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  1. Please please please fix the brightness indoors! It is incredibly annoying. Whether it's breaking dawn or colorful sunset it's often pitch black inside. I have to spend a match just so i could climb the stairs in the house to get to bed. But that's not the worst part. The worst part is playing interloper, spawning in HRV, having no luck finding matches and then trying to navigate the cave to Mountain Town in complete darkness. I'm going to slowing die of exhaustion/dehydration in that cave. I'm just tapping random keys until i can spot tiny light somewhere in the distance, but no luck. This is very disappointing. Please please please fix the brightness indoors!
  2. Jura


    i couldn't agree more with "the nature does not care about you" - it really fits the description of the game i would be very difficult to implement this in the game and keep the same (beautiful) concept. the main goal of this idea is to make the game even harder on the long runs. i had dozens of iterations with surviving 100+ days solely on interloper (never played any other mode since it was introduced to the game) the main reason i quit playing such a long playthrough is simply put - boredom (for the lack of a better word) and having a sanity/lunacy/mental health that affect your performance and being harder to maintain the longer you play seems like a good or at least, a decent idea. i agree this wishlist could use this categorizaton of some sort, there is so many things here i had a feeling someone already proposed similar idea anyway.
  3. Jura


    An idea for complete overhaul. Introduction of sanity level for the player. The player will need to keep his sanity level high enough in order to survive longer. Positive actions (lighting a fire, eating a high calorie value food, drinking a warm tea) would increase player's sanity value. Negaitve actions (starving, injuries, failing to start a fire, sleeping in poorly comfortable bed) would decrease player's sanity values. As sanity level decreases, player would be less efficient in performing all tasks (lower RNG chance). High sanity levels would give a bonus to player's aim with a bow and critical hit chance, increase the range of footsteps sounds, give bonus to condition restoration through sleep, etc. This would make long term survival on interloper much difficult and challenging. We all use hibernation strategy to survive, and on interloper only the first 10-15 days are somewhat challenging until we make our own tools. After we make tools and clothing, we usually have abundace of food and since we can keep hibernating, we can survive almost indefinetly (until we die of boredom) With sanity, we need to avoid starving (hibernating) in order to survive. As the time goes on, it would be harder to satisfy sanity demands in order to make long term survival more difficult but keep early days the same. It would require some massive coding, i know And i'm not sure if that's the way you guys are going for anyway. Having a sanity level to manage would be interesting, but it might also lead to de-personalization between game character and the player.
  4. Jura

    Salt & Jerky

    Hi It occurred to me that it would be interesting to be able to make jerky in-game. A pack of salt would be found in random containers. It would not spoil or it would at extremely slow pace. Salt would then be used to salt the fresh meat in inventory. If you can refuel lamp if you have fuel, you can salt the meat if you have salt in inventory. Salted meat could be thrown on the ground indoors to dry in the same fashion as tree saplings. So that would cover the coding part more or less. As for the mechanics After curing indoors for a few days, salted meat would transform into jerky. Afte curing, meat will lose some of its calories. For balancing purpose. (i dont know if dry meat has more calories per weight thatn uncooked meat) It would weight less (it is dry after all) It would last much longer than regular meat, and would not attract predators as much. But it would make the player VERY thirsty. This would make it ideal food for long range expeditions but we will have to compensate by drinking a lot of water and make a fire eventually.
  5. Hi everyone, my first post here. Anyway, i've been playing The Long Dark for quite some time and would like to share my experience on a particular matter. I love the game and i find it very challenging and calming at the same time. Love the atmosphere and gameplay. I have played a few times on easier difficulties, but i quickly switched to play interloper mode only. And this mode is perfect for game like this. Love every second of it. My main problem are the wolves. Don't get me wrong. I love the wolves. I think their frequency on the map is well balanced, i think their behavior is very well coded (i love how he watches me from safe distance and stalks me). My problem is the wolf struggle itself. Sometimes, and please correct me if i'm wrong, but sometimes i feel like there is nothing i can do if wolf charges me. I'm no total amateur in this game. I know the maps, i know the mechanics, i played over 50 iterations of Interloper mode with more than half of which reaching day 25+. So i know my way around. I know i need to wear protective clothes, i know i need to have a knife at least, i know i need to be well rested and have good condition. I had (on many times) all those things and yet he still got me killed (85% or more, i understand if he kills me if i'm under 30-40 condition) But still, i think that the whole wolf struggle mechanic does not fit into the game. Wolves are my number 1 cause of death. I just cant fight them off. I think they are a great game mechanic but i would like to see the while "maniac-psychotic-rage clicking the left-mouse-button" gone.It just doesn't fit into the game like this. Sure, maybe i just cant click fast enough, i dont know. But i really don't like to be killed within 5 seconds by wolf (even when i'm in perfect shape), and my entire survival depends on how fast i click the mouse? (Sounds like 90's games). A fixed loss of percentage (similar to bear attack) would be much better in my opinion. Or a different struggle mechanic. Honestly, i'm more comfortable with being brutally mauled by a bear than being charged by wolf. Thank you for reading, i really hope to see this changed. The Long Dark is one of the rare games that managed to captivate me, i found it very creative, very pleasant and very calming game. Keep up the good work Hinterland!