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  1. Lumi

    Food items

    Water is pretty heavy too. Could be misremembering but I think it's a direct liter - kilo weight and these would presumably be .25 liters or .25 kilos of water to carry about for soup. Also (and I'm not sure how I didn't realize this until JUST yesterday) birch bark tea is one of the few "true" renewables (as I call them, as in renewable past beach combing). That, and they have a universally helpful status effect, restoring condition. Putting ALL that aside, I'd like to finish by saying I like this idea and would be happy to see it, because I like variety! Thanks for the cool suggestions, welcome to the forums! ^^
  2. I'm going to make assumptions here but I think they mean renewable ones. Like river stones, as mentioned in the DP factory's guide to sharpening blades. I agree, we need renewable sharpening stones. Even if they were single-use or 5-time use or something minuscule I believe we should have them.
  3. Vandalism ^^ (!) Like my profile picture 😜
  4. Lumi

    Food items

    1. I don't know if you took inspiration from "dandelion coffee", but if memory serves that actually doesn't have any caffeine. Additionally, I think coffee's rarity and the fact it is a finite "man-made" type of object is fitting for just how powerful it can be. 2.I couldn't tell you with certainty or link posts, but I'm pretty confident this is a highly requested feature. Not sure if Hinterland will add it just because of popularity, but it certainly has better chances than co-op ;} Still, though, 0% meat can be cooked and eaten somewhat safely (you can now get food poisoning from it) but if you have cooking 5 it's completely safe to eat, so it's almost/literally non-perishable. 3.We already have peaches, tomato soup, beans, etc. I think this could be cool, I'm all for variety, so simply adding new items for "variety" is good enough for me ^^ except when it's a pure evil food item like ketchup chips which hardly has any caloric value but tears your throat to shreds but I personally can't think of a scenario where you would need to warm up, but coffee and tea is not appropriate. (except WE, maybe.)
  5. Sounds good. But if it was a literal opposite that would just mean less condition gained from sleep, if I'm remembering correctly. Is that what you had in mind?
  6. I could get behind that, yeah.
  7. Lumi


    Absolutely. Sorry if it came off as harsh, I get it's your opinion, I was just trying to give mine ^^ Anyway, you mention how "just a stick and piece of cedar would make more sense", but you also stated how it would indeed make sense for lighters to exist, but you wouldn't want it there for balance. I'm making the same case for a bow drill. Perhaps you play on interloper or other game modes and so your outlook is different from mine here. I personally think less strain when lighting a fire is made up for by the strain of hunting, chopping, curing, crafting and having it be more resource intensive as opposed to physically intensive would, in my opinion, make it more challenging to use a bow drill. That's my outlook from voyageur. I agree with your sentiment of not making things downright easier, so I think we're just at odds with what would be more challenging and balance a friction-fire better. So that's my take on it ^^
  8. This is a horror story that makes me feel lucky I have never gotten frostbite from my MANY times I've (consciously) harvested without certain articles/walked around without gloves. I do it for fashion, you see, my paper white hands look better with this coat than these blue mittens.
  9. Eeeeesh... for all we know things could've been going great for them. Better than we'd ever get, but one wrong move and you're gone. Sort of like how I forgot to take antibiotics for FP and slept the majority of my condition away, almost ended my current best run.
  10. Heard of it. Not sure how I didn't realize it'd be artery cement that bad. Gah. Canada.
  11. For some reason I find myself disagreeing with the first. It's much bigger, and lets us boil more water, but I think it'd simply make loading yourself with a pile of coffee in a snap just too easy. I 100% agree with the "jitters". Good bit of challenge which will make abusing coffee still viable, but more risky instead of just an undeniably good way to get through stuff. Also, maybe the jitters could make sleeping harder? I'll explain. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a very cool detail I noticed is you character's fatigue would still drain like they were awake for 1 or 2 hours (can't remember which), and then begin filling up again. I realized that was Henry not falling asleep yet, and not a bug. That made teensy naps to infinitely stay above the "tired" status and all its drawbacks not possible. Now, I think powernapping is an essential, essential part of TLD, but having the jitters cause that, maybe 3 hours before you fall asleep and begin recovering, and having it drain you at the "passing time" rate would be good.
  12. I think you make good points, I agree. Except (I've said this once or twice) I personally feel the rifle chambering animation is fine/too fast as is. I feel it should be lengthened, and make missing shots more punishing. Realism be damned!
  13. Lumi


    But the bow drill would require more resources to make, wouldn't it? A stick and a piece of cedar is really cheap and easy to obtain, VS curing guts, maybe even using saplings, etc. and makes more sense in a survival situation (of course the saplings maybe wouldn't make sense as this is designed to be after running out of other options, and saplings aren't renewable, but still.) Besides that, I agree any sort of primitive friction fire should require a high firestarting level, maybe 4 and not 5, but either would be fine in my opinion. I personally find the merchandise point to be strange, and if it was added they probably wouldn't make it merchandise for that exact reason.
  14. All this Canada is terrifying to me. Ketchup...chips?? Anyway, I was wondering what game level this is most comparable to? Food is average, starting clothes are frostbite-proof (a very rare treat) but firestarting kit is a little lackluster. Also, wildlife? Finally, I think this should be moved to challenges after the event, it's a nice, simple game mode I think could be cool to play afterward. Cheers! Thanks for the update ^^