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  1. As someone previously suggested, a decent way to fix this (even keeping the current trashcan behaviour of level 5 cooking) would be to decrease calories of meat as it degrades. Maybe not 1 to 1, but if a ruined steak started to amount 20% calories of the fresh one it would be significant. Keep in mind that reaching level 5 cooking is easy, with or without grinding by making mincemeat. Parasites stop being an issue rather early in a game.
  2. True, but if you kill a moose or bear you'll have enough meat to call it a stockpile, unless you allow it to go to waste, which I wouldn't. Same goes for wolves, if I kill one by struggle or to make an area safer I feel bad to just leave it to rot.
  3. All "legitimate" ways had already been stated. And it's an irrelevant exploit if ever here was one, it basically gives the illusion of smoking meat.
  4. From what I've observed it remains smoked in time. Frozen in time sounded inappropriate for this. A cooked but not picked up piece of meat is like an unfinished crafted item, it has no decay rate because it's not "in game". The process of cooking meat or fish is considered finished only when you pick the steak up (proof is that, as you may have noticed, that's the moment when you get the experience points). So if you don't touch the meat left on the cooking slots of an extinguished fire it won't decay because it's "out of play". Some may call it an exploit, but since it occupies a whole cooking surface and the advantage is so insignificant I like to pretend I've smoked it and left it on the rack.
  5. Cook it on a well-timed fire and leave it untouched on the cooking slots.
  6. Yes, but getting to it takes probably more time than going to the ravine cave, where you may even be able to light fires with the lens.
  7. It's as wolfy as the PV one, but firewood is nearer and you won't bump into a bear as you walk out in the morning.
  8. Yes, the Raven Falls Ravine is a typical vacation spot of mine, to avoid cabin fever and hunt some deer in peace.
  9. That's a nice piece of weirdness. I personally enjoy staying out of reach so they'll ignore me and then killing them as they stop to howl. "Shut up, you filthy mutt!"
  10. Wait, what's that, Santa's village? And then I remember I still had some grudge against the guy in a Coke costume. We all got the wrong present one time or another.
  11. Well, there are so many possible solutions that I don't think it's worth complaining about it. When you harvest meat you usually have decimals. Like your average 1.1 kg rabbit. Select all, deselect till only 0.1 remains and that's it. It works with bigger animals too. You can use the same method to make mincemeat of something to practice cooking or have multiple small pieces to use as decoy. Canceling the harvesting action also works to give even smaller pieces. Or if you eat a steak and it's too much you'll have leftovers. Or you can cancel halfway when harvesting meat. Dropping decoys is a hasty action to avoid trouble, so I don't think it would be fitting to choose a steak from the backpack, cut off a tiny bit, drop it on the ground, put the rest away and move on. Grab something fleshy, get rid of it and take cover.
  12. Practical reasons? The dam. It's in the middle of everything, has plenty of lockers, several workbenches. The only flaws is that the nearest bed is in the trailer across the gate and there's no easily accessible kitchen, so you may end up using campfires shielded by some junk in the front yard. Beautiful places? Camp office, Mountaineer's hut in TWM, maybe the Paradise Meadows or Pleasant Valley farms?
  13. If you shoot a bear with an RPG you'll probably have a critical hit but meat and hide will be ruined.
  14. Random piece of weirdness. I just scored a deadly critical hit on this chubby fellow and the arrow fell of by itself. Or maybe the arrow got it in the throat, the bear started spinning wildly for the pain, the centrifugal force dislodged the arrow and the bear died in a matter of seconds. But then the whole coastal village should be spray-painted red by now...
  15. Are you sure the fist arrow really missed? Didn't the arrow break on impact and fall off, maybe? Or maybe it just ended up under the carcass and you'll have to wait for it to despawn (don't quarter or the arrow is a goner). Did the bear react in some way to the first arrow?