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  1. That is true, but if that was all it was used for it would probably end up as a heavier alternative to antiseptic or painkillers.
  2. I think our big problem with communicating here is that you assume I am talking about introducing all the negatives associated with alcohol. Of course I know all the problems with alcohol, but if they were to make the negatives too steep, then it would be an entirely unused asset. When it comes to the "buffs" that it would entail it ONLY involves the struggle with the wolf or bear. It has nothing to do with your ability to avoid attacks or discern threats. The reason I suggest the 25% damage reduction, and 25% damage buff to your struggle is that when under the influence of alcohol, your ability to register pain is reduced(yes, in a real survival situation this can be a REAL death sentence, but this is NOT real life. IF alcohol were to be introduced it would have to have some sort of benefit, and some sort of negative. The negative would have to be able to be mitigated if you are playing the game properly, and so having all the negatives of alcohol in real life wouldn't make sense, as it likely wouldn't be able to be mitigated. And on the mushroom note, you would have to assume that the player character would have a decent knowledge of botany in order to know for sure the mushroom is safe to consume.
  3. I know all this, in reality. But, in the context of a game, which makes it clear that this isn't a point for point simulation of true survival, alcohol working in the way I stated, or something similar might be a plausible effect. Let's be real. Several things you do in this game, you should NEVER EVER EVER do. I mean, take Reishi mushrooms for instance. If you pick a mushroom out in the wilderness, brew it up then drink it, there is a 50/50 chance you won't live through the night, however, in this game you pick mushrooms, you treat food poisoning. I know it's a bit different of an item, but it's the same basic concept. If you can wrap your mind around the way the game works, rather than the way it is in reality on things like that, it's not much different with such things like how alcohol might work in a game.
  4. Twice now I've been on Coastal Highway, I go into one of those cabins on the waterfront, west side of the map by the road.....I finish looting the cabin, step out, and I am only about 10 paces away from a wandering bear......I say, "Nope", turn around go back inside and wonder if what I saw was real. First time this happened I almost had a heart attack. Keep in mind, I almost exclusively play on Interloper, or a slightly customized version of Interloper. Also, both times this happened I was barely started on the playthrough, so being attacked by a bear would have been a most likely game-ending set back.
  5. I would figure that several inhabitants of the area would have left behind at least a little bit of alcohol. Maybe whiskey, rum, or something of that sort, and I would think that using this stuff would have some immediate positive effects while trying to survive. Of course, it would also have some pretty steep drawbacks in the near future after using of course. Maybe when consumed it adds a small amount of calories, some thirst, and maybe 25% less damage to condition if attacked by wolves or bears, and you cause 25% more damage when struggling, but after the effects wear off it makes your thirst meter deplete 50% faster for a couple hours and severe headaches? This may have been suggested in the past, but thought I'd throw it out there with the possible effects that kind of make sense within the context of the game.