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  1. Even if that's just a custom game option, a simple and radical saving system at "quit game" would be a blast and would make full sense with the permadeath feature in Survival... I understand the current saving system for story mode but the Survival Sandbox would really go a bit further into permadeath with a Minecraft-like saving system... Any chance that happens? PS: hunting has always been a bit simplistic in the long dark: may I suggest a trap/bait feature? Wolf traps, deer sent, peanut buttet bear bait... Idk... something "strategic"
  2. I'd say the 3 key elements for visiting this region is coal, warm clothing, and a bedroll. In that order. Although if you start your run in that region the warm clothing aren't the biggest need. If you have a decent amouny of coal though, like 20, the region is really not harder than TM or HRV. The main difference is the caves since they don't feature a 2 level temp...
  3. I guess I can hear all thebargupents and understand them but still if the only savings fame from quitting the game there would be simply no more issues about anything! The player plays the game, and no matter what he does, when he is done and closes the game the saving happens. Next time the player loads his save to go on with the game he is back where he left. It seems so obvious!
  4. I don't know if that has been discussed already - probably - but I just don't understand the saving system of The Long Dark... Why is there any saving spots? Sometimes I just can't help and Alt-F4 the game to avoid stupid death in my 500 days playthrough. Even though I always feel guilty doing it I end up telling myself: no big deal it's just a game, and reload the game and start from my last building entry or sprain. My point is: the game "allows" this Alt-F4 behavior, and it shouldn't, because as a player I feel like I have an emergency escape even if ideally I am not supposed to.