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  1. Huh. Well a bit of the mainland wilderness would be interesting, but you have to consider that the mainland doesn't have the convenient road-blocking earthquakes great bear does (as far as I know), so what would be the excuse for not letting us walk to the cities we saw in the wintermute trailer?
  2. Could be the truly sustainable naturalist place. Foraging as a renewable primary food source. If not, I' still love to see it.
  3. So I recently made it to bleak inlet (like it so far) and was, as should be expected, attacked by timberwolves. The thing is, I was expecting that phenomenal timberwolf music from episode 3 to kick in (no joke, that is among my favorite themes in the game), but it didn't, I was fighting off bloodthirsty wolves whiles some nice guitar played, and that felt really weird. The wintermute theme felt so perfect, it didn't feel like someone smashing a guitar, but it induced stress, and that adrenaline jolt when that first chord of that theme kicked in actually made me really paranoid, to the point where sometimes the wind whistled in just the right way and I had my weapons out. Please add it to survival mode, or at least mute the music when timberwolves rush you. (By the by, I don't know if this was a bug or not)
  4. Lumi

    New rifle variations

    I also agree. Half of the reason I suggested this is some variety, cosmetic or otherwise.
  5. Lumi

    New rifle variations

    Though I'll admit this was just a "put it out there", I always liked several varieties of the same thing, and I'd understand completely if they didn't add something remotely like this.
  6. Lumi

    New rifle variations

    I hope they don't either, pete, but I honestly think a small group of slightly differing variants of what is really the same weapon is less "gun-boy" than a third entirely new weapon type, personally. I was honestly surprised at ammo crafting, very surprised.
  7. So, I know hinterland doesn't want to add a massive bouquet of guns, and I completely understand (and agree) with that, I simply thought some spice and minor variety wouldn't hurt . I've been thinking about these for a while and tried to keep it balanced, anyway. So quickly, in my vision, I would personally add two new variations of the rifle, all use the same ammo, deal the same damage, degrade the same amount per shot, be repaired the same by the milling machine and cleaning kit, and would all be intended for offensive use, not defensive use. -Current rifle: It's really perfect the way it is, honestly. Good accuracy, high ammo capacity, sights are fine. Doesn't need to be modified (but I would personally make the chambering a new bullet between shots a tiny bit longer) could keep it's name "Hunting rifle" -New rifle 1: A lever action called something like "Farmer's rifle" or something farm-y-sounding, it would still be intended for hunting, but would straddle the line between offense and defense a little closer than the other two. Shorter effective range (not drastically, just a teeny bit), slightly worse accuracy (where the bullet lands instead of where the sights show, again, fairly minor) and a faster rate of fire, identical aim-down-sight view to the hunting rifle, minor decrease to sight stamina, 8 bullets or so, less than the base rifle's, much slower reload because of bullet-by-bullet loading. I would like to stress it is not rapid fire or even considerable faster than the hunting rifle, it is just a tiny bit faster, just enough that the split-split second spared might be enough for you to fit in that live-saving shot, maybe. -New rifle 2: Another bolt action rifle, could be named "Ranger's rifle" or "Scout rifle", slightly longer effective range than the base rifle, tighter cone of accuracy, much slower chambering animation, 5 bullets, very slow bullet-by-bullet reload, more narrow sights that let you aim significantly better and see the animal better, longer sight stamina. I feel the rifle's very slow chambering animation, reload and halved bullet capacity make up for the near-pinpoint accuracy. Summary: base rifle: best ammo capacity and reload, little drawbacks rifle 1: slightly less accurate, slightly less ammo, slower reload, most versatile when loaded rifle 2: Very accurate at the price of horrible ammo capacity and reload speed I've played for a while, and been on the steam community, but I've never considered myself very experienced, this is my first post so I hope my proposed additions aren't too ridiculous, sorry if it's wordy and clumped together weirdly. Thanks :3