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  1. Firestarting is a crucial aspect of survival mode. From what I've observed, there are only 2 fire starting materials that are available in the game: metal fire strikers and matches. In most cases, you're likely to find decent stashes of matches. Even on the easiest settings, fire strikers don't seem to spawn often. However, I've experience play throughs where I ran out of matches and couldn't transition to a new area to look for supplies and the character died because they were unable to cook, melt snow, or warm up. I think flint rocks should be added as an additional fire starter.
  2. Yes, I've also encountered this bug. It's best to reload. There is no guarantee that they will flee if you follow the same actions as a TW encounter with a moral bar. Sometimes you can scare them away. I also suppose you could light a flare and make a run for it, while holding the flare.
  3. I thought the wolf howls acted as a proximity detector. Usually, if the wolf is near by and detects you, they either howl or growl ( if you have raw meat on you). They may not be visible, but this gives you an opportunity to either try to run for a building or abandoned car until they pass by (or prepare to fight). I've never encountered excessive wolf howling. However, there are times when you can see wolves in the distance looking for food and they'll start howling (not because they detect you). I'm not sure what purpose that serves (maybe wolf to wolf communication).
  4. This part is really glitchy. I had to place one of the survivors on the floor next to the bed before it would register green. Of course when the character placed them down, they actually ended up on the bed, but to get it to work, I had to select an area that wasn't actually on the bed.
  5. It seems that Will was unconscious after the plane crash for quite a while. Astrid probably didn't suffer any injuries and was able to leave the area immediately. Most likely, they were ejected from the plane and landed in different locations. It seems Astrid tried to look for him, but decided to move on when she couldn't locate his body. Seeing as how she made it throw the tunnel before it collapsed, she covered a lot of ground very quickly. On the other hand, Will wakes up after the crash (an undetermined amount of time has passed) injured and can't move around as quickly. By the time he discovers Milton, the tunnel has collapsed and he has to find a detour to get out.
  6. There are a lot of things to consider when engaging TW. 1. Is your scent indicator high? TW attack more frequently when you have raw or cooked meat in your inventory. Avoid carrying meat while doing survivor rescues. 2. What's the best path to take? TW are more likely to spawn in areas with clear lines of sight, such as the main roads or rivers. Sometimes walking through a forested area gives you more cover. Scan the area and try to spot the wolves first. If you notice them, you can move away before an encounter initiates. 3. If you have accurate aim, try to get a direct kill on a TW. This will immediately drop the moral meter to 0. 4. Marine flares are most effective. Try dropping a flare or flare shell in front of your character. This will cause the wolves to stall before making an approach. Then throw a marine flare at the wolf to decrease their morale. You need to throw before they move in for an attack, otherwise it has no effect of the morale meter. 5. Sometimes, if you scout ahead and take care of the TW first, you can then retrieve the survivor and transport them without initiating additional TW encounters. 6. Time of day also seems to be a contributing factor. TW seem to be more active in the late afternoon and evening. Also, whether has no influence on TW encounters. Fog/blizzard conditions don't seem to provide cover for your character. TW will still spot you. I managed to complete 1 of 3 survivor rescues without triggering any TW or bear encounters. They do not happen automatically. Sometimes the actions you take trigger the encounter.
  7. I'm playing on console. Is this a PC mod? Also, I'm fine not using a mod. Just wanted to complain about object placement.
  8. There are a few things that can be going on with your play through. 1. If you have meat on you (deer, rabbit, etc) while traveling with survivors, TW will attack multiple times because of the scent (even if meat is cooked). 2. If you walk in certain areas (along main roads or rivers) you're more likely to initiate a TW encounter. However, sometimes you can avoid them if you can walk off the normal pathways. If you scan the area and notice the wolves first, you can move away from them before an encounter is initiated. 3. Marine flares are more effective than regular flares or torches, but it's best to throw it at the wolf before they move in for the attack. If you attack carelessly, they meter doesn't go down at all and the wolves just keep circling around.
  9. The disinfectant found in the game (basically peroxide) is indeed flammable. Alcohol containing compounds, whether it be ethyl, methyl, or isopropyl alcohol are flammable, but wouldn't produce the intense temperatures you'd need for a successful and powerful molotov bomb. It would be unreasonable (if you were going for accuracy) to have a molotov bomb be a craftable item with just peroxide. Other survival games on the market do have molotov craftables, but they require liquor (not peroxide) to craft the item. It would reduce the realism of the game to make a molotov bomb craftable with peroxide. The game already has disinfectants, so yes it is redundant to place alcohol in-game and allow it to be used as a first aid item. However, the purpose of allowing alcohol to be used as a first aid item would be to introduce the new status effects that I mentioned. Whether or not alcohol actually makes you feel warmer isn't the issue. Essentially, we are talking about the placebo effect induced by consuming alcohol. I made this suggestion, simply to aid a radical element to the game. Frankly, even if there are a lot of players are opposed to adding alcohol as an in-game item, there are players who support it. Players who oppose it could simply refrain from collecting alcohol and using it. But to then say you want to craft a molotov, but use peroxide instead of alcohol is an oxy moron. Peroxide has a 3% alcohol content and is mostly water. Most liquors have a 50% or higher alcohol content. Also, I didn't suggest the compass idea because I want players to become lazy and not enjoy the landscape. The game has a beautifully crafted environment. Of course people should enjoy it. The developers put a lot of work into making it. However, as I pointed out in my previous post, the compass icon on the HUD would help players when traveling at night or during blizzards. Also, as stated previously, the compass would become more applicable if the player has done a lot of surveying and created detailed maps (wouldn't prevent players from examining the world) since in order to use the compass, they have to have a map with specified points. Also, the compass would work in-game. Otherwise it doesn't make sense that planes can fly in story mode, but will crash during an aurora event. Why can planes fly at all if the Earth's magnetic fields are so unstable? The only reason the plane crashed is because it encountered an aurora event, so the compass idea is logical. Also, that's why I suggested the compass wouldn't be usable during an aurora event. There must be some timeframe when there is a stable magnetic field. The suggestion I made about the items being unlockable after a certain period was only to counteract the fact that the 2 suggested items are so versatile. It is only a suggestion. The items could be available anytime just like other items.
