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  1. That is a valid answer as well, but seriously good one :)
  2. I suspect the very same thing, but how will this turn out in interloper? Guns in loper would be game changing, maybe an option to make metal arrows, this would make them last longer/more damage.
  3. Oh YAAAAAAAAAAAAS, new reagion, new music new stuf, and timberwolfs in interloper (i am so dead), this is going to be fun
  4. Enigma

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    I can wait, the problem for them is that the longer you hold off an expansion, the higher expectations of players will get.
  5. Enigma

    4DON Too Easy?

    I do agree that it is supper easy, I think it should have a difficulty curve that ramps up with each following day, there is something similar in the current 4DON (from day 1 to 3 difficulty ramps up) but at day 4 it is lime a second day 1. If I could suggest I would say maybe adding aurora charged timberwolf packs and really unpredictable weather would be a great way to display that nature doesn't want you, but I do understand that maybe this isn't for everybody so at best maybe ad some of those earthquakes to close of some of the reagions making you traped in them.
  6. I agree, the first two days were kind of slow, acquiring resources and all, but day 3 comes along and its time to bust out the Pocket Aurora (patent pending) Had to perform some really incredible goat climbs to get out of problematic situations.
  7. Enigma


    You have unveiled something that should have been secret, you are too dangerous, the council shall decide your fate.
  8. Hopefully till the December update will get some info, ive been craving some spearing since finishing REDUX
  9. Hold the right button of your mouse and SPOOK the cold out of them. In addition, if you find yourself in a *not nice* situation find the nearest working streat lamp, it will save you...for a bit
  10. I can't VAULT or JUMP but everything else is fine for me..... Other then the kill zone above milton basin that end my 4DON 2018 run prematurely
  11. A total of zero hours, but I might just play some for the cartography achievement