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  1. I really would like to play this game again. However, I have no interest in playing Wolf Slayer 3000...I don't even know how you are getting away with calling this a survival sim any more You definitely should not have that line about "you against all that mother nature can dish out" as it is entirely supernatural now. Not even the weather is natural. Please add a custom game option to make wolves be afraid of campfires like they used to be. If this is not a possible option, please reply thus and I will delete this garbage game that was once a masterpiece. Every time I see the game in my library I get angry. Thanks for ruining what was my favorite game. And yes, I've tried playing the old versions...but I just can't get into it. The idea I am forced to play an old version of the game to actually play a game that meets the game's description disgusts me and I loose interest after a while.