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  1. Looks like Quonset and the two groups of burned out cottages. Became very familiar with that area during last year's 3DON.
  2. In any game, you're going to have a personal skill curve and a game difficulty skill curve that are going to diverge at some point, which is why there are challenges (both built into the game, as well as community-created). A green player wouldn't last a night in a Deadman challenge, and rightly so - that challenge isn't designed for them. The 'easy' start to the game is the story mode, where you're slowly introduced to new tools, features, and survival skills necessary. Even something like Voyageur survival mode takes a lot of skill to survive in. So... I'm not certain what the ask here is. Make the game easier than it is to start, then substantially harder over time? That's what a long-term survival play does. Resources become more and more limited, even once food and water are covered, so it becomes a time and risk management issue.
  3. DarkTreader


    As others have said, it really does depend on your play style. I'm assuming survival mode, since this is far less of an issue in story mode. There are a lot of questions you need to ask when building out your kit: - What is my goal? Am I trying to put together a 'generalist' kit, or something more specialized? - How much weight do I want to spend with the kit? Addendums here: Am I Well-Fed? Do I have a Moose Satchel? Keeping in mind that I'm **__FAR__** less experienced than some of the people around here, I have a kit that tends to do well for me so far: Tools: - Hatchet (for fast wood cutting and harvesting frozen corpses carcasses) - Knife (for stabby stabby purposes) - 1 Fishing Tackle or Sewing Kit (default to Fishing if your Mending is high enough) - 1 Can (for water, cooking, etc.) First Aid Kit: - 2 Antibiotic (emergency purposes) - 3 OMB (to be turned into an OMB bandage if needed) - 1 Bandage Firestarting Kit: - 5 Tinder (unless Fire Making is high enough to ignore this) - 5 Sticks - 1 Magnifying Lens - 12 Matches (Wood, if possible, even though they weigh slightly more) - 1 Torch (ONLY for lighting fires) Food/Water: - 2L Water - 10-15 Cattails (emergency rations) - 1 Energy Bar Weapons: - 4 Stones ** as needed - 1 Survival Bow ** as needed - 5 Arrows This sets the kit weight at ~8.71kg(9.96 w/bow & arrows) at the minimum, and ~9.79kg(11.04 w/bow & arrows) at the upper end.
  4. Oh shiiiiii---~~~~~! My Steam just pinged for the download!
  5. Note: Spoilers ahead. The waterfall you're looking for is inside of a cave, not at the river. Go to the campsite in that corner next to the river (IIRC, it's called the Misty Falls Campsite?), and enter the cave there. Go all the way through it, and you'll find a low crawl passage - on the other side, you should hear the waterfall. Behind that area is the 'hidden cave', with some fine goodies.
  6. If it is the same issue I encountered when going through, try this: 1 - Save your game inside the church. 2 - Completely close down TLD (not just to the menu) 3 - Restart the game, and re-load your save. 4 - Attempt to speak with Father Thomas again. It seems like there is an issue with the way the objectives are updating after completing the supplies portion, so even though FT is in the position for the next stage of the quest, his variables are set to an earlier state. Reloading in a save when you're at this point seems to force the variables to reset to their correct values and allow you to progress.
  7. Yeah, there's an issue with wolves getting stuck if you kill them during a different animation than their standard. I tend to do a lot of close-range face shooting while wolves are charging me, and if I happen to get a body shot (i.e. not immediately killing them) and get into a struggle, after a couple of stabs with the knife they'll die and be frozen in the struggle anim. Looks goofy as hell
  8. There is a cutoff point for it, yeah. As a hoarder, I've encountered it quite often. I want to say it may be roughly 25% over whatever your current max weight is, since that's when I notice the biggest hit to normal walking speed, but it may take a bit of additional testing. With well-fed + satchel, that sits at 50kg (40 + 10), but it is possible it's a bit above or below.
  9. *twitch* Want... to... organize... so badly... (But yes, that is a giant mountain of meat, nicely done!)
  10. Day 4: Have apparently collected enough clothing that staying inside is not an issue. Hooray, another lazy day! This being my first 4DON, I wanted to experience how bad this blizzard is supposed to be. Turns out, it slowly ramps up the longer you stay outside until it reaches its maximum. How bad does it get, you ask? Pretty damned cold. This was when I attempted to polar bear around outside (i.e. wearing no clothes). I've never seen my temp gauge go from ~90% to 0 in a matter of seconds before... that was.... fun? This is not recommended for a long life. So I'm now back inside my nice, warm Quonset hut, cooking Wolf and waiting it out. Edit: For those of us who can't necessarily do metric to imperial conversions in your head... that's -81 degrees Fahrenheit. That's 'frostbite on exposed skin in seconds' kind of cold. Yeesh. Do not want. Fire good.
  11. I had this earlier today as well. Best I can tell, it's some kind of mismatch on the timer, where the countdown says 2 hours, but your 'played time' isn't quite there. Stay in game and just hang out a bit - you're probably only missing like 10-15 minutes, so that should be more than enough. When the Day 3 text no longer appears on your HUD, double-check the journal - it should say 'Day Completed' when it finally registers.
  12. Day 3 was a nice and relaxing day, compared to the last two. I began the day by breaking down the huge pile of spare clothing I had acquired from my early Day 1 scavenging of CH, plus some assorted pieces from elsewhere. 66 pieces of cloth and 12 pieces of cured leather later... two lockers are now mostly empty! Time to take a nap. On waking, the only things to repair were my mukluks, both sweaters, and my earmuff things. With those finished, I spent the remainder of the day turning the rest of my arrowheads into arrows, to bulk out my supply. I know that at this point they're completely unnecessary, but... it gives me something to do That took up yet another day, so... time for more sleep. Another new day... time to mix it up some! I used the firestarter I picked up in the coal mine to spark up a fire - only the third fire I've needed to make this entire run! It's going to be a hunting day, so I might as well start off with some protein... so a couple of wolf steaks go on the grill. While they cook, I step outside and see where the closest Meals are patrolling... and surprise surprise, one is cresting the snowdrift on the far side of the road. I wander around in the open a bit until he notices me, then force him to slowly walk toward his doom, lining him up as close to the Quonset back door as I can. Arrow drawn, and the stupid thing stops moving. Oh well. The dumb ones will probably taste better. Another wolf hide is added to the floor of the garage, and I make it just in time to pull my steaks from the fire before they burn. I scarf one down, set the other on the desk for later, then collect the remaining 3kg of meat from my latest delivery. I settle back into Quonset and stir up the fire, setting two pots of water on to boil. I idle away the time, hopping in and out to look at the aurora, but stay relatively close to the safety of Quonset.
  13. DarkTreader

