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  1. So leaving it in the cold, uncooked won’t do anything to preserve it, even if it’s harvested?
  2. Has anyone else faced the same problem and overcome it? When you kill a moose you get way more meat than you can eat before it spoils, even once it’s cooked. So has anyone tried butchering as much as you can take and use before it spoils, leaving behind the rest to freeze on the carcass for later harvesting? Does this strategy work?
  3. I agree in part with your viewpoint on this. However it wouldn’t result in a full litre of water, probably .25L just enough to stave of thirst. It was just an idea anyway as it’s a real world survival tactic and can be done without a fire, since in the real world you can’t always just whip one up ya know? But anyways like I said, just an idea.
  4. Even if this was something that was ever added, I think finding a scope and having to have the means to attach it to a rifle would be interesting. That said, I don’t think it’s really a worthwhile addition as that’s the whole point of the game - danger makes you second guess EVERYTHING! Without that it might as well be one of the generic hunting games you see at your local bar. So to contradict myself, binoculars would be appreciated but not necessary, and a scoped rifle I think is entirely unnecessary.
  5. Now I know that snow can be melted into water and then potable water so please bear with me. I Know there are water purifying tablets in the game but I for one rarely if ever use them as it’s just as easy to pass time and turn the water into potable water over the fire. However, and this is a survival tactic in real life- how about being able to melt snow in small amounts in between layers of clothing? The idea is that it’s not right up to the skin of the would-be survivor as it does sap warmth. But in between layers the heat kept in between ones clothing can melt enough snow for a quick drink. If this were entered into the game it would allow for a host of side effects to this action, ie, body warmth drops more quickly, so warmer clothing is almost a necessity in order not to die of hypothermia just for a sip of water. Also I would find it to be more of a reason to use the water purifying tablets as obviously body heat isn’t going to purify the water. It’s an interesting thought that you can melt water while your moving through the map. For me I would see more of a reason to use purifying tablets. It would impact time - how long to melt the snow in say 0.5L increments (as this is the smallest amount I’ve seen as an option in-game), are you really in a position to do it without risking your health temperature wise, do you risk drinking unpotable water if you don’t have purifying tablets... etc... I think it’s an interesting thought, and like I said, a real world, proven method - with draw backs. Thoughts?
  6. I didn’t mean for hunting with a scope. I agree, it would definitely take the level of skill out of the game, but as a means to see into the distance, so I guess binoculars, or a scope In the truest sense of a scope- not one used for hunting.
  7. Just today found the revolver, 10 days into a new survival game. Lots of near misses and a few moments I turned my console off before it could save when I was being attacked (one of which was a bear attack 😬) but really enjoy the new dynamics with this update. Now where’s my rifle?
  8. I’ve been playing TLD for some time now. I’m not sure if this has been discussed already, so I apologize if this is old news. So I’ve noticed that the game is very immersive (obviously) and the world is very detailed. I was wondering if the devs have ever considered adding either a scope that can be found and attached to the rifle, or instead a pit of binoculars. I can understand that there may be good reason to refrain, wanting to keep the maps as mysterious as possible, not knowing what’s on top of the next mountain or in the next valley. But I was wondering if this had been considered and if so the reasons for choosing to add or not add this aspect into the game. There have been times that having the zoom a pair of binoculars or scope would provide (whether used in combination with the rifle for hunting or not) some great assistance. Just a thought. I can understand both sides of this, and am just looking for some input. as always, love the game!
  9. Noice. Just actually managed not to die within 7 days, stalker mode. No rifle, no pistol, but hoping this will change soon.
  10. Maybe this has been asked or maybe I’m just a noob, but do we need to start survival sandbox over to get the updates in game?
  11. I played like an hour after the kids were asleep and the wife was chill with me having some game time. The update is AWESOME!!!!! I love it! I barely got a chance to see the fixes and improvements but it definitely runs more smoothly and is generally just AWESOME!
  12. I’ve just finished playing the story mode and have started on survival and have noticed that a lot of the elements of survival are missing from the story mode, such as opening a can without an opener and losing a percentage of the food, not being able to sleep when you are fully rested etc. It would be great if those were implemented into the story mode but that probably would be a sizeable overhaul of story mode.
  13. Thanks for the response and guidance. While I can operate a smart phone and Xbox I’m completely useless when it comes to forums. No I love the game and just thought that they were further ahead with the devoloping of episodes. But that’s fine. I like the wait and just today started out on sandbox survival mode! This game is epic and the dev’s deserve the recognition for that. All good things got that way through work and rework of weaker points and from what I’ve seen, the rest of this story is going to be killer!! Thanks for the heads up! I thought I was going crazy!