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  1. Oddly car batteries seemed to be outlined in hoods for awhile. I've been able to pop the hood and see them, but never harvest till now. I'll hop back into my old save, though may be a bit before I feel ready to do a resweep.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if with the addition of new items with Errant Pilgrim if I should start over entirely so I can find these items or will they start to appear off-hand in my current (old) save?
  3. Well, I died on day 2. I should have went for the rifle on day 1 instead of halfing it and going to bunker up with like eight candy bars and a bunch of firewood and coal.
  4. I have enough bullets that if I ever find a gun, I can shoot everything that moves.
  5. I found some insulated boots and snow pants. I might feel almost not naked on the cold day!
  6. I'm personally considering spending the duration in the mine, but the downside is I'm ridiculously far from everything else. I'll probably head into Pleasant Valley for really deep cache hunting and stuff, since in my opinion the clearer line of sight and more flat land it has going makes it easier to look for stuff.
  7. I'm not sure if a thread for this sort of thing exists already, but I'm playing 4DoN for the first time and want to share the experience with anyone else playing it. I think I'm doing pretty good for someone who only plays Voyageur and lived 28 days at max so far. I've got an expedition parka, and I found a hidden cache. Sucks I've got all this rifle ammo and no rifle yet, but here's hoping!
  8. I'm usually wielding it because a pack of wolves is hunting me. My luck, I put it away to pick the thing up and they get me.
  9. I think I gather that the prepper caches on the assorted maps aren't static, and instead can randomly spawn anywhere? Anyone have tips for spotting them or easily finding them?
  10. Hands down my biggest peeve in the game is Astrid saying 'I hope nobody is using this.' or was it 'I hope nobody needs this.'. One of those. It's the only dialogue that makes me just lose it, because it's like WHO WOULD BE USING IT?! YOU JUST SAW A FROZEN CORPSE, THAT GUY IS DEAD! THERE'S NOBODY ELSE STOP SAYING THAT! Also probably the fact that 3/4ths of my pistol ammo goes into pieces of wood, carcasses, and sundry other things I'm trying to click on while wielding the revolver.
  11. It may do to also check that you don't have music disabled in your options somehow.
  12. This is by far my favourite of my screenshots. I've a few others with similar stuff I might post as well.
  13. The stupidest was probably escaping a bear attack to walk into a wolf pack... It was my longest survival play-through yet too.
  14. Is it expected that the Volume One will become a catch-all? Because the music in Episode III is what I really want, and it isn't currently part of Volume One.