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  1. Hey appsro unfortunately I’m not aware of any way to break the camera, you might want to try looking into mods. Also love battlefield friends (BFF) big fan thanks.
  2. The items I’m storing are in Moderat to poor condition, I didn’t think they would degrade being clothing inside of lockers so I wasn’t too worried about him at the time. Currently my game is it 196 days. Guess I’m gonna have to go and use some sewing kits or fishing line to patch things up a little bit higher. Now if I can just remember where I stored everything
  3. Absolutely that would be a great way to mark your path by dropping objects, however later in the game might get your hopes up when you find something sitting on the ground just to see that it’s ruined, I’d prefer to put them in drawers and let them disappear once they had 0%
  4. PlayerM32


    I wish there was a way to mark trees when you blaze a path through the wilderness, or the sides of buildings that you may have completely rummage through. Maybe like a big X on the door or on the tree bark one side. This would help with navigation when learning new areas, or remind you that your favorite caver that is near. Granted you would need a knife or hatchet to do so. This Mechanic is used IRL by many people in the world and ieven with today even though we have compasses.
  5. The mechanic for item decay is very good except when it comes to clothing that is stored. I can understand a certain amount of wear and tear on items worn both indoor and outdoor but when an item is stored inside a container like a locker there should be almost no Decay if any. I’ve left items in a locker to come back and get them at a later time and found they were ruined although I can still harvest them for cloth I would like to store some items around the area in case I get into a scuffle and lose a glove or a hat or something of that nature need it replaced when I’m far from base. I think this mechanic is frustrating when you work so hard to get gear and you want to save a few choice bits and pieces and have them stored in a cash far from base. Anyone else run into this issue or am I just nitpicking ?
  6. Even with only a few of the houses have actual openable doors, like the shack at base of Timberwolf Mountain, you can give a small percentage chance that they may even get in the homes with cut scenes for access. Would add a little bit of distress late game. Snares may also be able to be placed in doors to prevent the critters from getting into valuable resources., Like the idea of the wolverine as well but with the wolves being as aggressive as they are seems kind of redundant.
  7. One thing I would like to see implemented into the game would be raccoons. This will offer a couple of things first and foremost they would be another supplier food and furs. You can use their skin to make a coonskin hat. But their presence is not all rabbit like. If you leave the door to your cabin open they can go in and cause havoc with hides that maybe curing in the floor, they would be able to open standard cupboard doors and plastic containers and would eat the food foundb inside and could damage clothing. They could also eat or destroy food left outside. They would not attack the player and can get caught in snares just like the rabbits currently. As a sidenote off topic. I Know the subject is been brought up before in the forms but why can’t we get water from fishing holes or waterfalls. This also gives you use for purification tablets which if you can melt snow you can boil water As they sit right now I have yet to even use purification tablets