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  1. Your test will probably not give same results. This bear was bugged. You must find bear which is not behaving as normal bear.
  2. Tell me about this test after you are done.
  3. Putting your self as far back as possible is a mistake becouse some parts of your body may be sticking out of hut and they may be atacked. You have to be in the middle. It will work even without doors unless bug like the one I posted happens.
  4. Today I have been fighting teleportin bear. He teleported evry time he grained agro. Later he just went throu my fishing cabin. He didnt atacked me, he just went by me. I took sc too late to get his head so I got only his ass Somethink was wron about him from the beginnig. He had very strange path I have never encountered before and he respawned one hour after I killed him (but there is small probability it was another bear in same spot I dont know).
  5. Once I was behind fence and bear went throu house. Another time I was in mountaineer's hut and wolf head was stuck in the fireplace. I think you were standing too close to the wall so wolf attacked you throu wall.
  6. Will it disappear if it is on the ground?
  7. I did it to find my way on ice during storm. It saves live.
  8. Will meat disappear after long time?
  9. I found a lot of them but they get destroyed very fast. I used 9 to paint the way from a shore to an island on the costal highway and it was not enough.
  10. Dederus


    It is good and resonable idea to give lee scope. I would like to have one for sure but I think adding one to a revolver is too much.
  11. Dederus


    Right now in the game we can get food only by hunting animals or looting new areas. Being able to make small indoor farm would make long term life easier.
  12. Dederus


    I think it would be good to have some kind of colder and warmer seasons over course of the year. Some ice and snow would melt changing environment, creating new routes and giving acces to new areas.