    4DON Bug?

    Nope, this is a thing Anything that can be reheated just needs to be placed within a certain radius of a heat source - works for teas, coffee, and soups/peaches (once they're opened). They even set up a different sequence for the canned goods - if you're standing near enough to a fire, drop a soup. It'll automatically open the can for you, then drop it to begin the warming process.
  14. I'm noticing something a bit strange on my end. Camping out in Quonset, everything is going well. Have been hunting the variety of Meals that are walking around nearby... and they seem to be behaving differently than the usual aurora wolves. I point my rifle at them, and they often won't charge. I point my bow at them, and same thing. The only thing that I could think of was that it was something to do with where I was standing (right outside the back door to Quonset) - there is a rarely flickering security light there... so I moved off to stand in the open patch closer to to one of the abandoned houses, and saw the same thing happen. I mean, it's useful, since they seem to not want to bother me too much (and I think the moose hide cloak is scaring a number of them away!), but... it's definitely strange behavior. Do these aurora wolves have a tweaked AI? I'm not used to dealing with them even in standard games, since I tend to make use of auroras to craft or read, not hunt extra-aggressive Meals.
  15. I remember scoring a hacksaw pretty early, I think in one of the houses in Thomson's Crossing... but I don't think I found a hatchet until a few game days in - think it may've come from either the prepper's cache or from the barn/shed between the farmstead and Three Strikes. You may find one around the big barn, as well. I remember finding one in Survival that was sitting in a crate with a piece of firewood.