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  1. Stalker loot Bordom is what usually kills most long term games because one only has the daily grind to do. I still can't finish that 500 day planned run.
  2. Books are not read like in survival mode and that metal shard probably can't be sharpened. So skip the story mode until it is finished and come over to the survival side.
  3. Also some thing to check is start quartering and push the ESC button to stop the process, then continue to quarter. Does the time restart or does is continue where you stopped?
  4. Having options for every play style is nice, so I think an option to set the minimum number of items in a stack to get the "how many" UI, instead of just having the default of 5 or more be the only choice.
  5. U47

    Morale Boost?

    Something for everyone in this game, even the Cold Ethyl fans!
  6. This what you looking for?
  7. Sounds like the setting "Struggle Clothing Damage" is set to High in your custom settings. Might want to double check your settings the next run you start.
  8. U47

    Wolfskin Hat

    Yes it would!,
  9. U47

    Wolfskin Hat

    +1,000,000 My current stalker run has made me really realise how many wolf hides one can accumulate. So definitely a new item to craft from a wolf hide!
  10. When you cook a fish with an existing small container or Jerry can with low condition fuel, isn't the new fuel from the cooked fish placed in the existing container until it is full? Never really paid attention to this but I believe is what happens and that is mixing different condition fuel.
  11. U47

    Death From Above

    No warnings just use logic and that would be on the player. High winds or blizzard? Stay away from trees. Limbs might fall and hit you. Otherwise I like the idea of another outside danger.
  12. Hello and first off thank you for a wonderfully, enjoyable game! Couple of quick questions to get the developers thoughts on a few things. 1. Eating ruined (0% condition) cooked meat gives the full calories and with Cooking at lvl5 the player has no chance of getting food poisoning also cooking ruined (0% condition) meat restores it to 50% condition. Ruined is ruined, we are unable to repair clothes or other items that are ruined so what makes meat so special? 2. Drinking a tea to get a few calories and reduce the weight of said tea does not give the benefit of the tea. Drinking this left over tea, at a later time, gives the player the full benefit as if they had drank the entire tea. These all seem to be "exploits" or clever use of game mechanics to me and each player can do as they will and I am not to judge them. I am just wondering is this was the intended way the developers envisioned these game mechanics?