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  1. That's how I first answered him, then I changed my answer after I reread his question and noted he was asking how to get back to the Milton Basin....
  2. Yes, unless you take the long way around through ML and MT.
  3. I've tried it with the crampons... can find a route which I get very close, but always end up going through the ice.
  4. It took me many, many, many days - if not weeks. I had to go over the same maps again and again, looking in every nook and cranny, climbing in some very troublesome spots. The worst was not knowing which regions the last few were hiding in. I worked with @Gecko-[GER] to update his set of maps with the cairn locations. His maps can be found in his Travel Guide: As @peteloud says above, it's more of a challenge (and thus more fun) if you find them on your own, so try to use the maps as a last resort. I personally fou
  5. There is now. However, I'm pretty sure I was the first one to find them all before the spoilers were created. I even discovered two of them had the same cairn number... and therefore, only 164 of the 165 could be discovered. Reported the duplicates to Hinterland and they renumbered one of the duplicates (with the missing cairn number) on the next patch release so that all 165 would be found and reported.
  6. Yes. Takes a while, but it can be done... BTW, before you spend a lot of time searching, there are no cairns in HRV.
  7. No, that would be a strange interpretation. The sentence reads like "you know that spot? it's no longer blocked". Which spot? Polaroid spot. If they moved it and didn't say they moved it, it would be like someone saying "you know our car with the bad brakes? the bad brakes are not a problem anymore" not because the brakes were fixed, but because the car crashed... I read it as... "the spot at Wolf's Jaw Overlook where you can draw the map if you have the Polaroid is no longer blocked by terrain". I too tried to get to the plateau above Climber's Cave without "cheating" thinking
  8. A few years back I was able to get Hinterland to change mine. I either sent an email to Hinterland Support or I opened a support case asking them to change it, can't recall which. They changed it within a day or two.
  9. We keep asking... hopefully someday we will 😀
  10. Was it already brought up that it looks like the Ash Canyon map should be rotated 90° clockwise to line up with the Timberwolf map and the river shown on the World map?
  11. @peteloud Don't worry. This post is 4 years old. On 10-26-2018 @Sofox stated on the Git repository for the WakeMapper application... "Clarified README that The Long Dark was no longer supported"
  12. Put a "[" then the word "spoiler" followed by a "]" Then type the text you want to hide then put a "[" followed by a "/" then the word "spoiler" followed by a "]" Don't put the " in the string This is a test on how EDIT: Here you go.... found this:
  13. New gameplay and mechanic.... anyone have a clue as to what this may be? I hope it's being able to "jump" 😀 EDIT: Ok, I just read Raph's reply about a jump mechanic in Milton Mailbag Dispatch 10. So, I guess "jump" is not plausible 😒
  14. Has anyone found/identified the bodies of all the prison guards and prisoners from the crashed Blackrock Prison Bus? The transport manifest lists 13 inmates. Doesn't list how many guards (I'd imagine there'd probably one driver plus two guards). We also find a few alive in the some of the 3 episodes.