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  1. Oh shoot. I forgot about this post because the game started working perfectly again ( not sure if Hinterland realeased a fix ) Anyway, thanks for your support guys <3
  2. It started crashing right after the Redux Patch... It NEVER crashed before the update Its awful to roll the dice every time I exit a building... I guess I have to remember to save the game before exiting everytime.
  3. Yeah. Imagine entering a building and the music is still playing while and after the loading screen. That'd be great.
  4. the game NEVER have crashed before the Redux update. I never checked if it only happens during the day because im too affraid to go out at night xD
  5. My game is crashing 1/5 of the time I exit a building. I gave up playing wintermute because of this. I'm using Windows 8. I hope hinterland will do something about this . Is there someone thats in the same boat as me ?