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  1. for this reason it should be a clothes with very good statistics for interlooper players
  2. Estanfork


    the shotgun would be very good, I'm tired of carrying 60 bullets of revolver to visit BI preferably sawed off shotgun or this would have to weigh about 5 kg
  3. Thank you very much for your opinions about the pants I agree I think it would fit very well and would serve as an additional incentive for you to visit the map (interloper) since they had virtually no reason to risk visiting this map with those wolves. adding timberwolf underwear would be a bit weird, my intention was always to maintain realism with these garments, a stole as an accessory would be pretty good
  4. I think that this would not fit the game with an item that is too much over power and would destroy the mechanics completely simply by cutting down a tree you would not need to collect more wood throughout the game.
  5. With the recent addition of Bleak Inlet and Timberwolfs it is possible to add new clothes made from the skin of these animals these would be garments for intermediate players because this area is for this type of players so the possible garments that would fit with the game They would be boots and a coat both can be designed and would have a good appearance that would fit the character in relation to their statistics, these must be located between the wolf skin and the bear. The new skin must have (Coat) Warmth (5.0 ° C) Windproof (4.5 ° C) Waterproof (90% or 95%) Protection (16%) Mobility (18%) Weight 5 kg Possibility to fear timberwolf and wolfs (15%) Why that statistic? Warmth: the skin of timberwolfs is bigger than a common wolf Windproof: the skin of timberwolfs are better for storms in the real life Waterproof: your coat to be adapted for storms should also be for moisture Protection: It has to be balanced so 16% is okay Weight: skin of timberwolfs is bigger than a common wolf so it is having to be heavier these statistics are at a midpoint to highlight the first point that must be garments for intermediate players capable of killing these fearsome beasts For the boots I don’t have many ideas now but I can think about if it was useful Pd: Enjoy the holidays community of the long dark. Sorry for my English I speak spanish