  10. Exploration doesn't appear to be a central focus of story mode. Certain regions can't be accessed until you clear a particular objective. And certain transitions are permanent. They want you to learn about the island, its people, and their struggles, which is why there are so many notes, books, and artifacts to interact with. It is the best example of the "story" part of story mode. It's gives you an idea about how society functioned in world of the long dark. Survival mode is all about exploration and is kind of like some national geographic man vs wild experience. There seems to be a series of collectibles and other small objectives that provide a small "push" since there is absolutely no narrative to follow. Survival mode is really for players that want to craft their own gameplay experience.
  11. I haven't tried to cull the wolf population. The rifle misfires a lot, so I don't really use it. There are strategic ways to reduce wolf encounters and flares are a better deterrent against wolves. If you want to make use of the rifle, you should probably focus on deer hunting. Firearms deteriorate way too quickly in game.
  12. Are you playing the PC version of the game? I haven't encountered any of these bugs in the console version.
  13. This is just me venting, but other players may also find this annoying. I think the game can go overboard with object placement. Sometimes when trying to place a campfire or bedroll, it takes like 5 minutes. Even when I've made sure the area is completely flat and has no obstructions, the game won't allow be to place the object. I can rotate and flip the object 50 times and try all kinds of configurations, but can't place the object. The lantern is pretty easy to place, but like the bedroll can be annoying to try and place.
  14. I'm enjoying the game. It is very realistic. I have a few suggestions for changes that can be implemented to increase the versatility of the game and allow players to craft a more personalized gaming experience. Add alcohol as an in-game item. Here are my suggestions for use, effects, etc. - Alcohol (object design glass bottle) can be discovered and used as a multi-purpose item (unlockable after surviving 72 hours in-game). In real life, alcohol can be consumed, but also used as a disinfectant in an emergency or accelerant. Alcohol also acts as a vasodilator and can make people feel warmer. - Craftable: alcohol can be used for a new craftable item, the molotov. The molotov can be crafted anywhere as long as the player has .20L of alcohol and 1 bandage (takes 5 minutes to craft). Can be equipped and be thrown like flares or torches and has a medium area of effect (size of an area rug). Player must have a firestarter item in their inventory to ignite molotov before throwing (wind/blizzard conditions will reduce ability to ignite molotovs). Creates a fire outbreak upon impact that lasts for 15 minutes. The fire outbreak will deter animals from approaching, but if the animal or player gets too close, they can receive burn wounds. Can inflict burn wounds on wildlife in or near the AOE and results in 3 degrees of damage. 1: light burns - animal has light burns and becomes scared. Flees momentarily, but may return to attack again (effective range is within 1 meter of AOE zone). 2: stinging burns - animal has medium burns that reduce mobility and render it immobile for 1-3 minutes, giving the player the opportunity to escape or inflict a mortal wound on animal (effective range is at the edge of the AOE zone). 3: severe burns - animal has severe burns, which result in immediate death. However, severe burns will give the animal the status effect singed fur, rendering animal pelts unusable and player will not have the option to harvest the pelt, but can still harvest meat and guts (effective range center of AOE zone). - First aid: alcohol can be used to disinfection wounds from animal bites, but has a 30% of failure. Alcohol can also be used in place of pain killers to reduce pain. However, when alcohol is used in place of typical first aid items, the player obtains the following status effect: 1. warming buzz - Player's temperature meter will decay at a lower rate (- 40%) for 1 hour and have reduced onset of frostbite and hypothermia risk for 1 hour. However, the player will also become slightly intoxicated, resulting is reduced mobility and blurred vision for 30 minutes. - Consumable - alcohol is a consumable item that will slightly decrease your thirst meter, slightly increase your fatigue meter, and have no effect on the hunger meter. Consuming alcohol will give player the warming buzz status effect. Alcohol, if consumed after player has ingested a moldy food item (or a food item with 30% or lower decay rate) will give the player a 40% chance to obtain the status effect sterilizing agent, which will reduce the chance of acquiring the food poisoning affliction by 100% (has no affect if player already has food poisoning affliction). Add a compass as an in-game item. The compass can serve as a navigation item (unlockable after surviving 120 hours). Here are my suggestions for use. The compass is a tool that will help players navigate through the game once they have been able to make detailed maps via surveying. The compass tool, when equipped, will add a small compass needle icon to the HUD. The player, if they have surveyed and created a map, can open their map and set a map marker to any discovered location on the map. Then the compass icon will have a red needle point in the direction of the marked location. This will help players navigate through blizzards or at night, when visibility is lowest and allow them to conserve lighting resources. The compass should have a low decay rate, as they normally do not experience a lot of wear and tear in real life, but in turn, be an item that can't be repaired to increase item condition. The compass can be equipped at night if moonlight is present, but can't be equipped during an aurora event, as there would be magnetic interference. The compass also can't be equipped in dark, unlit spaces such as caves or trailers.