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  1. I don't give into whims. They kill me. When I go out, I know what door I'm going to go through next, what specifically I need to accomplish, and how long it will or can be allowed to take. Then I do that thing and only that thing. I also have a specific plan for what I'll do if I encounter hostile wildlife or weather (wether I'll turn back, detour to a second location, or soldier on, and how many resources I can use relative to the importance of the goal). I like to move around and travel, but I don't move on a whim - each leg of each journey is planned before I ever set out and I plan around knowing I don't want to endlessly sit in one region.
  2. In Interloper it has a spawn point for the Makinaw Jacket and more importantly Combat Pants* - definitely the best inner layer pants in Loper (outer layer has more competition). * Not sure these spawn a 100% of the time, but I've found them everytime I've fully explored the region (ie haven't gotten killed).
  3. I almost always use a wolf hide coat and ski jacket. My goal is a 22 C warmth bonus with a total character carry weight of 27 kg or less when leaving home for the rounds (sticks and meat, it's always sticks and meat). Other arrangements I use are moose/wolf, moose/ski. I generally don't think the bear items are worth the weight increase, especially as they lead to me having a voracious appetite for bears, but loads of people like double bear and maybe someday I'll give it another try... I hate being slow and the reduced carrying capacity makes me heavy a lot more on the return trip to base, and both of these make it more likely I'll need to wrestle with a wolf, which is awful with the bear coat because it's such a pain to maintain even without wrestling wolves and the bear coat looses some of its warmth edge with every slide in its condition (it's pretty much trivial to maintain a wolf coat at >95% as the repair components are always on their way, so my bear coat is always competing against essentially a 100% wolf skin coat). I do usually craft a bear bedroll for colder wilderness regions, as with it I can confidently sleep through the night in warm zone outdoor caves without a fire, even in post 50-day Interloper. Maintenance of the bear bedroll requires diligent, but not extravagant, bear hunting when it's in heavy use, and a 2-bear region is sufficient to maintain it in working order even after bear respawn times have gone to 50 days.
  4. If I use the little back room it's protected from most directions, at least for the one at Trapper's, the one at PV Farmstead, and the one at the PV outbuildings. I've cooked in these locations regularly (in pre-1.33 play) and the wind directions that blow out my fires are pretty narrow and seem to line up with visible gaps in the structure at all 3 sites. It's not safe for a good long sleep and they can get reduced if the wind swings through a wide arc, but unless I get super unlucky and have the wind settle in the gap, I can refuel the fire and go on. I believe I've only lost 2 fires before finishing my tasks in those sites over a couple hundred days and a huge majority of sessions don't face any difficulty even when a blizzard blows in. They're not as good as a cave, Spence's, or the Lighthouse summit (which is also a perfectly safe outdoor space you can light a fire in despite all the broken glass), but they're better than other outdoor cooking spots.
  5. The best found gear I've seen in Interloper - Head: Wool Toque Coat: Mackinaw Jacket/Ski Jacket (I don't generally think the 1/2 point warmth is worth the weight of the Mackinaw - so I generally prefer Ski) Shirt: Thin Wool Sweater Pants: Combat pants (these are clearly the best inner layer pants available, deer are ultimately better outer layer pants I think) Feet: Combat Boots Socks: Wool Socks Leggings: Thermal Underwear (the blue kind) Gloves: Work Gloves? Hard to have an oppion here I get rabbit mittens early in most games. Special: Ear Wraps.
  6. @Drifter Man, there's a warm outdoor cave in the Milton Basin that's a good place to fight cabin fever. It's on the NE shore of the lake (probably east of the moose).
  7. Are you still retreating or will you hunker down on the moose and recoup? Or did you kill it after retreating? Anyhow it's always awesome to get a moose!
