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  1. I cant get feathers from fresh carcasses i mean from the animals i have hunted. Only from pre-established ones. Any one having the same issue?
  2. Here you can see the first video about the same situation.
  3. I´ve posted a video were Mr. Bear keeps away because a fire, i thought i was a bug but now i can confirmed that this is a new behaviour. Would be nice if this kind of changes would be announced in the changelogs after the updates...
  4. i share a video from an interloper custom run (8tnM-bj8P-Kxsj-maGO-7ulB), where i've experienced a very weird behavior from a bear in BI. He stayed on a hold position and didnt care about the flare shot, altough it was a bit off time, i hited him, (it was counted in the flare gun hit stats) didnt flee and not bleed either. any one had have similar situation?
  5. No there isnt. I've found some one in mysterious signal fire but is just a bug. Raphael has confirmed (a couple of days ago in Twitter) that there arent any guns on loper
  6. Agree! Dried meat and bow drill are great abscenes in the game. Furthermore, could eat ruined meat shoud not be an option. 0% meat should dissappear even if you place it on the snow. The dried meat would be the option to long term food stock pile in different maps but not for ever.. around day 300 we almost hunt by sport and in some cases dor the hides (moose and bears)
  7. Really? Survive interloper is not an issue, once you craft the bow and reach cooking lvl5 is almost a piece of cake for a regular player with more than 500 hours in game. Most of veteran players just start again after 200 days because we have already loot all the maps and survive is too easy... your suggest is very disrepectful for good players
  8. Would be a nice addition! I suggest that could be a bit lighter, 4 kg is ok i think.
  9. what about add the bow drill to the game? although even on interloper we can deal with matches scarcity thanks to magnifying glass i think would be a nice addition. It could be an only-craftabled item made it with one cured gut 1 reclaimed wood and 1 stick in a workbench and no option to repair (it will lost condition with each use). We could only use it once we get fire starting level 3, takes three times longer to light (compared with matches) and succeful probabilties start with 25% on lvl3 then 50% on lvl4 and 90% on lvl5 (time to start reduces proportional with the level too). I suggested this low probabilties and restriction to lvl3 in order to dont get the game so easy but sustentable on interloper very long runs and to stay even more time outdoors and increase exploration experience
  10. the fact that they are domesticated is the reason that they dont afraid from fires because their knows that are safe (fire=human=safe). Even lions are afraid from fires lol
  11. if you hold a torch and a wolf is stalker to you not problem, he wont charge, but what about when you need to relight another one? He jump and on iterloper early game, without any animal gear, it is over. Lets see what happen in real life. Why you should light a fire to spend a night in the nature? beacuse of predator afraid from fires, everyone know that. So yes, it would be a great mistake if it is intentional and will ruined the game. To balance interloper difficulty (it used to be too easy for experienced players ) now we have the Twolves.
  12. that doesn't any sense, most predator are afraid from fires. So now we could be harvesting or cooking a bear (for example) and a wolf would jumping to us? that is a nonsense. I hope that not true because the game completely will be ruined
  13. Thanks! but what about wolves that dont afraid from campfires on interloper? is that intentional? Also you should clear out what happen about revolver on interloper. How could we face timberwolves on interloper? are the rumours about revolver spawn true or just a bug as that revolver spawn in HRV?
  14. The only option for interloper players would be that a ruined revolver spawn but no ammo and no cleaning kit in whole island. So, we'll we need to get into the region with marine flares to repair the revolver and make ammo. Then that revolver will be our only defense for twolves (they will be in other maps soon)