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  1. Yeah, tbh wasn't expecting the pandemic to be (pretty much) over here in nz, im glad we have her. I hope things are improving where you are, stay safe!
  2. Hope your doing fine too, Im sure the pandemic will wash over in a while, its pretty much been eradicated here. And indeed the long dark is a great distraction, still hooked here too!
  3. yikes 😬, its good you live outside of the main city, and you have a garden and forest too escape too (i've got pretty much the same here) but it still must be rather frightening. its shaking our communities here as this is the first time in history our borders have closed, were literally living in a history defining event and it feels odd, and somewhat ambiguous. luckily our country has made a good response and action plan for the virus, check the photo for our "alert level" system (ignore the red, it was posted a few weeks ago and stated that we were at lvl 2, now we've gone to lvl 4 for ~5 weeks). i hope things take a similar route in France, i wish you and who you know well.
  4. using time, a surplus of hides, guts, wood or some other rigid material a player could craft themselves a tent. a portable structure that could be set up in a matter of 20 minutes. at which point it becomes a shelter against the wind, snowfall, or even a small to medium blizzard. it would offer some protection against wildlife but ultimately a bear or moose could run down the tent and expose the player. the tent would have warmth bonus, higher than that of a snow shelter (do they have warmth bonus's?), and a high wind/waterproofing, to help protect the player against the frigid winds. possibly a small fire could be lit inside, granted the tent had a chimney and appropriate room for one, it would have room for placing a bedroll and even dropping some items. i get that some players would not have use for such an item. as a snow shelter can be made easily and a tent would have a high maintenance cost, that is the hides and guts that are needed to keep it in working order, but having a portable shelter that is somewhat protective against wildlife and protective against the environment on you when making a long hall trip, or exploring a region such as HRV or TM in my eyes would be a plus. i really just want to get people opinions on such an item, as i personally would see it as a valuable tool when exploring desolate, and unsheltered regions as i find myself hugging up against a rock wall with a campfire and a bedroll too often, not having the supplies for a snow shelter or the means to get to a nearby cabin. but being able to set up a tent, and reside inside of it would be beneficial to those who are always on the move. your thoughts?
  5. "lord of the ring landscape dweller", i like your style as for the pandemic were doing pretty fine, we've just been placed under a 4 week lock down, perfect time for achievement grinding am i right 😏. we're testing about 1,800 people a day, with roughly 60~ coming back as positive 600 confirmed and 47 probable cases. its a bit odd really, with my mum being a nurse and essential services she keeps us posted, but i never thought id live during a real pandemic. NZ is keeping up fine, Jacinda made the right actions at the right time and has probably saved us alot of deaths, hows things over yonder? NEW ZEALAND CASES: https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-current-situation/covid-19-current-cases NZ MINISTRY OF HEALTH: https://www.health.govt.nz/
  6. i do agree with lynxes, they'd be a cool addition. and mountain lions too, HRV sounds like they're kinda place 😜 but i do recon we need a creature that scavenges the players dropped food items. as for safe boxes maybe the player could have the option to fill a cabinet with snow, and the rest of the cabinet with meat, and say every day or so you had to re-fill it. that could be a cool mechanic when it comes to safe guarding your food from one-day scavengers that may be added to the game. but in general i think we need a few smaller creatures, foxes, bob cats and so on. it would be a nice addition.
  7. wow, thats quiet the challenge. though as for where molly found Astrid, whats your opinion on that?
