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  1. Can you guys please send me a main theme song mp3? Can't search it.
  2. Can you guys please just send me a main theme mp3 file?
  3. Bergmann

    Wish list

    хотя бы вид перчаток от первого лица и мясо птиц реализовать можно, думаю с этого и начнется следующее обновление ))
  4. chinese marketing haha
  5. is the China starting capturing the world ?
  6. Bergmann

    Own wish list

    no, developers want to bring the game before reality for the maximum, so, then anybody else, when he or she sleep on the cold, they necessarily wake up 100%, at this game, character must wake up, at least when he has 10% of health,
  7. Bergmann

    Own wish list

    And one of the most thing, when you work on a workbench, a bear or a wolf are passing by, the character must stop working in order to reach the shelter. Otherwise, it turns out that the character works, and bears and wolves run alongside. it is not real.