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  1. Of course I haven't memorized every minute detail, but whenever I enter a map I basically know what buildings and landmarks are around and what direction they're in. It's all quite familiar to me and the magic and danger of exploration isn't there quite as much as it once was. Unless it's foggy, then all bets are off, but just making it foggy more often isn't really a substitute. I'm surprised I'm getting so much pushback over this from some of you. I'm not suggesting they get rid of the current maps and stop adding new ones - I do appreciate the level of detail that has gone into the ones we have - I just think some kind of random seed map would be a nice addition. Once again, of course there will be some concessions because a random map isn't going to necessarily be balanced/well-thought-out (it's random!), there might be some bizarre looking scenery and such, items spawning in places you can't reach, etc., but I think all of that would make things interesting for those that want to shake things up.
  2. Even if there had to be some concessions, at least it wouldn't be the same ol shit over and over. The game loses its meaning when you know it all. I mean, maybe I'm not giving the devs enough credit, but these environs don't seem all that detailed.
  3. I remember Soldier of Fortune 2 having a random map ("seed") generator and while I know things have come along quite a ways since then and this is a totally different kind of game, I feel like this should be an essential feature for this game. I love Survival Mode, but after playing it a few times you start to learn the map. This is a problem. This game was waaaaaaaaaay more fun when I wasn't familiar with the map. If I'm on the design team this is a no-brainer.