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    I think the point of the suggestion is to be able to gain a little rest while doing sedentary tasks like reading or sewing.
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    There are soft chairs and sofas in the houses at Milton and CH. Sometimes in the cabins you find here and there. If you're in a place with none of that, why can't you sit on your bedroll? We could drop it and sit down on the rolled up bed. Surely that would keep the chill at Bay.
  3. More collectable vegetation would help with the Protein poisoning. Pine needle tea has a good dose of vitamins C and A. Although, i think the birch bark tea has the same idea behind it. The cooking system doesn´t have to be complicated. Simple, 2 ingredient, recipes would be an improvement. For example we could add some rabbit, jerky or cattail stalks to the tomato soup for a boost in calories and a different flavour. When i was a kid, my aunty used to pour condenced milk over canned fruit as a quick dessert. Not sure what would go well with pork and beans, maybe edible mushrooms? I´m a little surprised that we can´t find salt or pepper in the kitchens we ransack. A salt or pepper shaker is very small and light compaired to other condiments.
  4. Hmm. Not sure socks would work it would be like wearing 2 pairs of boots. Boot liners, however, would make more sense to me.
  5. Here´s a long shot idea. A costume store. Can you imagine running aroung the wilderness in a Scooby costume? Or with a monster mask on? LMAO! That would be great for halloween or christmas.
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    Salt & Jerky

    This would work well for fish too. Smoked Salmon anyone?
  7. The processes of soap-making, laundry and bathing could be a machanism to stave off cabin fever if you get stuck inside in a blizzard. Also, i know that there are plants (don´t know the names) which are saponin rich and can do the job of soap in a pinch, maybe that could be another harvestable?
  8. I like all the new locations suggested. They make sense to me. It`s well established lore that Bear Island is dependant upon the mainland for all their needs. The airfield and/ or Docks would be where the supplies form the mainland come from. There could be a military base there for survival training purposes, loot would include skill books and maybe a military grade multi-tool. Also, MREs gallore! There are already tourists in the summer for climbing, camping, and hunting. Why wouldn`t there be somewhere to ski? Sometimes I think some snow-shoes (the kind that look like tennis rackets) would come in handy. The prison would be interesting. Maybe one of the craziest crims went back there after the bus crash..? As for loot, wouldn´t there be a laundry room, filled with blankets? A First Nations village would be a real eye-opener for those who, like me, have only seen what the movies have shown me. One place nobody here has suggested yet is some sort of medical facility, maybe a clinic with one or two beds for emergency cases. Or maybe that could be incorporated into the Military Base. Thanks for the Thread Timmy.
  9. Thank you for the info ajb. I honestly didn´t think about carbon monoxide. I´m not an expert in anything, i just thought it would be an interesting game mechanic. Hmm, there seems to be a theme of 3 cabins or trailers throughout the game. Maybe one of the 3 could have that busted out window you mentioned. Then you have a choice, stay in a place that´s completely weathertight, or spend the night in a place you can have a one shot fire and the possibility of a warm drink before resting.
  10. The cabins around ML and CH have no fire barrels or bbq areas. But they do have metal buckets spawning around the place. I have an idea that would allow a player to have a fire indoors using these metal buckets. The fire would be small, only using sticks, and the bucket would be unusable (charred or melted) afterward, but it would heat the space a little bit if there`s a storm outside and you could dry any clothes that got wet. There could be a danger of the room filling with smoke though, so keep the fire small, a max of say 10 sticks. The bucket isn´t large enough for proper cooking, but maybe if you had a prepared cup of tea or coffee on you, you could warm it beside the bucket. What do you think?
  11. There could be an option to "wash your smalls" on a regular basis. I've seen a couple of tin bathtubs laying around. Just as a side note. I find it odd that there aren't any showers in the mines, dam, or whale processing factory, they're all grimy, smelly jobs and you'd think the employer would want healthy workers.
  12. I like this idea too. There are a couple of farms on the island, I think it would be a reasonable assumption to find a veggie plot or greenhouse with staples like onions, leeks, carrots, maybe some herbs. Then there's the misanthrope on his little island, and Grey Mother, are you really saying they wouldn't grow something themselves? The herbs could even be a little medicinal. Sage tea for headaches, peppermint for a breath freshener. I know I'm getting carried away, but I think there are real possibilities.