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  1. When I forget the longer outdoor fire times. I did this once when I was in a fishing hut on coastal highway. Lit a fire and was close to starving and there was a blizzard. Decided to fish. Caught the biggest fish I have ever caught and earned the “It was this big” achievement. Set it on the fire to cook and decided to sleep. I knew i would be ok warmth-wise with my clothing even when the fire went out. Forgot that the fire would keep going when I thought it would die out just after the fish cooked. Woke up to a burnt fish. Sooooo many calories ruined. Died of starvation when another blizzard rolled in and I got cornered by a wolf in a house near the quonset.
  2. I was thinking that as a food item in the game you could collect oats. Then maybe cook it on the fire with water or even condensed milk. This would give maybe 600 calories but would have the warming up bonus if hot from the fire and a new bonus called slow calorie burn in which the rate at which calories are used up is slower. Apparently thats what oats are good for. I think. I haven’t really properly researched it. Tell me what you think 🤔