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  1. I would say the game IS advanced but definitely restricted. It is a game after all. I love this game but I always wanted it to be more of a sandbox than it is. They've done some world crafting like snow shelter and some item placement but other than that you are pretty restricted in that regard. I mean you can't even jump, you sprain a wrist just walking on a slope and wolves act like you're a wounded rabbit lol. But yeah they tell you straight up that nothing you learn in this game should be applied to a real survival situation.
  2. Seems like a great start and if you've made it 100 days before, you know what you're doing. My last run of 44 days had fuel problems that dissuaded me from chasing game I had shot and ended in me desperately eating wolf and bear meat and contracting intestinal parasites (14% come on!) which eventually led to my body littering some cave for another survivor to pick crow feathers off Keep the struggle and don't mess with the intestinal parasite Gods! lol. GL to ya
  3. My sweet summer child... jk but I actually found they've responded to this popular complaint very well. A year ago you couldn't step into the Barn in PV at mid-day without plunging into unreasonable darkness. It is actually really well lit these days and I've found many houses to have a similar increase in lighting. I play only Interloper (Johnny Bravo flex) so I almost never have the luxury of lighting a building and since their updates I haven't found it necessary at all. I've actually been thinking about making a post thanking the devs for these changes alongside the changes to the ignition source priorities. I can't seem to find in the change logs but they have indeed changed none the less. Is there a specific location you are finding darker during mid day perhaps?
  4. Previous Interloper best was 15 days. Went for an ill advised run through FM towards the forge (assuming I'd find some shelter but, alas, I learned a lesson- dead by cold). New run. 25 days in. Forged a knife, hatchet and 10 arrow heads at the Riken. Retreated successfully to mystery lake with the goal of gearing up, hunting and becoming one with winter. First hunt went poorly as I followed a wolf that was prowling a deer up a slope. Heard the sounds of the wolf tearing at flesh as I crested the ridge. Had a clean shot but noted that the weather had me close to cold damage though I had barely spent 10 min outside. Anxiety about how I was to harvest anything in this wind crept in. Hit the wolf but missed the head so he ran off towards the frozen lake. I followed, as I valued my arrow more than immediate meat and hides. As I ran I was ambushed by 2 of his pack, somehow behind me now. Luckily I had decoys and deployed them, though visibility was not ideal at all in the trees. One wolf made off with his meal and the other I shot, again missing a critical strike. I now had 2 precious arrows running away from me into the unknown. I was beginning to feel the condition penalties for being out in such weather and realized the penalties for being a poor shot with a bow. I decided to book it back to the camp office and attempt harvesting later. The third wolf had no intention of allowing this, without a fight, as he placed himself right in my path. With no easy way around and still a decoy in my belt I steeled myself and prepared a shot. By now my hands were shaking from mild exhaustion and my arrows did not fly true. Several encounters later had me backing my way into the camp office with the realization that my first hunt had set me back considerably and worse, I had not the fuel nor food to stay healthy. The next few days had me running blindly through weather I wouldn't have dreamed to go out in just for a few sticks to burn to purify water. I munched my stores of cattails. Finally a break in the weather had me sprinting on the lake path towards the lake cabins where I knew I could find some reclaimed fuel. My goal was to chop wood and fish for immediate survival. My long term goals suspended in the face of 10% condition with zero buffer or respite. The Interloper world is now laughing at me. I come out of the cabin and sprint towards the nearest fishing hut, no opportunity for caution anymore. I realize my path had led me to a choke point of decisions and it is now do or die. I reach the hut in the dead of night. It is day 33. I am alive. I will continue to fight The Long Dark.
  5. A good question worth investigating. I would think though, that if they are indeed additive and not multiplicative that any fuel added to any fire in range will have the same overall temperature effect, meaning that multiple fires wouldn't produce more heat than a single fire using the same amount of fuel. However, as mentioned by @Mroz4k, there may still be an advantage in that multiple fires could be placed in such a way as to mitigate the chance that you will lose fire completely as the wind changes.
  6. I'm interested in what everyone's plan of action on Interloper is, specifically for the first week or two. Are there certain regions and specific locations you head to? Do you risk it all early and head to TWM early after a PV spawn? Do you speed through locations looking for supplies or forage off the land and go slowly? Is getting to the forge with appropriate tools the priority? I've successfully crafted tools and arrow heads only a couple times on Interloper but each of these has ended in some tragedy, probably caused by my eagerness to get to the 'sustainable' style of living with a bow and knife. P.S. I run Cold Fusion and Snow Walker
  7. And sardines. It's the poor man's surf and turf with dessert and a soda to wash it down 😉
  8. All modes below interloper are relatively easy I think once you have played enough. Interloper is a huge leap up from stalker and I play it (rather than customs) because I like saving my stats... I do wish I could choose the time of start without custom settings though. Starting interloper at night often crosses that line of difficult into annoying.
  9. Yes. Although I was fishing for something more descriptive than 'low' 'med' high'... Luckily, in this case, Pilgrim is indeed set to 'none'. So I truly don't think cloth would ever become a real factor in Pilgrim and you could potentially play forever after cloth runs out with no problems. The beach combing method is great advice though if you do want to keep a flow of otherwise nonrenewable resources.
  10. I've never played any long term pilgrim games so I'm curious as to the weather change on pilgrim over time. How severe is the cold in late game? Personally I wouldn't worry too much about your cloth items as it seems to me the craft-able items will see you through. If you are worried about it then set aside some of your best cloth gear in storage (minimal repairs required) for if/when the cold actually requires them.
  11. Hope you enjoy it! It's definately different. If you find yourself frustrated I'd recommend "training" on custom interloper with wolves turned off or at least very rare so you can learn the tricky places they hide stuff in relative peace. (Crouch and check under everything on interloper 😉)
  12. Exactly. To be fair though it's probably not a great benefit except in a few areas like quonset garage
  13. Play interloper and you won't need to worry about ending a run yourself 😎 I enjoy it because you are quite often on the verge of death but you can find ways to survive despite the odds. It's the truest game experience as far as I'm concerned. The Long Dark is the enemy and the only thing we say to it is "not today"
  14. Crouch when exiting any building. Travel on high ground as much as possible. Keep 50% sprint energy reserved. There are many but if I had to choose one golden rule it would be: Never travel without close to full condition unless absolutely necessary. #1 killer by far is death by wolves.
  15. When traveling, try to chase bunnies (or deer...rabbits are easier) towards the direction you are headed and especially over ridges. This wolf was waiting just over the edge of my line of sight and I would have been his lunch had my fluffy friend not taken the hit for me