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  1. If you prefer the rifle or pistol over the other you can convert between the two types of ammunition. Unless lead turns up in beachcombing it is a finite resource.
  2. There is a small furnace attached to the ammunition bench on the left, you just need to light that.
  3. So on Day three I was on my way to Milton and got into a struggle with an Aurora wolf between the rope climbs near the garage. After fighting him off I went to the cave to sleep and recover condition before I attempted to get past the several wolves I imagined would be near the garage. When I awoke I could hear a wolf howling close by and went to investigate. I saw him caught up on the rocks and crept up and shot him from quite close range. Nothing happened. I shot him again, still nothing happened. He just continued in the howling animation. I crept up to point blank range and shot him another 3 times with the rifle and twice with the distress pistol and still nothing, he just carried on howling. I then got so close that the tag came up 'Wolf carcass 27% frozen'. So he had died from the struggle and was now stuck in the howling animation. I then took the opportunity to literally skin him alive, harvested the pelt and guts as he continued to howl away! I have to say that was a very unsettling experience and very much in keeping with Halloween!
  4. zcapp96

    4DON Too Easy?

    Knowing what was coming as I did it last year I set myself the challenge of only 1 region a day. So it was CH on day 1, PV on day 2 and ML on day 3. When I get home from work I will do MT in the blizzard. I have had much more fun this way as it forced me out exploring!
  5. zcapp96

    4DON 2019

    You can snare rabbits, place where they would normally be and it will magically catch a rabbit! I have two in this run and caught loads last year
  6. Spoilers ahead!!! Overall I really enjoyed Ep3, timberwolves were tricky and I liked having to rescue the survivors (although I would have liked to have been able to tell the three people who's loved ones I had rescued that they had now been found!) One thing that really did ruin parts of it though was the game itself giving spoilers. On entering the first prepper cache I was thinking about having to search for clues when up popped 'seach the air duct'. It was pitch black and at that point I didn't even know there was an air duct! It did it again when I first went into the sketters basement and when I went into the cave on the lost cave side quest. I was so disappointing to be told exactly where to look, surely it would be better to just say 'seach for clues' so you know something is there but not tell you exactly where it was.