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  1. With a Perseverance Mills map directly above the new Blackrock map and the existing TWM map. There would then need to be a new 3rd map which is directly above DP and connects to the Perseverance Mills map.
  2. Alaska man ducks into shed to avoid bull moose. Could be one of us ducking into a ice fishing hut in TLD 🙂
  3. The shortcut probably gets resolved in the future when Hinterland provides an update which allows us to build a ladder, carry it, place it, and climb it 😉
  4. The ideal spot for a rope anchor/mount point would be from a rafter on the ceiling of this building with the rope extending all the way to snowy bottom, with ability to "hop on" or "hop off" the climb at the first and second levels from either side of the building.... no such luck.
  5. Since first discovering the note, I have thought and thought about what something the tech could be trying to "rig up" and have searched for the "deep hole" without luck. But I still think you are on to something. I have even tried searching after leaving the note on the desk as the last line says.... "Just leave this here in case it goes even worse".
  6. From the Steam Help: Screenshots of Game Load the game and navigate or play to the point at which you wish to take the screenshot. Press F12 (this is the default Screenshot key) to save a screenshot. After closing the game, Steam's Screenshot Uploader window will appear. Select the Show on Disk button. This will open the folder on your hard drive that has the screenshot(s) for the game. You can also see the screenshots by select View => Screenshots from the Steam Command Bar
  7. Was kinda wondering why Hinterland went through all the detail of requiring Dusting Sulfur, Charcoal, Stump Remover (potassium nitrate), Scrap Lead, and Shell Casings and did not go the one extra step where you need to also find Primers or a box of Primers to be more realistic in the reloading process. A few Primers could be found at the ammo bench to allow a few cartridges to be manufactured. Finding the box of Primers (say 1,000 Primers) could be a late game "reward", such as breaking down one of the containers at the TWM Summit.
  8. What are we hoping? That decoding the graffiti will tell us what we have to do to find the shortcut?
  9. The only piece of equipment which appears to "light up" at the cannery during an aurora other than the milling machine and the door code panel is the 4-button panel on the wall of the building with the rope climb. However, I can't interact with this 4-button panel.
  10. Or maybe you'll find out the Department of Fish and Game was transporting timberwolves to Bleak Inlet as part of their wildlife catch and relocation program 🙂
  11. That's what I thought, too, but wasn't able to attach a rope to any of the beams.
  12. that was my thought, too. But I "touched" everything I could in the cannery and couldn't find a place to tie it off. I don't have a twitter account... going back to play the Release Trailer for the Update to see if I can figure out the hint.
  13. I opened a support ticket a few days back letting Hinterland know the Medical Locker in the Radio Control Hut of Bleak Inlet requires Bolt Cutters to open... which are not in any of the Survival maps.