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  1. Is it enabled under accessibility? I think by default it is set to "off".
  2. The slope looks as if it's possible to walk straight to the top and enjoy the view directly into the prison yard! Can't wait!
  3. I missed that one when I played.... wonder how many stumbled across it?
  4. Are we close to mid-May? .... please, please, please 🙂
  5. When I first searched and found them all, there was no "table of cairns and their position" to check-off or to locate the cairns. Had to hunt all 165 of them down... took several months of crisscrossing the same terrain over and over and over, climbing every climbable rook and hill, peeking in every nook and cranny. I then passed the locations on to Gecko and he placed location markers on the maps found in his Travel Guide.
  6. "Gari the Cat, my lonely friend, not grateful enough for the time we spent"
  7. Yay! So happy to hear about the updates!
  8. In the future, there could be areas of the maps covered in deep powered snow and only accessible when wearing snowshoes.... if the player enters the area while not wearing snowshoes, the player sinks waist deep in the snow and becomes exhausted as they try moving forward. This would allow specific areas of maps to be entered only after the player has crafted or found snowshoes.
  9. You're probably right.... I suppose it could have crashed through the ice of Crystal Lake and then the surface of the lake refroze.
  10. Possibly ended up on the other side of the mountain range to the SE of Crystal Lake. Looking at the area as it appears on the Great Bear Island map, it could be a new region east of Pleasant Valley / Coastal Highway and north of Desolation Point.
  11. Any update on when the next Dev Diary will be posted?
  12. Growing up in northern Minnesota, I can tell you black bears run VERY fast. I'll bet at least 25 to 35 MPH! And the cubs climb trees fast, too!
  13. There's a passage where you still need to crouch down to continue through the cave.
  14. This is the in-game map of the island to date: