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  1. I’m very disappointed.... I’ve been playing this game for years and have been patiently waiting to progress the storyline and now I can’t.... Harumph!
  2. Once the mine starts shaking and Astrid says “Oh no” the game freezes (PS4). It’s not completely frozen, I can still pause and unpause the game but my character can’t move and I can’t open the menu or anything. Has anyone else run into this issue?
  3. I personally feel that the timberwolves make the game almost impossible... Wolves were dangerous before the timberwolves were introduced. Now you just race through all of your ammo and we all know there isn’t much in the way of supplies in PV. I think they made the game a bit too difficult with this latest episode. I can only speak for myself....
  4. Trying to gather up firewood for the community hall survivors. I’ve looked high and low for the hatchet, yet to no avail! Any would be good samaritans our there willing to help a frozen soul find warmth??
  5. Oops never mind!! Once I leave the community hall she no longer needs treatment!! Lol thank anyway!!
  6. Yes but once I put her on the bed, I’m unable to give her treatment!!
  7. Okay so I carried Gwen from the crash site to the community hall but after I place her on the bed I can no longer administer water to her to quench her unbearable thirst!! I’m feeling like a failure as a doctor here and am wondering, if this a bug? This last time, I filled her with water and am hoping she survives long enough for me to find the other survivors. Another thing, where the heck is a HATCHET to cut wood?! Lol thanks guys
  8. I have fought off many a wolf but never have I killed the wolf in a struggle! I was thinking it would be really cool if perhaps 1 out of every 20-30 fights with a wolf that it would (immediately) be killed by a strike to the head wth one of our trusty weapons.not that O don't like to find the corpse of a wolf that I fought off hours ago (frozen) but an immediate kill would MOST GRATIFYING!! I was thinking as well as the ability to kill the wolf, we could aggressively cut its head off and let out a blood curdling cave man howl!! I would like to see massive amounts of blood and guts spilling ou
  9. Soooo I made it to Carter Hydro Dam and I found something that made me very sad... HINTERLAND KILLED LUCY THE WOLF!!! How heartbreaking!! The humanity!! Oh Lucy the times we had... especially that time you tried to eat my face and I hit you with a prybar?! Oh (sigh) so sad to see your gone. Even more sad to see that the only meat left on your bones was barely enough to even considere harvesting from your rotting corpse.... :'-( we could have had it all Lucy. Games of fetch, tug-a-war, and of course you eating my face.... of course I always killed at ate you first... how dare you Hinterland...
  10. Ouch, really? Only one game at a time you say? That's heartbreaking. I haven't checked mine yet, but I have a game where I am at day 170+ yeeeesh hope it's still there among the other two saves I had.
  11. Deer meat in Jeremiah storage box is stuck. And not just the 10 KGs of story related meat, I'm talking 19KGs of usable, very much needed deer meat that did not come easily. I understand why the initial 10KGs of meat is locked in, but this is an important bug fix. It has severely hindered my chances for survival, being that I fell through ice in the FM map and ran home to ML map only to find that my stored meat is inaccessible. Thank you Hinterland, have a good one!!
  12. I have to say this has been well worth the wait. Usually there comes a point in survival mode where you've just about done it all and then you have shelve the game for a few months until the hanckering to play again strikes you to play again. The story gives you a reason to continue playing. It could use some polishing but that's what early access is all about. Other than greed haha just kidding. Anyways, I am thoroughly impressed with the progress that Hi twrland has made here. When the full release is on the shelves it's going to be a gem I'm sure. Congrats Hinterland! Great job!
  13. In episode 2 the fourth survival lesson is the gathering of harvestable plants. In my opinion, that should be the first survival lesson from Jeremiah, being that I have horded most of the obvious plant locations already.... If you want to throw in tutorial quests for us, how's about make them in episode one. I'm fairly sure everyone knows all of the hatvestables by episode 2. Just seems excessive to me. Thanks guys, great job BTW, I'm impressed so far. Hell I've been waiting for 3 years lol
  14. Woooowww I'm really bad at "searching every inch" of something, the object I needed was right in front of me. If it was a snake it would have killed me! Never mind.... AGAIN!! Lol