  8. haydenthebrave


    lots of us drop uncooked meat outside of where we reside to prevent it from rotting, if it is dropped from the inventory nothing will eat it. but, what if, foxes. they would follow a player with high scent around, waiting for them to drop their meat or rose-hips, and when they do the fox could sweep in and yank the meat, sprinting off with it, maybe even from the characters inventory if they don't keep the foxes at bay. alongside that they would skulk around until a player enters his/her cabin and it would thieve the meat, fish, or rose-hips sitting outside. running away to designated burrows (much like bear caves) to feast upon the stolen food. they could also be the primary hunters of rabbits. and prey to wolves. they wouldn't attack the player, unless they have a full scent indicator and the fox was hungry, at which they would do minimal lacerations. (i feel bad saying this) but they could also be hunted for their hide, an instakill much like rabbits with maybe the exception of rocks stunning them. their hides could be made into scarves. or maybe better ear wraps to go into the accessories category. one day if crows gain the ability to land foxes could hunt them. and bring them back to their burrows. where the player could collect dropped feathers. or when the fox isn't home scour its den for little snig bits of loot, of course angering the fox if it is to come back and see this. i recon the addition of the fox, or a similar creature is much needed, wolves are currently our smallest carnivorous creatures and i could see the fox being just this little neuscence for players to have to deal with, or even (am i the only one who does this with wolves) leave spare meat out for them, it would spice up long haul trips with a lil furry friend (more like ratbag) following you around and giving you something to keep on your toes about. feel free to tell me what you think, im open to criticism
  9. if you review the first minute ish of ep 3 molly finds Astrid in the snow outside a collapsed tunnel. i always took that for the other side of the collapsed tunnel in Milton, or you could say the other side of the collapsed tunnel is in this new region. i just visited long curve as i couldn't remember what it was, tunnel or landslide? but it is landslide, meaning that Astrid must've been either at the Milton tunnel, or a new tunnel in this new region we are unaware of, im sticking with the Milton tunnel for now. you also pointed out how Astrid probably couldn't survived in her "lousy starting gear" (great description :P) for a number of days. i recon she was outside of the Milton tunnel, being too injured and cold to progress she collapsed in the snow, only for molly to find her when she was out on an exploit. EDIT: looking over the footage the hills also seen very reminiscent of those on the Milton side of the tunnel
  10. ah thank you for that, there is a substantial enough spot for a new region, maybe well see it in the future? though i doubt it with both possible entrances to the road blocked. so that out rules my theory. would've been interesting, but it is far, faarrr more plausible that this is the route molly took. and that long curve collapsed after she got Astrid back, didn't she say Astrid had been out for a couple of days? that solves the issue of how she got to Milton, though it does seem like a loonggg way to walk all for a hunting trip when there are plenty of viable spots almost literally on her front porch, maybe she got a tip that was where the prison bus crashed and was out "hunting" for any prisoners she could find. more plausible perhaps?
  11. thanks for finding those flaws, i knew itd be a long shot just couldnt find em myself. there is a road that leads from milton the pleasant valley. you just cant access it in game, if you go to the cave bewteen milton and mystery lake you can see down the side of the mountain and across to a stranded lorry, on a road which clicked in my mind to be the one connected to the collapsed tunnel. upon looking at the geography on the island it appears to be the one connected to long curve. here is a map depicting where the road roughly is, it bisects an unnamed region from milton to pleasant valley. here is also an image from the milton side of the cave connecting milton and mystery lake, you can see the lorry, and upon the hills plane. but most importantly the road connecting the two regions.
  12. i know this is a long shot, but in episode 2 during the "lake gunshots" quest you meet a forest talker who is afraid to leave his cabin because his friend was shot and killed. we know molly makes her way to Milton on her hunting trips and to do so shed have to pass through mystery lake. could it be possible she was the one who shot the forest talkers friend. then depending on whether you took the ammo from the bag could she have been the one to kill the man with her bow? both were male and she has a clear distrust as she is a misandrist, could she have killed them?
  13. Hello, my name is Hayden Maich. i have grown up in the south island of new Zealand my whole life and would like to visit Canada one day. as i have not even left this island before. with an active family living on the outskirts of a small town with a sizeable back yard, big enough to house many horses, i was always intrigued by nature, wildlife and as a scout survivalism as a skill and hobby. when the long dark came out back in 2014 i was huge into gaming, mainly survival games (embarrassingly like minecraft :p) and had an urge to play TLD one day. now at nearly 15yrs of age with 44/48 achievements and 278 hrs in the game over the last year ive had it, it has risen and with ease toppled over my other favorite games to become my favorite of all time, i hold it in such high respect it is crazy. also as a crazy story teller i have dug hard into the lore. and hope one day to fully uncover it (im coming Raphael :P). outside of that my hobby's include archery, soon bow hunting. crafts, science, aurora australis hunting, and dungeons and dragons. i hope to be a helper and valuable member of this game community, thank you for your time.