  8. I've made the TWM assent once without a bedroll, but that was powered by 15 cups of coffee which your outerloper will never get - there's probably only 5 cups of coffee in the world available to him, maybe 10 if he gets exceptionally lucky at the coffee/tea crate on the TWM map (fortunately you don't need to climb for that one). I think someone has detailed a day one TWM summit climb using snowshelters and ripping apart clothes, but I've never made it work for me. I think it was @Hotzn, and if not it was probably @Ruruwawa or @Drifter Man
  9. My long term Loper has spent 80 days there and stockpiled 250 cattails in addition to loads he ate before he'd figured out where good cooking and hunting spots are. I also got 72 matches, 4 whetstones, 2 sewing kits, 2 hacksaws, a hammer, and somehow an wool toque that hadn't decayed to 0 (all the other awesome clothes were ruined). Overall the challenge is that as @Ruruwawasaid, it's a very cold region Interloper - I take a lot of cold condition hit, even going by quick paths between places I know well. I have made a few day trips back to the trailer for crafting and to drop off loot. I brought 20 cloth for my planned 100 day stay and that plus the in-region cloth has been sufficient (unless I screw up again and wrestle a wolf I should have 6 or 7 left when I leave in 20 days). The north side of the map is a lot richer in shelter and hunting than the south (and a lot of good sites in the south require long paths or climbing to reach). I mostly leave the indoor wolf alone - I killed him once using the arrow to the head method in order to loot the cave and he eventually respawned. The region had a moose (in the valley for me, but it can be at Stairstep Lake as well) and 2 bears, which is sufficient to keep a bear bedroll up. Finally I found deer plentiful, with a pretty good deer/wolf ratio, which could be a real boon before day 100, especially given the relative scarcity of deer compared to wolves in MT, BR, and FM. Reliable deer spawned at Stairstep Lake, Monolith Lake, and at an unnamed lake in the north central part of the region (Monolith Lake and the unnamed lake have nearby caves for easy, safe cooking - there's a depression on the west side of Stairstep Lake that is very wind protected, I'm not sure it's 100% protected but it worked for me). I also lost about a 150 day Interloper in this region - though mostly I blame drinking since it involves my character taking all his clothes off and freezing to death because I dropped them rather than just taking them off... And then it got dark and I couldn't find them again. Don't do this.
  10. Sorry, @Stone - there's an outdoor leaf bed at the crash site in MT (you use it at the start of story mode). It's a hike and you'll need a fire, but there should be enough fuel for a day or two just from the hike in. It's far enough out of the way you'd probably be best to follow @Drifter Man to HRV, since the route to the crash site takes you pretty near the HRV region cave, unless you come up from the radio tower along the stream bed. The path is pretty linear to the crash site - take the road from the church, across the bridge to the east (beware of the bear, he's the only one in MT but he's always here in my experience), then hang a right through a gap in the rocks to an indoor cave, from there it's still a ways to the crash site, but it's pretty much linear, just keep going forward the way you can and you'll come to it. The leaf bed is in a shallow cave at more or less the end of the path (and the very beginning of story mode).
  11. There's a warm zone cave in the Milton Basin (NNW side of the big lake that I camp in often in MT - this is a very safe spot in my opinion). There's also a warm zone cave near the top of rope climb behind Grey Mom's place - beware of a wolf though, this cave can be very close to a wolf route. The last warm cave I can recall in MT became the HRV transition cave (and is pretty close to the cave that still exist above Grey Mom's). ETA: there's also the indoor cave leading to the plane crash. ETA2: there's also a cave you can't miss between the two rope climbs out of Milton Basin... and another between the 2 rope climbs heading into ML. I'm getting forgetful apparently.
  12. Floating things in games from prevy patches are often caused by terrain modifications. Sticks, branches, camp fires, cattail heads, rocks, etc. that have already been spawned in old saves will float if the terrain under them has been lowered (they can also end up buried and you can lose items). It's always been something that happens to games that last through a patch. The sound distortion/choppyness in time acceleration is sometimes annoying. Not sure what causes it, as it usually goes away and it's pretty inconsistent when it happens vs. when it doesn't. I'm pretty sure I've heard new tracks, but will note it for sure next time I do.
  13. FM to Milton Basin, up the 2 ropes, follow the river to the waterfall left of grey mom's, around the rocks on the left or up the rope to the right, across the pond and road to the cave, and finally to HRV? Alternatively maybe walk behind the farm and over the hill to behind the church, then hug the north wall to the cave?
  14. Me either. I've visited it in 2 Loper runs and found only fire wood at landslide particularly. HRV as a whole, on the run I've mostly fully explored it was very rich on Interloper, but that run is late game and has a hatchet. Overall that game's take was: 4 whetstones!, 2 sewing kits, 2 hacksaws, 1 hammer, 6 books of matches!, a bedroll (ruined), combat pants (ruined), a Mackinaw (ruined), 2 wool toques (1 ruined, 1 shockingly not), 4 pots, a decent set of canned food, a can opener, lots of OMB, Rosehip, and cat tails. The things that seem limited are cloth, metal, Birch sapplings (especially for how large the area is), medical supplies, reshi mushrooms, and obviously crafting, fishing, beds, etc. Also it's really cold.