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  1. Just to throw it in the mix. What about those old fashioned grindstone wheels? It takes more effort to use, because it uses pedal-power, but it´s quicker than a hand held whetstone and a little more versatile than a strop. The down side to the wheel is that it´s easy to over-sharpen or even break a blade. I´m not sure where you´d find it though.
  2. I´m definitely in favour of a small expansion on our food variety. Making a simple stew from whatever meat we have, which would count towards thirst in the same manner as the tomato soup? This would be a step in that direction. But, there´s a lot of opposition to this as it doesn´t really add anything to the survival aspect of the game.
  3. Hi. Last time I was nosey, I recieved some very enlightening replies. So, I´m doing it again. This time I would like to ask; Do you carry back-up clothing just in case something happens? For example, I´m in the habbit of carrying extra socks, hat and gloves (just the woollen mittens). Just in case I fall through some ice or get caught in some weather.
  4. Powdered eggs and milk have been around for a while in the real world. I´d love to see reconstituted scrambled eggs, or powdered pancake mix, or a tin of Bird´s custard (mmm, peaches and custard...). Yeah, nothing useful about pancakes or custard. (sigh) But, a girl can dream. I´ve often wondered where all the instant noodles are on the island. Or those soup-in-a-cup powders.
  5. More max weight was exactly the point of a utility belt. Also, something more to craft when you're at a loose end. I haven't crafted the moose satchel yet. I'm still learning maps. The Hardiness thing was just an idea. Thanks for your well thought-out answer, I appreciate it.
  6. Has anyone already suggested a utility belt? We could have a "physical" representation of the quick menu. The belt would allow storage for tools, a fire kit, snacks and drinks. It might be good for more even weight distribution. Also, I know that we have the badges for more stamina when running and things like that. But, what about a Hardiness mechanic where you get used to the weight you carry, the clothing and the generally tough conditions? It would be a gradual increase in carrying capacity and distance you can travel in a day. Does this already exists? What am I missing, here?
  7. I'm glad I was nosey enough to post this question. The answers are very interesting, and enjoyable to read. Thank you to everyone who posts, past and future. ☺️
  8. Personally, think hygiene and sanity are linked. In reality, if I've been doing dirty jobs around the house, or been hiking for a couple of days, the first thing I do is take a shower or bath. Equally, if I'm struggling with life on a mental health level, I have a bath and the warm water helps bring me back to an even keel. If this were implemented, I would be for it. Also, I like the idea of a second purpose to the buckets laying around. In the meantime, let's just assume our character uses the soap and water when they see it laying in a bathroom or on counter. 😉
  9. How long did you play Pilgrim before you moved on to the other modes? Did you just dive straight in to Interloper? What mode is most comfortable for you right now? (Wow, I´m a nosey Parker today! :-P)
  10. I still like the idea of boot liners. But what else could we do with the rabbit fur? We could upgrade the ear wraps? So, it would take 1 skin and 1 wrap to do, but you might get something that´s plus 3 for warmth? I also think we could line either the cowl or the Long Scarf like this. Just a couple of extra ideas. 🙂
  11. It might be interesting to find some of that bodybuilding protein powder as a real emergency type food. Or something like a slimfast meal replacement shake. Again, as a last resort food. Not sure how often we would need to use it tho. If you carry some cattails, you won't starve in the next few minutes, while you wait for your rabbit to cook.
  12. Good idea. I've wondered why we don't find camping stoves around.
  13. MrsHoneypot


    Is there any piece of clothing that is 100% waterproof? What's the best waterproofing you have achieved?
  14. Just to throw in an alternate idea. IRL you could tie some of the cans together and make a wolf alarm for your camp. In game that might mean sacrificing a couple of fishing lines or half a sewing kit.
  15. It´s the tunnel system for the smuggling racket. All the houses with this door are linked! They run pancake mix (just add water), chocolate and bubble-bath! You know, all the luxury stuff. 🏺🎁📦
  16. Hmm. Wouldn´t we need something sweet to go with the pancakes? Maybe syrup from the Maple or Birch trees? Personally, I think I would prefer cocoa to herbal tea. It just feels like a hug in a mug to me. 🤗☕
  17. I keep thinking "where´s the stash" in the hydro dam. All those desk and file cabinet drawers and not a single drop of grog? I like the idea. Especially if they add a Morale/Mental Welbeing mechanic. You could add a drop to a hot drink to keep the warmth benefit for longer. I get it though. The devs want to keep it family friendly.
  18. hmm. I hadn´t thought about the components inside a watch melting. I thought the subject worth exploring because we see normal, battery driven, torches from time to time. So, for me, it was logical to think about an alternatively powered torch. You´re right though, it wouldn´t add anything to the game-play. Thanks for replying guys. 🙂
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    Would old fashioned wind-up watches and clocks function in the scenario described in TLD? The reason I ask is that there is such a thing as a wind up (clockwork) torch, and a radio. And if that works, would a small dynamo, as you would find on a bicycle, work too?
  20. Thanks for the backup Timmy. I´ve read similar articles in british medical magazines, which is why i said it in the first place. I´m a third person who´s not here to argue. 😉
  21. MrsHoneypot


    Hmm. I´m sorry if I seem confrontational. That is not my intention at all. I thought I was just explaining something. I´ve failed. I´m sorry for that. Can we agree to disagree and go back to a civilized discussion? As I said before, it´s just a game (albeit a beautiful one), it doesn´t matter.
  22. MrsHoneypot


    Ok, Upup. In real life would you sew something in a standing or crouching position? Would you, perhaps, sit for this task? Why would you sit? It may be because this is more restful. Not concentrating on your balance to stand or crouch would allow you to pay more attention to your task. The same applies for reading, but it's possible to do that laying down. Ok, it's just a game. At the end of the day it doesn't matter. It's just an extra piece of detail.
  23. The character touches other people's things constantly, harvesting clothes and towels for cloth. If the immune system is compromised by being constantly cold, there is a chance a person could get a cold from that. I like the idea, we're just talking about specifics now. Your English is perfect, by the way, I didn't see any mistakes. 🙂