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  1. Thanks,for your response.I ended up loading a previous save,and it ended up better. Great game
  2. I’m in a cave in Mountain town.i just stayed the night at Trapper houseI left there to finish the north tower. i spent the night in the cave now wanting to leave area.I thought cave had two entrances but it seems to be blocked off. I leave the cave and there is a rope going up but I don’t remember using it How do I exit? Thanks
  3. Fitzzman


    I always carry around too much stuff.What do I actually need. Gun,axe,heavy hammer,food,water,tea,light source. Clothes,repair. Can,fishing line, Etc etc any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Help.No axe,gun broke,no food.Eat a little cat tail,but need for fire starter.I try to spear bear but kills me ,every time. no rabbits around.What should I do?I don’t feel like back tracking all way back to a house im stuck here Thanks