  9. Sure and I just finished making a hand drawn map of all the regions. ;-; BACK TO SQUARE ONE. Seriously though, insanely awesome update, and kudos to the devs! Now, I guess it's time to redo my map... I burnt the edges and aged it and everything.
  10. Ever since the Episode 3 update I'm getting a weird time bug when I resume my Survival game. Let's say I save at exactly midday and then quit. When I resume my game, it's night time, becoming morning of that day. Seems to rewind the time by 8 hours or so. Not a game-ruining bug, but a bit annoying to sleep the night away, save, quit, then when I come back I have to spend the night again...
  11. SO EXCITED! I Really wish finishing the event unlocked a new feat that made candy bars restore more calories. ;) Maybe next year? <3
  12. As a LD addict, I was wondering if you have any way for people to be more involved in the progress of the game. I know I'd volunteer my time to test the Switch version, check bugs, try and recreate reported bugs, etc. Just a thought that maybe there would be more people like me who would just love to be a part of helping the game grow and helping your team's dream become reality. ❤️
  13. So let’s play a fun game, alright? Think of a number in your head, of the number of wolves you think I encountered on my trip from Milton, through Mystery Lake, and through half of Pleasant Valley. Go on, think of a number. Got it? Remember it, because it’s story time. First time I start up Archivist, there’s five bloody wolves outside the starting house. Oh yeah, that seems fun. Let’s quit, make a new file and try again. Oh that’s nice, only three wandering the street this time. Start another new file. Oh, we’re back up to five. Start again. Four this time. One last time, and thi
  14. Maybe you get rescued by a sled dog team. Hahaha