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  1. Enigma


    I think if farming was introduced it would only be possible with mushroom and cave fungi. They don't need sunlight so a warm damp basement or deep cave would be the best place.
  2. That would work if we would be able to hunt birds. Otherwise the crows would use you to do their hunting and call out to inform it's companions of food. Maybe you could trow in the fact that the aurora messed-up animal behaviour, maybe then. For the sake of continuity trap lines would only work if they are far away from the player.
  3. Enigma


    I do like this, but i doubt that hinterland will add the fox or more precisely hunting them. They did state this several times in Milton mail bag. Would like to see it added though.
  4. Starting your counter argument with the label of "muh racism" just shows that you can't argue. Dont do what the left does, because everyone is sick of it. WHO urged countries not to close borders to allow free movement of people during a possible pandemic. Could you throw in the economic argument? Yes. Will it be worth the lives lost? No.
  5. I think ive seen a similar post before and the conclusion was nothing. But don't know about timberwolfs. Would be good to test this. If it did effect the meter and the pack bailed, you would be left to deal with a bear or moose on you - trade one death to another.
  6. Honestly that's the best weapon idea ive seen
  7. Yeah i get the same feeling, they did update it in the past but it just opened up that area past the cave with that little bridge. Maybe if they would allow you to bypass the railroad via the river with a rope when you got to the other side that could be a start I guess
  8. I have three that i love equally: Broken railroad - so many deer corpses, forge, nice-ish weather, no risk bear kill, moose spawn near a base. Timberwolf mountain - epic view, many bears, tail section. Ravine - epic view, literally a safe haven, bridge, jerry can-hammer spawn, allows access bleak inlet. If they would only make a region that is behind that broken bridge in broken railroad.
  9. I already have, I tried this challenge to see how it compares
  10. Not going to lie this challenge wasn't that difficult, your primary concern is warmth. You can spam hot teas to get the warmth boost and just walk, that's it. I did enjoy it though nice change of pace from the usual loper
  11. Had a similar encounter when leaving BI, 2spoopy for me.
  12. From my time in BI i felt genuine fear for a first time in a while. The addition is nice, but it need some tweaking. Multiple day agro makes sense, kind of. Wolfs shouldn't just say screw it and leave just as you enter a building, these doggies aren't dumb, they see a piece of meat go inside something they will remember. Of course they shouldn't just camp their should be balance, maybe new mechanics to deal with their stalking.