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  1. I appreciate all the thoughts and ideas one main thing is the thoought that they should impliment more crafting to pass time during warm up and blizzards and as I said though I may find these things without a significant use others do and I respect that but after you craft your clothing and read all the skill books there really isn't anything to do when you are too cold to go out or there is a blizzard raging out side and I find myself just sitting on my bed twidling my thumbs for hours and hours or when you have a massive stockpile of food and wood and have searched everything you need something to pass time untill you start running low on things and I figured something usefull other than clothing would be a good adition to the crafting mecanic @ajb1978 your stick bundling idea is great this is the kind of useful crafting I fully support
  2. @ManicManiac I will agree that they have use to some players I have played this game since it was still in preveiw and have never really used any of these things I am not trying to upset any one with my blanket statement that they have zero use I should not have said that I should have said they haven't really ever had a use to me and I think they would make a good palete to make new way to kill time while warming up or avoiding a blizzard oh and I also wish to correct myself about the material cans are made of most food cans are made of steel or tin free steel (dependind on what country you are from some are aluminum) and most beverage cans are made with aluminum so as you said both of us were correct
  3. I end up with an excess of tinder like hundreds of them I have never had to resort to breaking down the news paper for tinder. I have no use for skill books anymore and normal books just pile up in a corner of my base since I have lots of both types of wood
  4. I agree with that but I always end up with many many books after the early stage of the game and just thought that something useful should come of them and I personaly have made paper logs out of old news paper and books it is something to pass time and be constructive
  5. I agree they have some very small use but if I left 2 cans everywhere I went I would still have an abundace of them I am a bit of a horder of items one thing about the cans is they are not aluminum most if not all cans used for food are tin because aluminum tends to leach into the food and can cause aluminum poisoning and as for the abundance of scrap metal this is for something to do while there is a blizzard ouside or you need to warm up between trips outside so you don't alwasys have to pass time sitting on your butt in the bed
  6. once you reach a certain point they are completely useless and I find myself needing something to kill some time while warming up between hunts gathering and blizzards I hate to just kill time sitting on the bed I like having something constructive to do
  7. I find that newspapers, books and, recycled cans have zero use my thought is to be able to make paper logs out of the paper (3 pr log) or books (1 per log) and line (2 per log that also uses up excess gut) and as for the cans make them into scrap metal at the worktable
  8. I am also an Xbox one user that has not gotten the new update
  9. I have the same issue I have made the gas station my home base and it resets regularly I have figured out that you need to check as soon as you load the game if your stuff is still there if it is not reload the game and it tends to return all of the lost gear as long as you have not exited and reentered the building also it seems to happen most when the last recorded save was sleeping in the bed
  10. I have read several post about preserved meat I would think that there would be smoke houses at the trappers house, homestead, and some where around the water in the costal highway area I also had an idea to make the smoke house work make the bottom like the wood stove or fireplace interaction and the top where you put the meat like the cabinet interaction