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  1. They had been advertising for a new community coordinator for a while. They arent anymore. Nothing seems to have changed. I dont know what that says about renewing community engagement...
  2. Bags decay superfast and disappear when rotted. Cut steaks decay slower and only disappear if stored in a container. Cooked steaks decay even slower. Why? I dont know...
  3. OOPS! Maybe.... I just tried this because I wanted to make sure they hadn't changed anything in the recent updates that didnt seem to do anything and it didn't work with the bow. At least not for me. Works with the revolver and the rifle and the flare gun, but my moose had no reaction to getting shot with an arrow. After six years of development there's so many versions of the game now in existence, I never know exactly what behavior to expect. Just gotta keep trying them all over again... Glad you had success regardless, but be careful out there.
  4. Steam users can download the old versions if they want to play them instead, they are unsupported and can be hard to make work. But I do not believe they are ever going to actively support separate versions of the game.
  5. I dont recall any place where it was not happening
  6. Moose are scared of fire. Get the moose to charge at you. Retreat to your fire. Shoot him in the face at the last moment. He will spin and flee; if he doesn't drop dead right there. Repeat until dead moose lies next to your fire.
  7. Its not just you. "LEDGE" flickers when start to get close.
  8. Sad casualty of the console port. I think more than a few people were hurt when this bit got tossed.
  9. If the game saves and is closed properly, your progress gets saved too. If the game crashes or you don't close it properly, its all wiped. EDIT: Badges are weird. You cant use them in the game you eventually earn them in. You have to start a new game for them to work.
  10. Voyageur should probably be something like "I have a tapeworm"
  11. Funguy


    Fluffy is dead. The only monster in the dam now is random surges of electricity that kill without warning. Be careful.
  12. I haven't tried recently but I do believe it is all still there on the Steam servers just waiting to be downloaded. All you need is an access key.
  13. Running increases your feels like temperature by exactly one degree. It disappears as soon as you stop, making it really hard to see since menus cant be viewed unles you are standing still. One degree. A whole one...
  14. Restoring from saved data is required if you are going to figure out half the mechanics. Before story mode the only way to do this was to scum. Story mode then went and made it part of the game, it only for that part. So restoring from save points is totally legit and I would say necessary. How else are you going to figure out how bears die without Googling it? How do think those guys figured it out?