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  1. Probably due for a Part 3 at this point! Glad for all the recognition for these great artists.
  2. Welcome, great that you've joined us here! Looking forward to seeing you around.
  3. Hello @Cottonsky, and welcome! Sorry to hear you are bumping up against this crash. Please reach out to us at so our test team can follow up with you.
  4. With the 1.34 hotfix, we updated the "use" verbs in the UI for various items. How has this impacted the unintentional actions you run into when cooking?
  5. So you are still exiting the Fishing UI immediately after catching one, per the bug fix above? Is this only happening in specific locations? Please contact with some details on this so we can investigate. Thank you. @Gazbeard
  6. No one is ignoring anyone. As we have detailed in previous updates, backers are welcome to contact us at so we can speak to them directly about their specific backer tier. This is what we have been doing for the last year. Just because there is a comment on the KS page, doesn't mean we haven't spoken to them directly after they left it there. But as I said, we totally understand eagerness to fulfill those rewards, and we will be fulfilling them, as we progress with the game.
  7. All applicable Kickstarter rewards have either been honored, or will be honored once Wintermute is finished. Some physical rewards can only be delivered once we're finished with the entire game, for example. It's a process, and we're in contact with backers regularly about these questions. At the same time we understand some might feel progress is too slow for them. No one is "thrown in the dirt." There's really no need to be so hostile. In terms of VR support, as we have said many times here and elsewhere, we're interested in VR support, but down the road and most likely as a standalone
  8. Typo! Fixed now. The hotfix is indeed out for Xbox One -- although keep in mind it can take some time to reach you, depending on your region of the world. Enjoy.
  9. Yes, this was an issue we fixed in 1.34. It went live last night (Friday) for PS4 players, although depending on your region of the world it could take up to 24 hours to reach you.
  10. Please contact so we can follow up with you, ideally with a link to the JIRA report and this post, if you can. We'll want to look into this. cc: @jeffm Thank you.
  11. Yes, we're currently working on a fix for the vanishing arrows issue. Thanks for your patience.
  12. We're aware of issues relating to vanishing arrows, and are working on a solution for the hotfix. Thanks for your patience!
  13. Just to update all of you - this new acceleration change, and how it impacts Wildlife encounters, is something we'll be making some tweaks to this week as we work on the hotfix. Thanks for your feedback!
  14. Those are wonderful, @Khan_Drichthyes, thanks so much for sharing!
  15. Good luck out there @stratvox. 400 days already, and now in Hushed River Valley. Stay vigilant!