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    Thanks. I'll try.... and try again 🙂
  2. ProsPex


    I'm not able to remove a battery from a car. Did one of the releases remove this action?
  3. Didn't notice the schoolhouse (or maybe church) to the left of the sign.... I wonder how many new buildings will be here?
  4. My thoughts, too. The Mountain Town crashed prison bus tunnel leads to Perseverance Mills as does Pleasant Valley's road collapse after the "Long Curve" also leads to Perseverance Mills. It just makes sense that Perseverance Mills is just north of ML sitting between MT and PV.
  5. You are both right. Prior to Steadfast Ranger I was able to discover a total of 252 locations, too. Of those, 7 locations did not increment the discovered location counter in the journal. So the journal stated only 245 locations were discovered. The seven locations which did not increment the journal's discovered locations counter were: the cabin at Rabbit Grove, Grey Mother's House, Post Office, none of the three Crossroads Houses, and the Draft Dodger's Cabin. I submitted a bug report for this issue. Just confirmed. Hinterland does pay attention to submitted bug reports of minor nuisances and fixed the Journal's Discovered Locations counter with the Steadfast Ranger release. Thank you, Hinterland support! The 7 locations which did not increment the counter prior to Steadfast Ranger now increment the counter! So if you were counting locations prior to the release, the journal would incorrectly state you discovered only 245 locations (as @peteloud states) and if you are counting locations after the release, the journal will correctly state you discovered 252 locations (as @ajb1978 states).  
  6. I recall they started a campfire and let it burn out. At that point the were able to step on the campfire and get on top of one of the crates. Sorry, but I don't recall the exact details.
  7. Thank you. It's always a welcome surprise when an update is available.
  8. It is Rural Crossroads with the trees changed to Birch and a car added. Probably a lot more, too, after you cross the bridge.
  9. Yes, it's missing. after the last update. The artwork at the sport it was at has slightly changed too. Maybe this specific area has something in Episode 3. I reported it to support. See the other post here....
  10. Good observation! Did you document similar game nuances when you mapped FM? Be interesting to hear what you observed.
  11. Yay! Looking forward to hearing all about it!
  12. Yep. Already filed a support ticket this morning
  13. It's gone! It used to be right on the lower ledge in this screenshot! Don't know if they moved it or if it somehow got dropped. I will have to search for it again.
  14. Here's a picture of it with coordinates.
  15. What a sensible answer! Didn't even think about the natural growth cycle going dormant during the winter months. Wanted saplings to respawn, but now it makes sense why they do not :)